12 Best Sex Games for Adults to Play in 2021

Sex Games

It is not rare for Intimate relationships to become boring and lose all elements of excitement. May couples may even get a divorce or breakup when their intimacy becomes threatened.

In this article you will find Some of the best adult games to help rekindle the fire under the sheets. Read and spark up the passion.

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1. The F’ing Truth Game

The F'ing Game

Emily Morse, who works as a sexologist and the host of the podcast titles Sex With Emily, says that she is a big fan of The F’ing Truth card game.

This game is based on the idea that everyone has sex, so why not talk about it? It is a game designed to makes sex much more comfortable to talk about and in a unique way.

Here’s how this game works: players have to pick cards that will prompt them to raise other questions such as, “Have you ever slept with a person on the same day that you met them?” Every time a person answers “yes,” you have to cross off a small square on your f’board. Whoever first gets five squares crossed-off wins.

It’s definitely not a game for people who are afraid to share their ‘sex experiences and secrets.

2. Monogamy

monogamy Sex Games

Monogamy is easily the perfect board game for the couple who is bored and in a classic sex rut. This game mimics the setup of the regular Monopoly, but it is meant to get sexy things going between couples.

Begin with the pink cards, ask your partner some questions, or tell them to reminisce about an erstwhile sexual encounter. Then you can move onto the game’s purple cards and on to the red cards for some steamy sexual favors.

3. Sex Dice

Sex Dice are assumed to be great because they are portable, and you can carry them with you and use them anywhere.

Simply roll the sex dice and see where they stop. If they spell out “neck,” “kiss,” and “in the car,” you automatically know precisely must be done. If you have been craving some more foreplay or if you have run out of good ideas about where to begin, then classic sex dice is a game that will make it easy and fun.

For you to have playful, spontaneous sex with a spouse or short-term partner.

4. Never Have I Ever

While the world agrees that Never Have I Ever is a game best played in large groups, it’s also a wonderful game to play with your short or long term partner and another couple.

The rules of this game are simple: one player will say something that they’ve never done in bed (such as “Never have I ever had sex with someone older”). Everyone who claims they have done it will have to put a finger down, and the player with the most fingers down when the game ends “wins.”


5. Let’s Play Doctor Game

Have you ever tried role play before? If no, then the “Let’s Play Doctor” board game is one that offers up to 40 different erotic scenarios from film and star to cop and robber, to stimulate your imagination.

While it might seem cheesy, the chance to try out a new sexual scenario might be exactly what a couple needs to get the ball rolling in bed. Roleplay is a fantastic way to try out a new persona.

It offers you the liberty to step out of your sexual comfort zone with no guilt, and this game turns out to be an easy way to get started.


6. Love Poker Card Game

Basic poker is an exciting and fun game, but strip poker is much better. But why don’t you spice things up with your lover by playing Love Poker? This is a card game that makes use of the rules of poker, but with a sexy twist.

This game is just perfect for making sexual dialogue to promote intimacy and also keep things fun in the bedroom.

7. Kinky Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Remember how you used to play Truth or Dare sitting at the back of the school bus while in middle school? It just turns out that the classic game can get a whole lot sexier.

The pickup sticks game known as Kinky Truth or Dare is a fantastic opportunity for people in an intimate relationship to try new things and also materialize their sexual fantasies in a judgment-free setting.


8. Desire

While card and board games are fun in a retro way, this is 2020, so it’s time to try out something with tech in the mix.

The Desire app ( available for free on the App and Google Play stores) is a fantastic way for couples to experiment and bond. The app lets couples suggest various “dares” to each other from afar.

The Desire app is excellent for those in long-distance relationships.

9. Position of the Day Playing Cards

Sometimes, nobody has the time or wants to do the work of Google searching” best new sex positions. In that case, the way to find new stuff is to check out these playing cards.

While the featured sex positions range in difficulty from newbie to expert, there’s always something sweet for everyone in there. With this game, you can’t think of a more interesting rainy day activity?

10. 50 Positions Of Bondage Game

You may think that you have to be Christian Grey to enjoy this card game, but that’s not true. You can choose to be tame or adventurous, but you just might discover something that pushes your buttons.

Just make sure you pick a ‘safe word’ so that you can stop if you or your partner becomes uncomfortable.”


11. The Path to Pleasure Game

So many adult board games are mostly cheesy or stupid even when they cost a lot of money.

That’s why an adult may like the Path to Pleasure, as it helps build sexual desire and arousal via non-penetrative activities such as licking, kissing, rubbing, and grinding. A plus with this one is that unlike older sex board games, it is LGBTQ-inclusive and features gender-neutral language.


12. Sacred Sex Game

Let’s assume you’re interested in something that goes beyond heating foreplay, and you would want to form a deeper and more intimate connection with your sex partner. You’ll find the sacred sex game a fantastic place to start.

While this game does offer suggestions and insights for playtime, it also addresses issues like communication and connection, which are two specific areas that couples mostly find challenging.

The female folks may be more interested in this one than their partners, but it remains a win-win for all.


Are you excited already? I bet you are. Get any of the mentioned games and watch your sex life charge up like never before. Remember to opt for protective sex and enjoy foreplay with these adult games.

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