5 Practical Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Well… what a topic: spicing up your sex life. So the more content you are in the bedroom, the better, right? Yes! And this is because it’s such a detrimental part of the whole key to success in partnerships or for those who might be just be lovers.

So, having some practical tips to set your world on ‘fire,’ metaphorically speaking, well, this can be great, adding to a happier (overall) relationship, which integrates the necessity of better communication, lasting bonds, and (of course) that amazing satisfaction that we all know we need, thus decreasing stress levels and even lowering blood pressure as possible effects, as well as releasing cortisol to aid against depression and make us feel super good.

So, let’s get to the tips and share the sexy love with you. Here are 5 practical tips you might like to add into your bond.

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1. Something new

After a while, many couples adopt a fairly predictable sexual routine. To spice things up, try something fresher. “Start with something very easy, like a different erotic position or adding a spanking to shift your experience, on a BDSM-type trajectory, just to see what it’s like.

And don’t knock it ‘til you try it as the theme here,” says Professor Kalia Neil, a sex therapist from Wisconsin. “You could also add in some simple sex toys, cosplay, dress ups, fantasies, or change the scenery or location,” she adds.

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2. Kissing like lovers do

At the very get-go of a relationship, most couples enjoy passionate, long, deep, sexy, lustful kissing, and they touch each other in sexy ways, too.

But as a relationship progresses, well, that type of behavior can take a backseat to the more mundane activities which get in the way, mostly due to life and everyday responsibilities.

Channel your inner lover and kiss a lot more, hug loads, and snuggle with your partner like you did when you first got together. Doing this may very well help keep the spiciness and sexiness alive.

3. Planning sexy activities together

“Taking time out to spend with your lover or your significant other is one of the most loving things you can do for one another,” says Professor Kalia Neil.

“I would add in that couples get a sex toy which offers extra sensual activities that will show you and your partner how to add in that little bit extra.” If you need a great website for purchase, you can choose from a great range of adult toys from HotCherry.

4. Alight your fantasies

“Fantasies are underutilized by couples,” says Roger Libby, PhD, a sex therapist, and professor at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Sexuality in San Francisco. “But it’s important to use your imagination and share your most erotic desires with your partner.

If you’re feeling shy, set the mood by lighting some candles, turning off electronics and playing romantic music. Once you’re both feeling relaxed and intimate, open up to your significant other.”

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The therapist went on to say, “I recommend couples watch and discuss The Better Sex Video Series, which is a compilation of sex education pieces. It shows real life couples exploring sexual positions and techniques and talking about what they enjoy.”

5. Netflix and chill

You can also use a platform like Netflix; choosing comedy, romance, action, or any other genre, really. It doesn’t matter what you choose.

And it’s also true that letting your partner or lover choose a movie can help to impact the emotional/sexual connection, too.

Because yes, you can have sex with someone, but when you add an emotional bonding experience, then you really increase the bond wholeheartedly and significantly, so many studies say.

And relaxing as you watch your movie is part and parcel to feeling good in the presence of another, in this case; your lover. And (hopefully) it’ll make you both want to enjoy each other more and more as part of a loving routine or addition.

Laughing and enjoying the activity can be super for any relationship wanting to spice things up.

On the whole…

No matter what tips you decide to utilise or integrate, it’s important that you know what the goal is here: spicing up your sex life.

In fact, doing non-sexual things can create the prelude to lovemaking or a hot, erotic session, ultimately. And remembering that we connect to the other’s mind, body and soul is exceptionally important to add all three aspects of essence.

If there was a hot tip (number 6), then ‘dirty talk’ might be a winner in the mind department when we’re referring to the aspects relating to being humans with those three facets (mind, body, soul) as staples to aim for.

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So which tip/s will you try? The fun is definitely in the trying…

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