How to Masturbate for Women

women Masturbate

Masturbation is a safe and natural way to feel good, know what gets you hot and release sexual tension. Moreover, it has its health benefits and no side effect, plus its fun.

There are different types of masturbation, depends on how you like it. Although, its not always about having an orgasm, but if you are in the mood and you want to feel that sensation, there are few things that you can do to achieve the big ‘O’.

Let’s talk about the different masturbation for different people:

1. Clitoral

This involves using your fingers to play with your clitoris, vibrators and toys can help too. In this type of masturbation, you feel a thrilling sensation on your skin and your brain when you orgasm.

2. Vaginal

You use your finger or sex toys to penetrate your vagina. When you orgasm in this kind, your vagina wall pulsates. The feeling is deep.

3. Anal

You use your finger or sex toys for anal play but toys are preferred for better penetration. When you orgasm, you feel an urge to pee.

4. Combo

This is using your finger or sex toys to play with both your clitoris and vagina or the combo of finger and sex toys. Stimulating your clitoris and vagina at same time will give you an explosive orgasm that might lead to ejaculation.

After knowing the different kinds of masturbation, let’s show you how to skillfully enjoy solo sex. Set the mood, the setting can decide whether or not you will enjoy your solo sex.

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Try putting out the light, playing a cool music, lighting the candles to get the mood going. Add some lube, normally, when you are in the mood, your body self lubricates for pleasure, but its never enough, keep some lube in hand to increase pleasure.

Fantasize, let your mind wander to that hottie you met, maybe to a porn scene, or your crush, or your partner if you have one. Make sure that the people you fantasize about sends tingles down your spine.

Take your time, don’t rush to masturbate, enjoy every bit of pleasure, slowly dive in, start with the clitoral type, to the vaginal, whatever gives your pleasure. Explore erogeneous zones, think of our nipple, ears, thighs, they can shoot sparks of pleasure.

Consider erotica or pornography, yes, we can fantasize, but we can trust our minds. Eroticas and porn can help focus our fantasy. Let’s go practical with some types of masturbation stated earlier.

If you want to go with clitoral masturbation

Start from the fleshy area of your pubic bone, then, run your fingers( fingers preferably, you could use a vibrator) through your clitoris, stroking and rubbing, you can form a ‘V’ or any rhythm that make you feel good.

Use your fingers faster and hard once your clitoris becomes wet or apply lubricants. Intensify the feeling until you orgasm. You can use a vibrator instead of over stressing your fingers, though, vibrators makes you orgasm faster.

If you wanna try for a vaginal orgasm

Although, climaxing with a vagina stimulation is hard but it doesn’t mean its not fun. Penetrating your fingers or sex toys into your vagina can give you a pleasurable pleasure even if you don’t orgasm.

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But if you want to see stars, try stimulating your G-Spot, the pleasure point of your vagina wall, you might even ejaculate.

Start with stroking your vagina opening, then insert your finger or sex toys into your vagina but make sure your vagina is wet nor you have applied enough lube to avoid friction.

Move your fingers or sex toys in a circular or in and out motion or both,anyone that suits. Its best to squat to be able to stimulate the G-spot. Increase the speed and pressure of your finger or sex toy, you may feel an explosive orgasm.

Lastly, the combo

Combo solo play intensifies the feeling of measure by stimulating all the sensitive parts of your genitals.

You can use both hands or a combo of hands and sex toys to stimulate your clitoris and vagina at same time. Use parallel or opposite rhythms when stimulating your clitoris and vagina at same time, you can consider switching speeds on the both of them, maybe, fast fingers and slow penetration.

You can mix this up with stimulating your erogenous zones, think rubbing your nipples, stroking your thighs. You could use a vibrator on your nipple, sends a tingle in your skin. Sweet pleasure.

Masturbation is fun and safe way to discover what turns you on. If you are new to solo sex, j gat you and its OK. There’s no right way or wrong way to masturbate so take your time to discover yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good and enjoy every bit of it.

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