14 Things and Places in Nature That Look Like a Vagina

Tight Vagina

When we talk about mother nature, we unknowingly acknowledge that she might just have an irresistible feminine side and that exactly is what mother nature represents in a figurative sense.

However, some times, things go way beyond the phrase “mother nature,” as sometimes things in the wild appear almost exactly like a vagina.

So if you were wondering how “mother nature” gave birth to all her children, here is a list of 14 vagina looking things and places in nature that you may fall in love with.

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1. A clam

A clam

I know right; you’ll never see clams the same way you used to after this revelation. I get it –- these critters produce beautiful pearls. They are fantastic to eat …apparently, BUT! You would never have guessed they’ll develop their OWN sexy sense of style, right?!

2. Lodoicea


Lodoicea, sexy fruit commonly called the sea coconut, double coconut, or coco de mer, is a monotypic genus in the palm family.

The sole species, Lodoicea maldivica, are not easily seen as they can only be found on the faraway islands of Praslin and Curieuse in Seychelles.

Since that’s all the way in the Indian Ocean, you may never imagine a coconut being like a vagina. Because the coco de mer tree is a rare plant, it is also a protected species.

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3. Crevice


Ever thought of a cool vagina? Well, this ice crevice is suspected of having acted as a glacier’s meltwater outlet, and the location is unknown.

4. Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

This mind-blowing beauty of nature was captured by a photographer called Albert Brufau at Kata Tjuṯa. It is a group of large-sized, domed rock formations that are located around 227 mi (365 km) in the southwest of Alice Springs, central Australia.

5. Hydnora Africana

Hydnora Africana

The Hydnora Africana plant is not one you randomly see. It is known to grow underground, except for a thick fleshy flower that pops open above ground and emits an foul odor similar to that of feces as a way to attract its natural pollinators, carrion beetles or dung beetles.

6. Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe

Rock sliver is one of nature’s vagina at Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand.

7. A budding common poppy flower

Like human lady sex organs, poppies are known to come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. However, the common poppy, also known as corn poppy or field poppy, has its buds looking like a vagina when they are about to flower.

The significant difference between this vagina looking poppy flower and a human vagina is that the former’s seeds taste great on a loaf of bread.

8. Queen of the desert rock

Queen of the desert rock

This vagina looking rock is known as the ‘Queen of the Desert‘ (well, you can already tell why), and it can be found in the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

9. Spathodea

You may want to see the ampule-shaped flower bud of African Tulip Tree or the Spathodea. This flower naturally contains water. These buds have been a natural toy for children who enjoy playing with their ability to squirt out water.

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The fully open flowers are shaped like cups and hold dew and rain, making them attractive to several species of birds.

10. Vagina rock

Vagina rock

And this is the Asian or Chinese nature vagina equivalent. It is called ‘Vagina Rock‘ and is located in the Danxiashan Mountains.

11. Mussels

I remember while growing up, each time we went shopping, I’d see several jars of marinated mussels on the supermarket shelves and would think something crazy had happened here! They look like lots of vaginas in a bottle.

12. The Al Wakrah Stadium

Al Wakrah Stadium

You may be a great fan of football, but just when you would like to think the game is safe – here comes the massive vagina you might enter someday!.

Even the preliminary designs for the beautiful Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadium were let out, people couldn’t deny the obvious, and they quickly began to call it the Vagina Stadium. Take a good look at its picture, and you can see why.

13. The grandmother rock

grandmother rock

If you have decided to spend the next holiday in Thailand – you and the family may just stumble across the fascinating Grandmother Rock on Limai Beach. It may not be an excellent visual marriage in your mind at the moment, but hey – we all love our grandmas.

14. Conch Shells

You want to spend a day at the beach shore collecting shells, but that can quickly take a whole new turn for the better, or not. The Conch shell has a striking resemblance to a vagina.

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