These Are the 7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies

Is it some peace you want, sex dressed in full bondage gear or sex with a clone of yourself? Sexual fantasies vary from one individual to another, and it is this that makes them unique.

However, various sexual fantasies unite us all in lust this and Dr. Justin Lehmiller; a social psychologist surveyed more than 4,000 Americans to find out which are sexual fantasies people cherish.

Through this survey, he sorts to try and make people feel more comfortable with illusions they hold dear however weird they may be, stating that the feeling of being peculiar holds you back and can significantly affect your sex life.

Thus, below are some of the most common fantasies that people mentioned during the research.

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1. Multiple Sex Partners

Approximately 89% of the sampled population had fantasies about threesomes and not orgies of fifty people. Straight men had a particular liking to a threesome comprising two women, whereas women did not mind the gender of those involved in the threesome.


A substantial percentage of 65% had fantasies of receiving pain during sex be it in the form of biting, dripping of hot wax or spanking. Furthermore, most visualized having at least one of these BDSM acts with majority liking the idea of surrendering total control to their partners with handcuffs and gags the most commonly used.

Even though most of us loving the addition of these fetish plays in our sex lives, some people would not welcome the idea.

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3. Mixing things up

Majority of the people included in the survey had fantasies about altering their regular sex routine.

For instance, if you mostly had sex in bed, you would fantasize about having outdoor sex, if you have one partner, you will visualize having sex with someone different and if you frequently have missionary sex fantasizing about doggy style.

Thus, the research showed people have a tendency to like variety and which makes sex more fun.

4. Public Sex

Most women had fantasies of having sex in public places, and the possibility of getting caught adds a special thrill, with the top suggestions being in a lift, the park or in the office.

However, you should always be careful of security cameras and laws, and before taking more risky options, start with another room in your house.

5. Non-monogamy

Due to the close association of affairs with guilt, less than one percent of people do fantasize about cheating.

Nevertheless, ethical non-monogamy is greatly fantasized which your partner is approving you to have sex with other people. 58% of people daydream watching their partners have sex with other people whereas 79% of men and 62% of women fantasize about having an open relationship.

6. Being Desired

Most of the people surveyed revealed fantasizing about emotional-driven sex be it with their partner or not, making them feel excellent in bed, enticing and feeling wanted.

7. Same-gender sex

The study exposed that 59% of straight women fantasize about having sex with other women. On the other hand, only 26% of straight men had fantasies about having sex with other men, men clearly having less preference for same-sex relationships.

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