12 Homemade Sex Toys You Should Try


If whenever you hear of homemade sex toys your mind races to the ER, I can totally relate with that feeling. Nevertheless, these products of your creativity are not as dangerous as you think.

DIY or homemade sex toys are a great way to explore your creative side and enjoy sex the most pleasurable way possible especially if you are one of those people who can’t imagine yourself spending your hard earned cash on store-bought sex toys or anything that was specially created for sex-related activity.

The good thing about exploring homemade sex toys which are derived from your everyday home supplies id the fact that they are easily accessible and they can make you are your partner spend some time laughing at yourselves as you get intimate (a lot of couples would give anything to have that).

The DIY sex toys in this article are all safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about landing in the ER after using them.

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1. Your pearl necklace

Blow jobs are an essential part of sex. In fact, a lot of men who cheat have claimed they do it because they get bad ass blow jobs from the side chick.

Thus it is time you up your game in that department. Becoming a pro at giving blow jobs is as easy as chewing on cookies, and those pearls lying useless in your bedroom can be useful.

Slowly wrap your beads around your partner’s penis and proceed to jerk him off. Make sure to spice things up by gently sucking and kissing the tip of his penis while you are at it. The texture of pearls can give a man’s penis  a unique and different sensation.

2. Wooden cooking spoon

Are you in the mood for some kinky sex but you do not have a spanker for that naughty lover of yours? Worry no more as the wooden cooking spoon is here to save the day.

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A wooden spoon is go enough to do the spanking job as it works for both soft and hard spanking. You would have to seek your partner’s consent to spank them though. Something else you can do with a wooden spoon is penetrating your lover with the other end.

After discussing with your partner about penetrating them with a spoon, make sure to wrap the end of the wooden spoon with with a non-microwavable saran wrap. The good thing about wooden spoons is that they have tiny holes which make disinfecting them quiet easy.

3. Cucumber


If you are thinking what I am thinking, then I guess we have a planet full of dirty-minded adults. It’s evident that cucumbers were created for a dual purpose.

Asides them been an excellent food, cucumbers look like a penis for a reason so it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear of people sticking them into the vagina.

However, you have to take extra care by wrapping the cucumber with a non-microwavable saran so that you don’t get a bacterial infection from fucking a vegetable. You can also use a condom if you have no plans of eating the cucumber later on.

4. Pillows

Pillows are not only good for making your home look good or relaxing your head when it’s sleep time.

If you try rubbing against a pile of pillows, you will discover that stimulate the clitoris just right and they can also make a suitable replacement for a partner when your lover isn’t home.

People use towels and pillows as masturbation companions when they decide to think outside the necessary penetrative sex. All that you need is some friction from your pillow, and you just might get an orgasm.

5. Removable shower head

Have you ever been in a pool and decided to just move to that area where the water makes bubbles? You can get that feeling and even a better one using your removable shower head.

How it works is similar to how a vibrator works when you press it against your clitoris or spraying it directly. Many removable shower heads can be used at different spray, and pressure settings so feel free to experiment and decide which setup works best for you.

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6. Sponge

If you are one of those who uses a sponge instead of a wash cloth to when having a bath, then you might enjoy the feeling of the rough sponge rubbing against your flesh.

Try rubbing your sponge against your inner thigh, against your breasts, on your outer labia, or even between your butt cheeks. You can choose to rub gently or go fast and hard; it all depends on what feels right for you.

You can try it on your man’s scrotum too and find out if he likes it. Make sure your scrubbie isn’t too rough, so you don’t get tiny cuts on your skin, and you can add some scented massage oil on your sponge as you rub it on those intimate areas.

7. Chopsticks

Did I hear you say fuck the chopsticks? Hell no! When next you get Thai food, keep the chopsticks for later use and opt for a fork instead. When you squeeze chopsticks together and band the ends with a tiny rubber band, they create a DIY nipple clamp that you would have fun using.

Use might also use them to clamp or squeeze the outer part of your labia.

If you are in the mood for a stinging sensation, the rubber band s will work magic when you snap them against flesh but you need to ask your partner if they are comfortable with that before you try it.

8. Mouthwash

Don’t worry; you are not washing your vagina with mouthwash. While it is a widespread practice to hold ice in your mouth while doing oral sex on your partner, we know that ice melts.

Imagine if you could give your partner the same sensation without having the melting ice-cube in your mouth.

Say hello to popping a strong mint or swishing your mouth with mouthwash before engaging in oral sex. This is going to leave the same tingling sensation that ice-cubes leave and even have your partner wanting more.

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9. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is multipurpose, and it works wonderfully well as a lubricant. But if you are going to make use of coconut oil, make sure not to get one that has preservatives in it.

But do not forget that oil-based lubricants do not go well with latex so do not use it with a condom. Also, remember that oils are capable of growing bacteria so go for freshly made coconut oil.

10. Fresh melons

Melons are wonderful for barbecues, and so are they for under the sheet or bedroom activities. This is for the men who want to get their penis fruity. Simply cut a hole slightly wider than your penis and dig deep into the melon so you can slide in easily.

This can be fun for the lady who is ready to suck on your fruity penis because the taste makes all the difference. Do not attempt going straight into the vagina without properly washing the melon off your penis, so you don’t get your lady infected.

11. Electric toothbrush

Vibrators do not have to be so expensive when you can easily replace them with an electric toothbrush.

Whether what you have in your possession is an electric toothbrush, the bladeless end of a vibe razor, or evening a vibrating toothbrush, when you press any of these things against your clitoris, you are in for a swell time.

You can even try using one on your partner’s testicles and watch him giggle like a baby. Do not forget to wrap any of these items you choose to use in a plastic bag, so you don’t hurt yourself.

12. Meat

Yes, you can get naughty with a piece of meat. It has been discovered that some men find masturbating with meat pleasurable. Who are we to tell them what to like?

If you would like to try it out, cut a moderate hole and warm your raw meat a little in the microwave and apply a tiny bit of coconut oil. When you are done masturbating with the mate, make sure to wash up nicely before getting your penis into any vagina.

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