5 Different Types of Booty

Types of Booty

According to a New York plastic surgeon named Matthew Schulman, there are more than 3.7 billion ladies in the world, but only 5 forms of booty.

Which one of the 5 are you, then?

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1. Beyonce’s rounded Type

Rounded Booty type

Kim Kardashian, J Lo, Queen Bey, and Beyonce are the prominent owners of the Rounded Booty type.

At the middle of the hips, this sort of booty is widest, and the booty is quite distinct from their waistline.

Strategy For building round booty

 If you’re (even) dreaming of a round booty, start doing squats. But if you want fantastic booties and legs, you need to take squatting very seriously.

To make your booty reshape itself even better, squat deep. Use the Booty Hip Band with non-slip grips on the inner layer to add extra resistance and take your booty workout to the whole new stage so that your band remains in place. During your workout sessions, no more sliding or rolling.

Repeat the squats 3 times per 30 reps

You will increase the amount of quadriceps and glute activation by using the hip band.

2. Square shaped booty

Square shaped booty

This is a type of booty that forms due to the location of the hip bones, excess fat around the waist, genetics, or other causes. This is the square booty or H shaped butt (as you term it).

Most women don’t like square boots. Are you one of them? If you have a square butt and want to repair it, you should work out to develop a firmer and toned ass.

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Booty strategy

Start with jumping jacks prior to any workout. This is an exercise you must have learned when you were a kid, so you’re not going to experience any problems.

Also, jumping jacks are a fantastic way to warm up and tone the hips and booty muscles.

3. Pear-shaped butt

Pear-shaped butt

An A-shape booty is considered a booty that expands below the hip bones (also called pear-shaped).

Alicia Keys and Rhianna are two ladies known to have an A-shape booty. You are the fortunate owner of a pear-shaped booty if you have fuller thighs; the booty has more bulk at the bottom of the ass than at the top side, and then there are rounded curves of the hips.

You will also have a waist that’s smaller, hence why it is reminiscent of a pear.

Rihanna Ass in Lingerie

Booty strategy

Kick back and swing

This is a wonderful workout, but for quicker results, you apply extra resistance.

4. V-Shape booty

V-Shape booty

Typically the V-shaped booty has a condition of an inverted triangle; the widest point is at the hips and narrowing towards the bottom.

If you have broad shoulders and narrow sides, you probably own a V-shape butt just like a lot of models.

Booty strategy

Your current goal is to create the false impression of a rounder bum. You should try All-fours lateral raises which can help you target areas around your glutes to fill it out further.

You need to give attention to building that gluteus maximus to show the V condition upside down.

Spot the hip strap around your knees and lift your leg directly and you are out of the room. Raise your heel as high as you can without leaning your torso too far forward.

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Commence working on surrounding your bum by doing Standing Butt Kicks.

To feel that additional burn place Hip Bands. Far better sore than sorry.

Repeat: 2 models per 20 representatives with each lower leg

5. Upside-down heart-shaped butt

This specific booty has a curve to the outer hips and it carries more volume level in the lower part of the hip. This type of behind is the most being a round booty.

Exactly what do you do about it? Nothing. (Almost) Nothing at all because so many women are trying to build this kind of booty type.

You should be taking care of it, to maintain the best booty.

Booty method

Place the hip band just above your knees. A person will go through the pressure in the strap when standing with feet hip-width separate.

Engage your ab muscles and require a handled step out aside with one lower leg. This exercise is called the penguin walk.

Repeat: 3 units per 5 to 10 on each side

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