5 Signs Skinny Jeans Are Hurting Your Vagina

Skinny Jeans

Unlike those acid-washed pants from the 80s, skinny jeans are a closet staple, and these tight, slim-ankled trousers seem like a trend that is here to stay.

Despite skin-tight pants making you look good especially with your heels and also accentuate your bum, they often result to health problems.

It is because the pants are too tight causing excess moisture from the sweating and skin friction down there consequently leading to the flourishing of fungi and bacteria, with the resulting situation being not-so-sexy.

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Jock Itch (Ringworm)

These red and itchy fungal rash does not affect men only, with ladies also falling victim to it. Usually, the jock itch starts in the groin region before spreading to the thighs, buttock and anus if it is not treated.

In a majority of the cases, its treatment is done by the application of antifungal cream but if the condition persists, consult a doctor.

Skinny Jeans

Yeast Infection

An overgrowth of the minute fungus Candida is what is commonly known as the yeast infection, and it causes you to feel an itching and burning rash with a cottage cheese-like discharge.

Usually, yeast infections are easily treatable with OTC antifungal medication, but it is advisable always to see your doctor if you are infected. Moreover, yeast infections have similar symptoms with some sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal infections which are fatal.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

When bacteria enter the urethra, where pee comes out, it leads to urinary tract infection. Its symptoms include you feeling pain, seeing blood while peeing in some instances and also regular and a strong urge to go.

Antibiotics are used in the treatment of UTIs which you must have a prescription, and it is vital always to consult your doctor if you suspect you have one. Additionally, if left untreated, UTIs spreads to the kidney, and this is a clear indication you may have UTI.


It is a pain disorder of the vulva which is the outer region of a woman’s genitals subsequently making you develop a stinging, throbbing, itching or burning feeling.

You should immediately consult your doctor if you develop the above symptoms, mainly when inserting a tampon, while urinating, during sex and of course, when wearing tight pants.

However, before determining the best course of treatment, you must go through tests to exclude other causes, with its treatment necessitating you to take antidepressants, anticonvulsants, topical creams or opioids.

Skinny Jeans

You should however not ditch your skinny pants altogether because of these reasons. There are a couple of fashion-forward tips which if followed prevents the painful problems associated with wearing skinny jeans.

  • Always wear a fresh pair of pants daily.
  • Occasionally rotate your dressing with skirts, loose-fitting pants or sweats which are a great alternative.
  • While using the restroom, wipe from front to back.
  • Never wear underwear that is very tight or making these other underwear mistakes.
  • Whenever you are cleaning your groin, only use odorless cleansers.
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