15 Celebrities Who Are Terrible in Bed

Celebrities Who Are Terrible in Bed

Crystal Harris became a major heartbreaker when she called off her wedding with Hugh Hefner. I wonder how she expects her not to move on especially because ever since they are split, she has been seen several times with Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw.

Crystal isn’t about to stop breaking her ex’s heart as she has decided to add insult to injury by hitting Hefner just below the belt.

She was mean enough to tell Howard stern that her sex life with Hugh Hefner was terrible like it literally sucked completely.

Crystal harris said that during her courtship with Heffner they had sex only one time and it lasted about two seconds. adding that her ex-boyfriend had serious body issues and so he never really took off his clothes.

In other words, she never saw him naked. when she was over it in her mind it was like her finally it’s over according to her was easier to just walk away.

You may begin to wonder what they saw in each other in the first place because according to crystal she’s not at all turned on by Hefner. So when people ask why she accepted his proposal in the first place she just brushes the question off.

Some of us may become very surprised that Hefner doesn’t practice what he preaches but there are those of us who are not.

Well, he is not the only celebrity who has found himself in this department as you read further you would discover some of your favourite crushes full and terrible in bed.

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1. Jesse James

Jesse James has had several ladies and his lady number three Brigitte Daguerre spilled that the chopper cheetah was terrible in bed and a selfish motherfucker who only cares about himself.

This revelation isn’t quite a surprising one I mean it is very difficult to imagine a grown ass man in adult sized Oshkosh b’gosh overalls doing anything reasonable in the bedroom. at least now we are understand that sandra bullock was very lucky to get a release from “bad sex jail.”

2. Colin Farrell

Woody Allen’s ex au pair once pointed out that Colin Farrell was a lame lover. She reported that she kept having to fake orgasm once twice thrice just to make him feel happy and massage his ego at least so he could keep his dignity.

faking orgasm is such a cool thing to do but according to her, it seems like the most polite things you could have done the entire process was just too clinical. In her words, colin farrell never for once come across to her as a sex god who had slept with several women.

Like if she didn’t know better, she would almost have concluded that it was his first time having sex with a woman the worst part was whenever Colin Farrell got what he fancied which was literally in about 10 seconds, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep.

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Is this the part where we say quality matters more than quantity? does that even apply to sex?

3. Nick Lachey

People made love to assume that jessica simpson was harsh when she made a low blow against her former husband, Nick Lachey.

Jessica Simpson revealed that has sex life with nick lachey was far from 98 degrees. The actress said Nick’s small package was a huge problem a lot of times.

Like the first time they had sex, to be honest, she really didn’t feel much so she had to fake the whole thing. She concluded by saying that she totally felt sorry for her ex-husband but loved him regardless.

4. Maria Sharapova

One-Time, adam levine was quoted talking about a room with maria sharapova the tennis star. Adam Levine supposedly said “I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was.

Somewhere deep down I felt, like a lot of other guys, this beautiful woman would be a loud screamer during sex. But she wouldn’t even make a single sound throughout the whole process, she just laid back there like a dead frog.

Even when I started to moan, she got angry said it ruin her concentration. The experience for so dissolution in that I had to go on paxil for a month afterwards.” We do not know what to believe about this because adam levine later came out to say none of these words came out of his mouth. But if really this is true, then we have nothing more to say.

5. Brody Jenner

Kristin Cavallari and brody jenner once had an on-air fling and after it all christian apparently wasn’t impressed by genesis moves.

Cavallari said during the whole thing broody was just vanilla and he didn’t do anything outside the box to impress her. Brody Jenner on the other hand wasn’t affected by the comments at all as a matter of fact but he said he laughed at it and you would also love if you get to see the rest of the season.

According to him, he takes the high road and christian was obviously just bitter about something else. I for one would like to watch the entire season of “The Hills” just to find out what kristin cavalry was bitter about but that just sounds like too much work.

6. 50 Cent

It is one thing to have someone you’re in a relationship with complaining about your performance in bed; it is another to have an exotic dancer tell the world how terrible you are.

An exotic dancer came out to this some interesting details about her experience with 50 cent. According to her, he kept dishing out some warning lines like you know I really like you and it went on and on for a couple of minutes she just had to ask him if they were going to get it poppin or they were just going to talk.

“I couldn’t believe it, here was 50 supposed to be all tough and manly acting like a 14 year old boy who was having sex for the first time. 50 cent is definitely not packing anything down there, he is barely six inches.

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I was busy thinking ‘what does he expect to do with that thing?’ on a scale of 1 to 10 i’ll give him a 3. He probably deserves lower than that though but I gave him extra points because he was respectful.

7. Russell Brand

When you think of russell brand, you think about how he has found love with singer Katy Perry.

But when he was only a radio dj he one time went on air and called the grandfather of his ex hookup georgina Baillie to tell him that he had had sex with his granddaughter. In response to all of that, georgina revealed that russell was a disappointment in bed.

The worst part of their sexual experience was that russell brand kept screaming georgina’s grandfather’s “fawlty towers” catchphrase “Qué?” all night. I am sure that was awkward on so many levels.

8. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley just may have food all of us with those hip gyrations of his. Elvis’ close pal Byron raphael claims that he used to get women for presley and many of them usually complained of being disappointed after their sexual experience with elvis.

One particularly unhappy person who had a sexual encounter with elvis presley is natalie wood. Natalie wood allegedly told by run elvis didn’t know how to screw.

9. Paris Hilton

If we will be fair then it will be right for us to say that this opinion is a completely different one on Paris Hilton’s sex skills. Paris’s ex-boyfriend, nick carter pointed out that she was a drunken prude who as far as he could see, was not really interested in sex.

Paris allegedly had to rely on drinks and drugs to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not to wasted to even get as active as she showed during sex.

Qatar claims he lost count of the night where he had to pick paris off the floor and drag her to bed passed out. This is quite difficult to believe because class act Joe Francis claimed Paris Hilton is the best thing he has ever experienced in bed.

In his words “paris is amazing in bed… better than anyone.” right now we need to look for someone else who would give us a third opinion before we conclude paris is as terrible as her excellency or as wonderful as you francis claims she is.

10. Eminem

Eminem’s ex-wife kim supposedly dissed her ex-husband saying eminem was not very well endowed. In her words, “If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, then you have to make sure you go along with a little blue pill because if you don’t, it just won’t work.”

That’s a very harsh one if you ask me. But I need someone else to give me another opinion because when I see Eminem, I see something completely different from the testimony of his ex wife.

11. Stuart Townsend

If Charlize Theron is sad that her ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend was a terrible lover we would have been a little pained.

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But this time it is her friend who is saying it and we don’t know if there is anything worse than being pained. According to Charlize’s friend the couple had become more like siblings than lovers and that was one of the reasons why charlize had to end the relationship.

This testimony makes me begin to think that sex between the duo got weird and in a very terrible way. But all being in a relationship one time were not aware we just have to brace up look down and walk away.

12. Tiger Woods

Dr John Grey did not sleep with tiger woods but the men are from mars women are from venus author things that tyga must have been terrible in bed.

Talking about Tiger Woods relationship with Elin, dr john grey said “it’s not about a matter of having sex regularly, she needs to have an orgasm most of the time. maybe not every time, but most of the time. clearly she wasn’t.

when a woman has an orgasm during sex, she produces a huge amount of pheromones that attract a man bad sex lead to him having affairs and her faking orgasms.”

13. Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow is one person who has decided to take a different approach. He came out in the open and claimed he is a bad lover.

According to him, after his first time he said to the girl ‘was it good for you too?’ and the lady replied, ‘well I guess it will get better eventually’. apatow also talked about giving his pubic area a more youthful look by dying out the grey hairs “I now use Grecian formula it looks distinguished steal from a certain angle it kind of looks like Ben Kingsley.”

14. Sophie Monk

Beautiful Australian supermodel Sophie Monk is 1 person who has decided to be honest about how she thinks she’s terrible at lovemaking.

According to her nobody is going to tell you that you are terrible in bed but she thinks she’s a complete dud. I would have said this girl needs a dose of confidence but there is no harm in being honest. Is there now?

15. Keith Olbermann

One random brunette woman who goes by the internet name karmabites1 was very quick to spill the dirty details on her lovemaking escapade with msnbc commentator Keith Olbermann.

According to this woman, she decided to pretend that he knew what he was doing because he is a guy that she really adored. regardless of how bad he was she never wanted him to feel like he was a dud in bed.

However, six days after their encounter olbermann built this lady and told her to never contact him again. according to her she practically begs the commentator as much as she could to explain what it was that she did wrong she told him that she deserves some kind of explanation for such a harsh dismissal but after then she never heard from him again.

I would love to sing he blocked her because she probably told the world about how terrible he was in bed and nobody wants to keep a loose mouth in their life.

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