16 Sexy Places to Have Sex

Vaginal Sex

Spicing up your sex life is as easy as having sex. One thing is sure, with so many positions, devices you both can add, and places to have sex, your sex life would be far from boring.

Get creative! Be spontaneous and have some fun as the excitement continues.

Enough of fantasising on weird places to have sex, you can actually have them there; it is fun and fun all the way.

Increasing bond and intimacy in your relationship as well as having thoughts to fantasize and laugh about when you are alone.

From the wild-and-crazy to the tried-and-true, we’ve come up at 16 sexy places to have sex. And who knows? You might get inspired to try one of them tonight.

Table of Contents

1. Your backyard

Outdoor sex can be very sensual. Your backyard gives you that outdoor feeling, just make sure your neighbours don’t have a view into your yard.

2. On the beach

I am sure every girl fantasies on having sex on the beach. Good news! You can get it done. There’s nothing like getting it in on under a wide open sky as the waves crashes behind you.

There will be tons of interference from the sandy ground, just enjoy the sensation anyway.

3. At the party

Most one night stands starts at the party. Every activity at the party from the dancing to the drinking screams nothing but horny sex.

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Everybody on the dance floor is horny and wants to have sex. Sex at the party is as sexy and wild as sex in the car, most times, it’s taken to the car.

4. Your car

Hmm-mm… adventurous. There’s something rad about pulling over in a secluded spot and getting it on, that’s Hot! Its an old spot of a quickie, fast and hot.

The woman on top seems to be the best poistion for car sex especially when the front sit is being used.

5. Sex in water

Pool Sex

Hydro sex is hot and everyone’s fantasy. Though, sex in an ocean or a pool has more sensation than just a shower. Sex in a lonely ocean is one of the sexiest places to have sex.

The feeling of the water on your body adds to the sensation. I can imagine.

6. A movie theatre

Ummmm, weird. You left your bedroom or any other place for the movie theatre to have sex, quite hilarious.

Having sex in a movie theatre is fun, you can sit at the last row and concentrate on your partner rather than on the movie.

You can be lucky to have an empty or near empty theatre, here, you have the space to take it from making out to getting the main deal.

7. Sex in risky places

This one is a whole pack of fun and can be ridiculously hilarious if you are tipsy. Imagine a place that you can’t just have sex. It is some sort of a taboo. This makes it funnier.

Have you thought of a hospital or a hosts bed? Or find someone sleeping in preferably a king sized bed, slip into bed and quietly have sex. Funny! Make sure you don’t get caught.

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8. The kitchen

Oh! I so love this part. This place is right for a quickie; fast, rough and exhilarating. It could be on the kitchen counter, dining table or in front of the fridge. Don’t miss every fun of it.

9. Sex in a friends place

Maybe you were invited to stay the night at your friend’s with your partner, get ready for a wild night.

This sex venue has a way of breaking the boredom and the next time you are having sex in your bedroom, and you can talk about this escapade, it would make you laugh and get you turned on again for wild but safe sex.

10. The bathroom

There are plenty of positions here, from sexing on the bathroom counter to the bathroom wall, to the shower. One thing that is hot about bathroom action is the mirror on the wall that lets you take the view. Sexy right.

The shower sex has an almost same feeling with sex in water, that hydro feeling, and you just don’t wanna stop getting it on.

11. Sex in a plane

Sex in the air. Yeah, it has an awesome feeling. Sex on the plane is one of the most memorable yet scary place to have sex. It is a great sexual highness that will stay in your mind for a very long time, especially, if your first sex was on a plane. I feel goosebumps already.

12. Your laundry room

The laundry room sounds odd right? Its one perfect place to get down an dirty. You could sit or lie on the machine, or have your man sit on the machine while you sit on top of him with your legs wrapped round his waist.

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The temperature of the machine adds to the sexiness of the sex venue.

13. The wilderness

Wilderness? That’s overboard! There’s nothing too much for you to get fun and creating that spark in your relationship. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a planned sex.

When you go hiking in the woods, you can want to warm up to your partner when its chilly enough.

One thing leads to another and in no time, you are headed off the main trail. Be careful not to get poisoned by the oak tree.

14. A balcony

This is another outdoor sex where you enjoy he fresh air as well as the sex. Although, its limited to those that have an enclosed balcony.

15. A sofa

sex on sofa

I love Sofa sex. A lot of couples have intimate moments on the sofa; its comfortable and casual. The sofa provides support for your back making it easy for diverse sex positions.

16. The bedroom

Yes! This is tried and true. The most popular place to have sex. There’s nothing as comfortable as getting it on on your own bedroom, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Its not old fashioned, its a very sexy place to have and enjoy sex, every position whatsoever can be done here.

You want an adventure? Or you want to do something unusual in your sex life. Try one of this places to have sex, you will be tempted to try another place.

Sex is fun, a place to have sex makes it more fun. What are those weird places you’ve had sex with your partner? Would you like to up your game? Share with us in the comments.

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