Why Some Ladies Enjoy Giving Head?

Ladies Enjoy Giving Head

If you find it important to please your partner during your bedroom activities there is every chance that your partner would want to reciprocate the gesture. But have you ever bothered to ask if she enjoys what she does down there?

Come to think of it, when you hear the word “blow job” you may think only about the pleasure that comes with it but In reality it is actually a job.

Your girl or whoever is giving you a blow job is usually ready to put in work which is one reason why you might question how they feel about sucking your penis.

In this article we seek to answer the question “why do some women love to suck a penis?” half the oral sex journey is half to you. There are lots of things you have to and must do to make the penis sucking experience a wonderful one for the giver.

The fact about getting oral sex from a female is that the more relaxing and pleasurable you make the experience for her, the more she wants to return to your bedroom.

To be clear, many women do not have any interest in giving blow jobs. If your partner is one of those ladies who don’t have a liking for blow jobs, it becomes your duty to make it interesting for her even though she is under no obligation to give you head.

If you have been doing a good job at pleasing your woman in bed, there is every chance she would also want to please you and if you are with a lady who loves to give head, below are some of the reasons why she probably likes it.

She gets turned on by sucking your penis

Men are usually the ones who get to enjoy women moan but little did they know that women too enjoy when a man moans. Sucking a man’s penis and listening as he moan turns a lot of ladies on so that’s a reason why some women enjoy giving head.

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Dick sucking is the ultimate quicky

Sucking a man’s dick is a fun way to get him to relieve stress without getting engaged in the whole sweatiness and heat that comes with having penetrative sex. Plus, you don’t have to do any serious clean up afterwards. Isn’t that more fun and less stress?

She genuinely appreciate all you do during the session

Women who love to give blow jobs feel in control when they have a penis in their mouth. But most importantly, they love to please the men they are involved with.

If a woman realises her man works too many hours every week and returns home exhausted every time, it would only be fair for her to think of the best way to make him enjoy the pleasure of sex without having to burn more energy humping her.

A tired man will most likely want to eat dinner and lay in bed till sleep steals him away. Helping him achieve that release is a way to make his night a restful one.

Your woman wants to spoil you

Ladies Enjoy Giving Head

A lady on Reddit who goes by the nickname Helloground42 said “My husband is the most amazing man and father.

He babywears his daughter so she is attached to him like she is to me. He will take her downstairs a few mornings a month and let me sleep an extra half hour.

He does dishes and laundry while I breastfeed so we can spend time together after she goes to bed. He has never raised his voice or lost control with our daughter. He is silly, gentle, loving. He’s just amazing.

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When my daughter was born, we laboured for 3 days and then had an emergency C-section. I ended up with a double infection and septic. He never left my side, except to get food, and he was the most incredible person.

He changed our daughter’s nappies for the week we were in the hospital because I could barely move. And when our daughter was hungry, he held her to my breast to feed her. For one week straight. And when I broke down because I didn’t think I’d ever get to be whole or home again, he was reassuring and warm.

My husband gets BJ’s because he deserves to be spoiled. If my husband could finish multiple times in a row, I’d give him a BJ every single day, maybe even multiple times a day. But we’re trying to have another baby, so he doesn’t get them near as much as he deserves.”

This means that lots of women who enjoy sucking their men’s penis do it because it is an easy way for them to show their appreciation.

It gives her a feeling of control

Women always feel like the less powerful partner for a lot of obvious reasons. Even though there should be some level of equity in every relationship, it wouldn’t hurt if a woman felt in control for once.

Being in charge of a man’s penis for some time puts a woman in charge of the pain is pleasure a man feels for as long as she holds the penis.

It’s a lot of fun for the giver

The reason why some men like to eat their woman’s vagina is because it is both fun and sexy. For women too, sucking a Penis could be so much fun and even be as satisfying as licking a lollipop.

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Sucking a Penis is not an unusual thing to do

When you ask a lady who loves to give oral sex why she loves to so, she may find it rather strange that you are asking such a question. It’s like asking someone who likes to swim why they like to swim, dumb right?

Most ladies just enjoy giving a blow job especially if the man is someone they love. A blow job is nothing strange neither is it disgusting so why shouldn’t we put a dick in our mouth?

She wants you to return the favor

Another Reddit user who goes by the name taxiecabbie said: “I pretty firmly believe in general give-and-take when it comes to sex acts.

I like being eaten out and won’t date/have sex with somebody who doesn’t go down… so therefore it would be senseless, in my mind, to be squeamish about a blowjob.” So we give to get in return, talk about trade by batter.

Men love ladies who are good penis suckers

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well which is why ladies who give head love to do it with all the skill they have gathered because it keeps the men coming back. They are some men who never ejaculate from oral sex and they crave to find a lady who can change that.

Being able to make a man cum from getting sucked is a super power and what use if a super power is you don’t engage it? Now you know why we love a penis in our mouths.

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