Top 8 Sex Positions for First-timers

First-time Sex Positions

Are you ready to have sex for the first time? These first-time sex positions may come in handy. But first, let’s run through a few tips you may find useful before you pop the cherry.

When it comes to having sex for the very first time, it is quite an emotional experience, filled with expectations, and understandably so.

But the fact is between thinking and nerves; the experience often doesn’t end up as much of an orgasm fest for a first-timer. Sorry, just stating the fact!

However, it doesn’t have to be a tense experience as it can still be as sexy, romantic, and passionately fun as you want.

Below are a few things to bear in mind when it’s time for first-time sex:

  • Finding a very private and safe spot to do what you want: When you choose to get a place, look for one where you will not have to worry about interference from a roommate or mom.
  • Make sure that you’re relaxed and also entirely confident that you would like to go through with it without pressure.
  • Take all the time you will need to get yourself fully aroused. (If you know someone wants to get sexually involved with you and does not want to wait and encourage proper arousal, then lock the gates and walk away!!!)
  • Lube up properly. If you wish to spice things up, you may squeeze some lube on your partner’s fingers and allow them to rub it on for you.)
  • Also, you should consider doing it safely. Let your partner get a condom or use birth control. You should also discuss each other’s sexual histories if it’s comfortable for you both.
  • As hard as it may be, try to relax. There may be an occasional fart, queef, or your bodies may suddenly make weird slappy sounds when you’re in action. Your partner may suddenly slip out or might even be pressing their organ diligently in a painful spot. Just giggle and keep kissing, and everything will be back to normal.
  • Select a first-time sex position that you find comfortable. If you feel like you can’t go on with it, or if you felt any discomfort, it’s OK to stop immediately and head home or do something else.
  • Never fall for a guilt trip. If anyone tries to talk you into having sex or make you feel sex with them is proof of love and commitment, kindly walk away from them. You can have sex without regrets when you do it because you want to.
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Stick to these nifty tips and try the following first-time sex positions:

Table of Contents

1. Lengthened Lotus

Lengthened Lotus sex position

If both of you are newbies in the business of sex, your partner might be very excited, sometimes, a little more than is necessary. For this position, sit on the other person’s lap, facing them as you rock against them.

This should keep them going a bit longer. And if it happens that they come quicker than you expected or they wish: 1. Don’t make the mistake of shaming them 2. You can use it as an excellent excuse to go for round 2, 3, or more.

2. Erotic Explorer

If it is your very first time to be really sexually involved with someone, it’s entirely acceptable to get things started by masturbating. If you desire to take things a step further, you can reach over to stroke yourselves.

When in doubt, you can just copy how you saw them touching themselves, and it’s also okay to ask if you get confused.

3. Slow Cooker

It will be much better if you decide to take your time rather than jumping into the banging all at once. Start with as much foreplay as you can so as to make sure that you’re ready to take in the D.

You can then have your partner go on their knees to enter while you allow your legs drape over their thighs so that you can have the all-clear to touch yourself. If you wish to make it last longer, you can try a thicker condom.

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4. Spoonful

Spoonful sex position

Your partner will have to get in an outer spoon position, then puts one leg over your body as they enter you from behind. This is a very intimate position, and you can take advantage of all that closeness and cuddling so that your first time will feel hot and lovey.

You are at liberty to enjoy all the enjoyment of the bonding hormone called oxytocin. As this hormone hits your brain, you may also use a free hand to rub yourself at the same time.

5. Sideways Swoon

Sideways Swoon sex position

Sex, for the first time is all about having an incredibly intimate connection with someone. If you would like to lean in that direction, you can attempt a side-by-side position.

You can make things more romantic by gazing into each other’s eyes and everything else, plus the angle is not known to enhance deep penetration, reducing your chances of enjoying a crazy jackhammer pounding.

6. Lap Waltz

Lap Waltz sex position

Several woman-on-top positions are just great for first-timers since you will be in control of how deeply you would want him to go.

Have your partner stay relaxed and seated on a couch; then you can kneel over them. One of you may hold onto the male sex organ to guide it into the right area as you lower yourself onto them. It is okay to drop as slowly as you wish to—it makes it even hotter, TBH!

Once you are aboard, you can place your hands on their shoulders, then use your legs to take yourself up and down, enabling you to ride their penis. Immediately you get the hang of it; it is possible for you to gyrate, grind against them, or even stop for a sec for a long kiss.

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7. Mission(ary) Impossible

Mission(ary) Impossible sex position

The missionary sex position a classic for a reason. If you’d like more control, rather than going straight into the basic legs-wide-open missionary style, you can assume the usual position, only that you have to curl up both legs in front of you.

With this posture, your respective body parts are still in the right place for easy access and will always get the attention they need to get. However, if you need to slow your partner down, you can easily guide them as you want with your legs.

8. Frisky doggy

frisky doggy sex position

If you feel like losing your virginity is a little bit overwhelming, and you wouldn’t want any face to face contact while doing it, you can opt for the doggy position.

All this position requires is to get down on all fours and let your parent penetrate from behind. It can be very sensual and even exciting for those who’ve always wanted to feel like a porn star (a shy little porn star).

Final thoughts

That’s pretty much all there is to know about choosing a first-time sex position. The most important thing is having your first sex on your own terms and with protection. This is supposed to be an exciting and life-changing experience, so do not be lured into it by anyone, and never do it without protection.

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