A to Z List of Paraphilias


Philias or Paraphilias are the opposite of phobias. This means philias are the things we love or are aroused by.

Here is a comprehensive list of Philias or Paraphilias.

Table of Contents


  1. Ablutophile- People with this philia are sexually excited by washing, showers or baths.
  2. Acarophile- People with this philia have an abnormal sexual arousal triggered by itching or by any insect that cause itching on contact or after a bite.
  3. Acerophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by sourness. This means that the taste of any sour food, liquid, or anything else causes people with acerophile to become sexually aroused in an abnormal manner.
  4. Achluophile- The opposite of fear of the dark, achulophilia is sexual arousal by darkness. Meaning that people with this philia become sexually excited when they are in dark places, watch content that shows dark places, or when they think about darkness.
  5. Acousticophilia- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by noise of all forms.
  6. Acrophile- The opposite of the common fear of heights, people with acrophilia are sexually aroused by heights, the thought of it, or watching content that involves height.
  7. Aerophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by anything that has to do with air, drafts, airbourne noxious substances, air swallowing.
  8. Aeroacrophile- Often confused with acrophilia which is sexual arousal cause by heights, aeroacropile is sexual arousal triggered by open high places.
  9. Aeronausiphile- This is a paraphilia characterized by sexual arousal caused by vomiting that is secondary to airsickness.
  10. Agateophile- This is an abnormal sexual arousal triggered by insanity or mental health conditions.
  11. Agliophile- People with this paraphilia are sexually aroused by feeling pains or seeing others in pain.
  12. Agoraphile- This paraphilia is characterized by being in open spaces or being in crowded, public places like amusement parks, or markets. It is also characterized by sexual arousal by leaving safe places.
  13. Agraphile- A paraphilia involving sexual aroused triggered by involvement in sexual abuse, watching, or thinking of sexual abuse. People with this paraphilia may spend long hours watching pornography with content depicting sexual abuse.
  14. Agrizoophile- People with agrizoopilia are sexually aroused by wild animals. They may visit the zoo often, watch content involving wild animals, or even keep exotic pet
  15. Agyrophile- This paraphilia is a rare one triggered by streets or crossing the street.
  16. Aichmophile- People with this paraphilia are aroused by needles, pins, or other pointed objects.
  17. Ailurophile- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by domestic cats. People with such paraphilia may love to be in the presence of cats, own cats, or date cat owners.
  18. Albuminurophile- This is an abnormal sexual arousal triggered by kidney disease. People with this philia will engage in sexual intercourse with people who have kidney diseases with or without their consent.
  19. Alektorophile- Sexual arousal for people with this philia are triggered by chickens. People with this sexual fetish are aroused by seeing chicken, or even seeing someone eating chicken.
  20. Algophile- Another name for agliophile, algophile is sexual arousal triggered by pain.
  21. Alliumphile- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by the sight or smell of garlic.
  22. Allodoxaphile- Sexual arousal caused by allodoxaphile is triggered by opinions or arguments.
  23. Altophile- Sexual arousal in the case of this paraphilia is triggered by heights.
  24. Amathophile- Sexual arousal in amathophile is triggered by dust. While dust may cause allergy in some people, there are a few others who are sexually aroused by dusty places.
  25. Amaxophile- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by riding in a car.
  26. Ambulophile- People with this philia are characterized by getting sexually aroused by walking, taking long walks, or watching people take walks.
  27. Amnesiphile- This is a rare sexual fetish of being aroused by amnesia (memory loss). People with Amnesiphilia may engage in sexual interouse with people who have memory loss with or without consent.
  28. Amychophile- This is a sexual arousal triggered by scratches or being scratched.
  29. Anablephile- This is a sexual fetish characterised getting aroused by looking up.
  30. Ancraophile- People with this fetish are sexually aroused by wind. (Anemophile is another term associated with this fetish)
  31. Androphile- This is one of the most popular sexual fetishes in the world. People with andropilia are sexually aroused by men. They may be turned on by being in the same space with men, thinking about men, or talking to men.
  32. Anemophile- Sexual arousal in this case is triggered by air drafts or wind.( Another associated term is Ancraophile)
  33. Anginophile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by choking, angina or narrowness. People who have anginophilia may request to be choked during sex, or watch BDSM pornographic content that involves the use of chokers, collars, or people manually choking their partners.
  34. Anglophile- This is a rare sexual fetish that involves aroused by England, English people or English culture.
  35. Angrophile – This is a dangerous sexual fetish that that is triggered by anger or by becoming angry.
  36. Ankylophile- People with this fetish are sexually aroused by immobility of a joint. They may engage in sexual intercourse with or without the consent of people with an immobile joint.
  37. Anthrophile or Anthophile- This is a rare sexual fetish that involves getting aroused by the sight, smell, or presence of flowers.
  38. Anthropophile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by the presence or thought of people or society.
  39. Antlophile- This is an uncommon sexual arousal triggered by the sight, thought or experience of floods.
  40. Anuptaphile- This is a sexual fetish that involves status maintenance. People with anuptophilia are sexually aroused by staying single.
  41. Apeirophile- A rare sexual fetish involving sexual arousal by the symbol, thought, or talk of infinity.
  42. Aphenphosmphile- People with this sexual fetish are sexually aroused by being touched. ( an associated term is Haphephile).
  43. Apiphile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by the sight or presence of bees.
  44. Apotemnophile- People who have this sexual fetish are sexually stimulated at the sight or thought of persons with amputations. They may or may not engage in sexual relations with the consent of these people.
  45. Arachibutyrophile- This is a rare sexual fetish characterized by peanut butter sticking to the roof of a person’s mouth.
  46. Arachnephile or Arachnophile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by the presence or thought of spiders.
  47. Arithmophile- A fetish common with nerds, arithmophilia involves sexual arousal triggered by the sight, thought or use of numbers.
  48. Arrhenphile- Another term used to describe sexual arousal by men.
  49. Arsonphile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by fire.
  50. Asthenophile- This is a sexual fetish that has to do with getting turned on by fainting or weakness.
  51. Astraphile or Astrapophile- This is sexual arousal triggered by thunder and lightning.( other associated terms are ceraunophile, Keraunophile)
  52. Astrophile- This is a rare sexual fetish activated by the sight, thought, or talk of stars or celestial space.
  53. Asymmetriphile- This is a sexual arousal activated by asymmetrical things.
  54. Ataxiophile- Sexual aroused for people with ataxiophile is activated by ataxia. ( ataxia means muscular incoordination)
  55. Ataxophile- People who have ataxopilia are Aroused by untidiness or disorders.
  56. Atelophile- People with atelophilia are aroused by imperfection.
  57. Atephile- This is a paraphobia that involves sexual arousal triggered by ruin or ruins.
  58. Athazagoraphile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by being ignored or forgotten or forgetting.
  59. Atomosophile- This is an uncommon paraphilia that involves sexual arousal triggered by atomic explosions.
  60. Atychiphile- This paraphilia has to do with sexual aroused that is activated by failure.
  61. Aulophile- People with this paraphilia are aroused by flutes.
  62. Aurophile- Individuals with this philia are sexually aroused by gold.
  63. Auroraphile- People who have this philia are sexually aroused by Northern lights.
  64. Autodysomophile- This uncommon philia involves sexual attraction to people with body odour.
  65. Automatonophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by ventriloquist’s dummies, wax statues, animatronic creatures, and any false representation of a sentient being.
  66. Automysophile- People with automisophilia are sexually aroused by being dirty.
  67. Autophile- This philia is common with people who enjoy their own company and deliberately spend most of their time outside the company of others. Autophiles are aroused by being alone or by the thought of view of themselves.
  68. Aviophile or Aviatophile- Individuals who fall in this category are aroused by flying.


  1. Bacillophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by microbes.
  2. Bacteriophile- A rare sexual arousal triggered by bacteria.
  3. Ballistophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by bullets or missiles.
  4. Bolshephile- Rare philia characterized by sexual arousal triggered by Bolsheviks.
  5. Barophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by gravity.
  6. Basophile or Basiphile- A rare sexual attraction to people with an Inability to stand. People walking or falling for any reason, whether temporary or permanent may be involved in sexual relations with a basophile with or without consent.
  7. Bathmophile- This is a rare want for sexual intercourse triggered by stairs or steep slopes.
  8. Bathophile- This paraphilia involves sexual aroused by the idea, thought, or sight of depth.
  9. Batophile- People with batophilia are aroused being close to high buildings, or by height.
  10. Batrachophile- A philia that involved sexual arousal by amphibians, such as newts, frogs, salamanders, etc.
  11. Belonephile- A belonephile is a person who is sexually aroused by pins and needles. ( An associated term is Aichmophile)
  12. Bibliophile- A person who is sexually aroused by books.
  13. Blennophile- A rare sexual arousal triggered by touching, seeing, or thinking of slime.
  14. Bogyphile- A rather creepy sexual aroused triggered by bogeys or the bogeyman.
  15. Botanophile- A sexual aroused likely to be found amongst plant lovers. People who are batophiles are sexually aroused by plants.
  16. Bromidrosiphile or Bromidrophile- Bromidophilia is sexual arousal triggered by body smells.
  17. Brontophile- This is a sexual fetish that involves getting turned on roused by thunder and lightning.
  18. Bufonophile- People who identify as bufonophiles are sexually aroused by toads.


  1. Cacophile- People with cacophilia are sexually aroused by ugliness.
  2. Cainophile or Cainotophile- This is a form of sexual arousal triggered by newness, or novelty.
  3. Caligynephile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by beautiful women.
  4. Cancerophile or Carcinophile- This is a paraphilia that involves sexual arousal triggered by cancer.
  5. Cardiophile- People with cardiophilia are sexually aroused by everything that has to do with the heart.
  6. Carnophile- Carnophilia is sexual aroused caused by the sight or thought of meat.
  7. Catagelophile- People who identify as catagelophiles are sexually aroused by being ridiculed. Most catagelophiles are BDSM subcribers.
  8. Catapedaphile- This is sexual arousal that is initiated by jumping from high and low places.
  9. Cathisophile- People who are aroused by sitting are called cathisophile.
  10. Catoptrophile- The sight, though, or presence of a mirror causes sexual arousal for people with this philia.
  11. Cenophile or Centophile- This is sexual arousal caused by new things or ideas.
  12. Ceraunophile or Keraunophile- Aroused by thunder and lightning.( associated terms include Astraphile, Astrapophile)
  13. Chaetophile- this is sexual arousal caused by seeing, touching, or thinking about hair.
  14. Cheimaphile or Cheimatophile- These are terms used to describe sexual arousal by cold. (Psychophile, Frigophile)
  15. Chemophile- People who are aroused by chemicals or working with chemicals are chemophiles.
  16. Cherophile- Cherophilia is a term used to describe people who are aroused by gaiety.
  17. Chionophile- People who are aroused by snow are chionophiles.
  18. Chiraptophile- People who are aroused by being touched are known as chiraptophiles.
  19. Chirophile- People who are aroused by hands are chirophiles.
  20. Cholerophile- Getting aroused by anger or cholera.
  21. Chorophile- People who love to dance and get aroused while dancing are chorophiles.
  22. Chrometophile or Chrematophile- A philia common with business people and women, chrometophilia is arousal by money.
  23. Chromophile or Chromatophile- People who love and get aroused by colors are described by any of both terms.
  24. Chronophile- People who are aroused by time have chronophilia.
  25. Chronomentrophile- Often confused with chronophilia which is arousal by time, chronomentrophiles are Aroused by clocks.
  26. Cibophile- People who are aroused by food are called cibophiles.( associated terms are Sitophile, Sitiophile)
  27. Claustrophile- People who are aroused by confined spaces are called clustrophiles.
  28. Cleithrophile or Cleisiophile- Different from clustrophilia, which is sexual arousal by being in confined places, Cleisiophiles are aroused by being locked in an enclosed place.
  29. Cleptophile- A term derived from cleptomania, people with this philia are aroused by stealing.
  30. Climacophile- People who are aroused by climbing stairs, or by falling downstairs.
  31. Clinophile- An uncommon sexual arousal triggered by going to bed.
  32. Clithrophile or Cleithrophile- People who are aroused by being enclosed.
  33. Cnidophile- A rare sexual arousal triggered by stings.
  34. Cometophile- An uncommon sexual arousal by comets.
  35. Coimetrophile- People who are aroused by cemeteries.
  36. Coitophile- People who are turned on by coitus. Coitophiles are lovers of pornographic content, may peek on people having sex, or attend orgies.
  37. Contreltophile- Aroused by sexual abuse. People in this category may stay in sexually abusive relationships, or sexually abuse people.
  38. Coprastasophile- A rare sexual arousal by constipation.
  39. Coprophile- A paraphilia where a person is aroused by feces.
  40. Coulrophile- Aroused by the sight or thought of clowns.
  41. Counterphile- People with this philia have preference for a phobic for fearful situation.
  42. Cremnophile- Aroused by precipices.
  43. Cryophile- Being aroused by extreme cold, ice or frost.
  44. Crystallophile- A love for crystals or glass.
  45. Cyberphile- People who are aroused by computers, using the internet, or working on a computer.
  46. Cyclophile- Aroused by the sight, or use of bicycles.
  47. Cymophile or Kymophile- People who are aroused by waves or wave like motions.
  48. Cynophile- Being aroused by rabies or dogs.
  49. Cypridophile or Cypriphile or Cyprianophile or Cyprinophile – These four terms are used to describe arousal by prostitutes or venereal disease.


  1. Decidophile- Aroused by people who make decisions or by making decisions.
  2. Defecaloesiophile- Aroused by having painful bowels movements.
  3. Deipnophile- Aroused by dining with people or having dinner conversations.
  4. Dementophile- Aroused by people with insanity.
  5. Demonophile or Daemonophile- Aroused by demons, stories or movies of demons.
  6. Demophile- Aroused by crowds. ( associated terms is Agoraphile)
  7. Dendrophile- People with this philia are aroused by trees.
  8. Dentophile- Aroused by visiting dentists, or anything that involves dentists.
  9. Dermatophile- Aroused by people with skin lesions.
  10. Dermatosiophile or Dermatophile or Dermatopathophile- Arousal triggered by skin disease.
  11. Dextrophile- Aroused by objects at the right side of the body.
  12. Diabetophile- Aroused by people with diabetes.
  13. Didaskaleinophile- Aroused by people who go to school or by going to school.
  14. Dikephile- People who are aroused by justice or the justice system.
  15. Dinophile- Aroused by dizziness or whirlpools.
  16. Diplophile- Aroused by double vision.
  17. Dipsophile- Aroused by drinking anything at all, or by watching people drink.
  18. Dishabiliophile- Aroused by undressing in front of someone, or having someone undress in front of them.
  19. Domatophile- Aroused by seeing houses or being in a house.( associated terms are Eicophile, Oikophile)
  20. Doraphile- Sexually aroused by skin, fur or the hair of animals.
  21. Doxophile- People with doxophilia are sexually aroused by expressing opinions or of receiving praise.
  22. Dromophile- This is sexual arousal by crossing streets.
  23. Dutchphile- Aroused by the Dutch, anything that has to do with Dutch, its culture, and people.
  24. Dysmorphophile- People with this philia are aroused by deformity, and may or may not seek consent from deformed people before having sex with them.
  25. Dystychiphile- This is a paraphilia where people are aroused by accidents.


  1. Ecclesiophile- Aroused by going to church, or anything that has to do with church.
  2. Ecophile- Aroused by being at home.
  3. Eicophile- Aroused by home surroundings.( associated terms are Domatophile, Oikophile)
  4. Eisoptrophile- Aroused by the presence of mirrors or by seeing oneself in a mirror.
  5. Electrophile- Aroused by everything that has to do with electricity.
  6. Eleutherophile- Aroused by being free or the thought of freedom.
  7. Elurophile- Aroused by cats. ( associated term is Ailurophile)
  8. Emetophile- People with emetophilia are aroused by vomiting.
  9. Enetophile- Aroused by seeing or touching pins.
  10. Enochlophile- Aroused by being in a crowd or thinking about crowds.
  11. Enosiophile or Enissophile- Aroused by having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.
  12. Entomophile- Aroused by the sight or thought of insects.
  13. Eosophile- Aroused by dawn or daylight.
  14. Ephebiphile- Aroused by teenagers.
  15. Epistaxiophile- Aroused by seeing a nosebleeds or having a nosebleed.
  16. Epistemophile- Aroused by people with knowledge or learning new things.
  17. Equinophile- Aroused by anything that has to do with horses.
  18. Eremophile- Aroused by being by oneself or by lonliness.
  19. Ereuthrophile- Aroused by people blushing.
  20. Ergasiophile- 1) Aroused by work or functioning. 2) Surgeon’s Aroused by operating.
  21. Ergophile- Aroused by work. People in this category do not mind working extra hours.
  22. Erotophile- Aroused by sexual love or sexual questions.
  23. Euphile- Aroused by hearing or having to share good news.
  24. Eurotophile- Aroused by seeing, touching, or thinking of the female genitalia.
  25. Erythrophile or Erytophile or Ereuthophile- 1) Aroused by redlights. 2) Blushing. 3) Red.

F – G

  1. Febriphile or Fibriphile or Fibriophile- People with this philia are aroused by fever.
  2. Felinophile- Aroused by cats. ( associated terms are Ailurophile, Elurophile, Galeophile, Gatophile)
  3. Francophile- Aroused by France French people, or French culture. (associated terms Gallophile, Galiophile)
  4. Frigophile- Aroused by cold or cold things.( associated terms are Cheimaphile, Cheimatophile, Psychrophile)
  5. Galeophile or Gatophile- Aroused by cats.
  6. Gallophile or Galiophile- aroused by France or French culture. (Francophile)
  7. Gamophile- Aroused by being marriage or the thought of marriage.
  8. Geliophile- Aroused by seeing people laugh, or by laughter.
  9. Geniophile- Aroused by chins.
  10. Genophile- Aroused by sex.
  11. Genuphile- Aroused by seeing or touching knees.
  12. Gephyrophile or Gephydrophile or Gephysrophile- Aroused by crossing bridges.
  13. Germanophile- Aroused by Germany, German people, or German culture.
  14. Gerascophile- Aroused by the thought or feeling of growing old.
  15. Gerontophile- People called geronphiles are aroused by old people or of growing old.
  16. Geumaphile or Geumophile- Aroused by taste.
  17. Glossophile- People with this philia are aroused by speaking in public or of trying to speak.
  18. Gnosiophile- Aroused by knowledge.
  19. Graphophile- Aroused by writing or by beautiful handwriting.
  20. Gymnophile- Aroused by nudity.
  21. Gynephile or Gynophile- A common philia that has to do with rousal by women.


  1. Hadephile- Aroused by the thought or idea of hell.
  2. Hagiophile- People with this philia are aroused by saints or holy things.
  3. Hamartophile- Aroused by committing sin.
  4. Haphephile or Haptephile- Aroused by being touched.
  5. Harpaxophile- Aroused by being robbed.
  6. Hedonophile- Aroused by feeling pleasure, or enjoyment.
  7. Heliophile- Aroused by being in the sun, thinking of the sun, or watching the sun.
  8. Hellenologophile- Aroused by hearing, reading, or using Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.
  9. Helminthophile- Aroused by being infested with worms.
  10. Hemophile or Hemaphile or Hematophile- Aroused by anything that has to do with blood.
  11. Heresyphile or Hereiophile- Aroused by challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.
  12. Herpetophile- Aroused by reptiles or creepy, crawly things.
  13. Heterophile- Aroused by the opposite sex. (Sexophile)
  14. Hierophile- Aroused by priests or sacred things.
  15. Hippophile- Aroused by horses.
  16. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophile- Aroused by using, or reading long words.
  17. Hobophile- Aroused by bums or beggars.
  18. Hodophile- Aroused by traveling by road.
  19. Hormephile- Aroused by going into shock or feeling shock.
  20. Homichlophile- Aroused by fog.
  21. Homilophile- Aroused by listening to sermons or preaching sermons.
  22. Hominophile- Aroused by being in contact with, or thinking about men.
  23. Homophile- Aroused by sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual.
  24. Hoplophile- Aroused by the using or watching people use firearms.
  25. Hydrargyophile- Aroused by mercurial medicines.
  26. Hydrophile- Aroused by water or of rabies.
  27. Hydrophobophile- Aroused by rabies.
  28. Hyelophile or Hyalophile- Aroused by using or touching glass.
  29. Hygrophile- Aroused by liquids, dampness, or moisture.
  30. Hylephile- Aroused by materialism or the Aroused by epilepsy.
  31. Hylophile- Aroused by being in the forest, or watching content that has to do with forests.
  32. Hypengyophile or Hypegiaphile- Aroused by being responsible or having some responsibility.
  33. Hypnophile- Aroused by sleep or of being hypnotized.
  34. Hypsiphile- Aroused by height.


  1. Iatrophile- Aroused by going to the doctor or of doctors.
  2. Ichthyophile- Aroused by eating, touching, or thinking about fish.
  3. Ideophile- Aroused by new or old ideas.
  4. Illyngophile- Aroused by vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.
  5. Iophile- Aroused by poison.
  6. Insectophile – Aroused by seeing, or touching insects. Insectophiles amy keep insects as pets.
  7. Isolophile- Aroused by solitude, or by being alone.
  8. Isopterophile- Aroused by termites, or other insects that eat wood.
  9. Ithyphallophile- Aroused by seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.

J – K

  1. Japanophile- Aroused by Japanese people, culture, language, or anything related to Japan.
  2. Judeophile- Aroused by Jews, Jewish culture or anything Jewish.
  3. Kainolophile or Kainophile- Aroused by anything new, novelty.
  4. Kakorrhaphiophile- Aroused by failure or defeat.
  5. Katagelophile- Aroused by ridicule.
  6. Kathisophile- Aroused by sitting down.
  7. Kenophile- Aroused by voids or empty spaces.
  8. Keraunophile or Ceraunophile- Aroused by thunder and lightning.(Astraphile, Astrapophile)
  9. Kinetophile or Kinesophile- Aroused by movement or motion.
  10. Kleptophile- Aroused by stealing.
  11. Koinoniphile- Aroused by being in a room or thinking of rooms.
  12. Kolpophile- Aroused by genitals, particularly female.
  13. Kopophile- Aroused by fatigue and stress.
  14. Koniophile- Aroused by dust. (associated term is Amathophile)
  15. Kosmikophile- Aroused by cosmic phenomenon.
  16. Kymophile- Aroused by waves. ( associated term is Cymophile)
  17. Kynophile- Aroused by rabies.
  18. Kyphophile- Aroused by stooping.


  1. Lachanophile- Aroused by the sight, smell, or thought of vegetables.
  2. Laliophile or Lalophile- Aroused by speaking or watching people speak.
  3. Leprophile or Lepraphile- Aroused by leprosy. People with this paraphilia may or may not have sex with lepers without consent.
  4. Leukophile- Aroused by the color white.
  5. Levophile- Aroused by things to the left side of the body.
  6. Ligyrophile- Aroused by loud noises.
  7. Lilapsophile- People with this paraphilia are aroused by tornadoes and hurricanes.
  8. Limnophile- Aroused by lakes.
  9. Linonophile- Aroused by string.
  10. Liticaphile- Aroused by lawsuits.
  11. Lockiophile- Aroused by childbirth.
  12. Logizomechanophile- Aroused by computers.
  13. Logophile- Aroused by words.
  14. Luiphile- Aroused by lues, syphillis.
  15. Lutraphile- Aroused by otters.
  16. Lygophile- Aroused by darkness.
  17. Lyssophile- Aroused by rabies or of becoming mad.


  1. Macrophile- Aroused by long waits.
  2. Mageirocophile- Aroused by cooking.
  3. Maieusiophile- Aroused by childbirth.
  4. Malaxophile- Aroused by love play. (Sarmassophile)
  5. Maniaphile- Aroused by insanity.
  6. Mastigophile- Aroused by punishment.
  7. Mechanophile- Aroused by machines.
  8. Medomalacuphile- Aroused by losing an erection.
  9. Medorthophile- Aroused by an erect penis.
  10. Megalophile- Aroused by large things.
  11. Melissophile- Aroused by bees.
  12. Melanophile- Aroused by the color black.
  13. Melophile- Fear or hatred of music.
  14. Meningitophile- Aroused by brain disease.
  15. Menophile- Aroused by menstruation.
  16. Merinthophile- Aroused by being bound or tied up.
  17. Metallophile- Aroused by metal.
  18. Metathesiophile- Aroused by changes.
  19. Meteorophile- Aroused by meteors.
  20. Methyphile- Aroused by alcohol.
  21. Metrophile- Fear or hatred of poetry.
  22. Microbiophile- Aroused by microbes. (Bacillophile)
  23. Microphile- Aroused by small things.
  24. Misophile or Mysophile- Aroused by being contaminated with dirt or germs.
  25. Mnemophile- Aroused by memories.
  26. Molysmophile or Molysomophile- Aroused by dirt or contamination.
  27. Monophile- Aroused by solitude or being alone.
  28. Monopathophile- Aroused by definite disease.
  29. Motorphile- Aroused by automobiles.
  30. Mottephile- Aroused by moths.
  31. Musophile or Muriphile- Aroused by mice.
  32. Mycophile- Fear or aversion to mushrooms.
  33. Mycrophile- Aroused by small things.
  34. Myctophile- Aroused by darkness.
  35. Myrmecophile- Aroused by ants.
  36. Mythophile- Aroused by myths or stories or false statements.
  37. Myxophile- Aroused by slime. (Blennophile)


  1. Nebulaphile- Aroused by fog. (Homichlophile)
  2. Necrophile- Aroused by death or dead things.
  3. Nelophile- Aroused by glass.
  4. Neopharmaphile- Aroused by new drugs.
  5. Neophile- Aroused by anything new.
  6. Nephophile- Aroused by clouds.
  7. Noctiphile- Aroused by the night.
  8. Nomatophile- Aroused by names.
  9. Nosocomephile- Aroused by hospitals.
  10. Nosophile or Nosemaphile- Aroused by becoming ill.
  11. Nostophile- Aroused by returning home.
  12. Novercaphile- Aroused by your step-mother.
  13. Nucleomituphile- Aroused by nuclear weapons.
  14. Nudophile- Aroused by nudity.
  15. Numerophile- Aroused by numbers.
  16. Nyctohylophile- Aroused by dark wooded areas or of forests at night
  17. Nyctophile- Aroused by the dark or of night.


  1. Obesophile- Aroused by gaining weight.(Pocrescophile)
  2. Ochlophile- Aroused by crowds or mobs.
  3. Ochophile- Aroused by vehicles.
  4. Octophile – Aroused by the figure 8.
  5. Odontophile- Aroused by teeth or dental surgery.
  6. Odynophile or Odynephile- Aroused by pain. (Algophile)
  7. Oenophile- Aroused by wines.
  8. Oikophile- Aroused by home surroundings, house.(Domatophile, Eicophile)
  9. Olfactophile- Aroused by smells.
  10. Ombrophile- Aroused by rain or of being rained on.
  11. Ommetaphile or Ommatophile- Aroused by eyes.
  12. Oneirophile- Aroused by dreams.
  13. Oneirogmophile- Aroused by wet dreams.
  14. Onomatophile- Aroused by hearing a certain word or of names.
  15. Ophidiophile- Aroused by snakes. (Snakephile)
  16. Ophthalmophile- Aroused by being stared at.
  17. Opiophile- Fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients.
  18. Optophile- Aroused by opening one’s eyes.
  19. Ornithophile- Aroused by birds.
  20. Orthophile- Aroused by property.
  21. Osmophile or Osphresiophile- Aroused by smells or odors.
  22. Ostraconophile- Aroused by shellfish.
  23. Ouranophile or Uranophile- Aroused by heaven.


  1. Pagophile- Aroused by ice or frost.
  2. Panthophile- Aroused by suffering and disease.
  3. Panophile or Pantophile- Aroused by everything.
  4. Papaphile- Aroused by the Pope.
  5. Papyrophile- Aroused by paper.
  6. Paralipophile- Aroused by neglecting duty or responsibility.
  7. Paraphile- Aroused by sexual perversion.
  8. Parasitophile- Aroused by parasites.
  9. Paraskavedekatriaphile- Aroused by Friday the 13th.
  10. Parthenophile- Aroused by virgins or young girls.
  11. Pathophile- Aroused by disease.
  12. Patroiophile- Aroused by heredity.
  13. Parturiphile- Aroused by childbirth.
  14. Peccatophile- Aroused by sinning or imaginary crimes.
  15. Pediculophile- Aroused by lice.
  16. Pediophile- Aroused by dolls.
  17. Pedophile- Aroused by children.
  18. Peladophile- Aroused by bald people.
  19. Pellagrophile- Aroused by pellagra.
  20. Peniaphile- Aroused by poverty.
  21. Pentheraphile- Aroused by mother-in-law. (Novercaphile)
  22. Phagophile- Aroused by swallowing or of eating or of being eaten.
  23. Phalacrophile- Aroused by becoming bald.
  24. Phallophile- Aroused by a penis, esp erect.
  25. Pharmacophile- Aroused by taking medicine.
  26. Phasmophile- Aroused by ghosts.
  27. Phengophile- Aroused by daylight or sunshine.
  28. Philemaphile or Philematophile- Aroused by kissing.
  29. Philophile- Aroused by falling in love or being in love.
  30. Philosophile- Aroused by philosophy.
  31. Phobophile- Aroused by philes.
  32. Photoaugliaphile- Aroused by glaring lights.
  33. Photophile- Aroused by light.
  34. Phonophile- Aroused by noises or voices or one’s own voice; of telephones.
  35. Phronemophile- Aroused by thinking.
  36. Phthiriophile- Aroused by lice. (Pediculophile)
  37. Phthisiophile- Aroused by tuberculosis.
  38. Placophile- Aroused by tombstones.
  39. Plutophile- Aroused by wealth.
  40. Pluviophile- Aroused by rain or of being rained on.
  41. Pneumatiphile- Aroused by spirits.
  42. Pnigophile or Pnigerophile- Aroused by choking of being smothered.
  43. Pocrescophile- Aroused by gaining weight. (Obesophile)
  44. Pogonophile- Aroused by beards.
  45. Poliosophile- Aroused by contracting poliomyelitis.
  46. Politicophile- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.
  47. Polyphile- Aroused by many things.
  48. Poinephile- Aroused by punishment.
  49. Ponophile- Aroused by overworking or of pain.
  50. Porphyrophile- Aroused by the color purple.
  51. Potamophile- Aroused by rivers or running water.
  52. Potophile- Aroused by alcohol.
  53. Pharmacophile- Aroused by drugs.
  54. Proctophile- Aroused by rectums.
  55. Prosophile- Aroused by progress.
  56. Psellismophile- Aroused by stuttering.
  57. Psychophile- Aroused by mind.
  58. Psychrophile- Aroused by cold.
  59. Pteromerhanophile- Aroused by flying.
  60. Pteronophile- Aroused by being tickled by feathers.
  61. Pupaphile – Aroused by puppets.
  62. Pyrexiophile- Aroused by Fever.
  63. Pyrophile- Aroused by fire.


  1. Radiophile- Aroused by radiation, x-rays.
  2. Ranidaphile- Aroused by frogs.
  3. Rectophile- Aroused by rectum or rectal diseases.
  4. Rhabdophile- Aroused by being severely punished or beaten by a rod, or of being severely criticized. Also Aroused by magic.(wand)
  5. Rhypophile- Aroused by defecation.
  6. Rhytiphile- Aroused by getting wrinkles.
  7. Rupophile- Aroused by dirt.
  8. Russophile- Aroused by Russians.


  1. Samhainophile: Aroused by Halloween.
  2. Sarmassophile- Aroused by love play. (Malaxophile)
  3. Satanophile- Aroused by Satan.
  4. Scabiophile- Aroused by scabies.
  5. Scatophile- Aroused by fecal matter.
  6. Scelerophibia- Aroused by bad men, burglars.
  7. Sciophile Sciaphile- Aroused by shadows.
  8. Scoleciphile- Aroused by worms.
  9. Scolionophile- Aroused by school.
  10. Scopophile or Scoptophile- Aroused by being seen or stared at.
  11. Scotomaphile- Aroused by blindness in visual field.
  12. Scotophile- Aroused by darkness. (Achluophile)
  13. Scriptophile- Aroused by writing in public.
  14. Selachophile- Aroused by sharks.
  15. Selaphile- Aroused by light flashes.
  16. Selenophile- Aroused by the moon.
  17. Seplophile- Aroused by decaying matter.
  18. Sesquipedalophile- Aroused by long words.
  19. Sexophile- Aroused by the opposite sex. (Heterophile)
  20. Siderodromophile- Aroused by trains, railroads or train travel.
  21. Siderophile- Aroused by stars.
  22. Sinistrophile- Aroused by things to the left or left-handed.
  23. Sinophile- Aroused by Chinese, Chinese culture.
  24. Sitophile or Sitiophile- Aroused by food or eating. (Cibophile)
  25. Snakephile- Aroused by snakes. (Ophidiophile)
  26. Soceraphile- Aroused by parents-in-law.
  27. Social Phile- Aroused by being evaluated negatively in social situations.
  28. Sociophile- Aroused by society or people in general.
  29. Somniphile- Aroused by sleep.
  30. Sophophile- Aroused by learning.
  31. Soteriophile – Aroused by dependence on others.
  32. Spacephile- Aroused by outer space.
  33. Spectrophile- Aroused by specters or ghosts.
  34. Spermatophile or Spermophile- Aroused by germs.
  35. Spheksophile- Aroused by wasps.
  36. Stasibasiphile or Stasiphile- Aroused by standing or walking. (Ambulophile)
  37. Staurophile- Aroused by crosses or the crucifix.
  38. Stenophile- Aroused by narrow things or places.
  39. Stygiophile or Stigiophile- Aroused by hell.
  40. Suriphile- Aroused by mice.
  41. Symbolophile- Aroused by symbolism.
  42. Symmetrophile- Aroused by symmetry.
  43. Syngenesophile- Aroused by relatives.
  44. Syphilophile- Aroused by syphilis.

T – Z

  1. Tachophile- Aroused by speed.
  2. Taeniophile or Teniophile- Aroused by tapeworms.
  3. Taphephile Taphophile- Aroused by being buried alive or of cemeteries.
  4. Tapinophile- Aroused by being contagious.
  5. Taurophile- Aroused by bulls.
  6. Technophile- Aroused by technology.
  7. Teleophile- 1) Aroused by definite plans. 2) Religious ceremony.
  8. Telephonophile- Aroused by telephones.
  9. Teratophile- Aroused by bearing a deformed child or Aroused by monsters or deformed people.
  10. Testophile- Aroused by taking tests.
  11. Tetanophile- Aroused by lockjaw, tetanus.
  12. Teutophile- Aroused by German or German things.
  13. Textophile – Aroused by certain fabrics.
  14. Thaasophile – Aroused by sitting.
  15. Thalassophile – Aroused by the sea.
  16. Thanatophile or Thantophile- Aroused by death or dying.
  17. Theatrophile – Aroused by theatres.
  18. Theologicophile – Aroused by theology.
  19. Theophile – Aroused by gods or religion.
  20. Thermophile – Aroused by heat.
  21. Tocophile – Aroused by pregnancy or childbirth.
  22. Tomophile – Aroused by surgical operations.
  23. Tonitrophile – Aroused by thunder.
  24. Topophile – Aroused by certain places or situations, such as stage fright.
  25. Toxiphile or Toxophile or Toxicophile- Aroused by poison or of being accidentally poisoned.
  26. Traumatophile- Aroused by injury.
  27. Tremophile- Aroused by trembling.
  28. Trichinophile – Aroused by trichinosis.
  29. Trichopathophile or Trichophile- Aroused by hair. ( Associated terms are Chaetophile, Hypertrichophile)
  30. Triskaidekaphile – Aroused by the number 13.
  31. Tropophile – Aroused by moving or making changes.
  32. Trypanophile – Aroused by injections
  33. Urolagnia – Urination, particularly in public, on others, and/or being urinated on. Also referred to as “water sports”
  34. Vorarephilia – The idea of one person or creature eating or being eaten by another; usually swallowed whole, in one piece; also known as vore
  35. Voyeurism – Watching others while naked or having sex, generally without their knowledge; also known as scopophilia or scoptophilia
  36. Wet and messy fetishism – Messy situations, including, but not limited to, being pied, gunged or covered in mud
  37. Zoophilia – Inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain
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