Growers Vs Showers: What Is the Difference?

Growers Vs Showers

When it comes to penises, it has been a war of growers vs. showers for a very long time. Now, we have decided to separate the facts from the myths, and finally bring this battle to an end. Before we go furthers, below are a few things you must know about penises, whether they are growers or showers.

All penises will naturally get bigger when they become erect. However, but there is proof that some penises are “showers,” and others are “growers.”

“Showers” are individuals whose penises will remain the same in length when they are soft (flaccid) or when they are hard (erect).

“Growers” are individuals whose penises get much longer and sometimes even wider when they become erect.

Now that you know what both kinds of penises are, it is time for us to go into what science has to say about the differences between growers and showers, how to know if what you have is a grower or shower, and lots more.

Is there an obvious line to differentiate the two?

Yes! There is even research on this subject.

Below is how the difference between showers and growers  are defined by a 2018 study that was published in IJIR:

Grower: the penis in this category grows much longer when they go from being flaccid to being hard or erect

Shower: the penis in this category does not show any significant physical change when going from flaccid to hard or erect

Using what is known as penile duplex Doppler ultrasound (PDDU), those who carried out the research measured penis length in the flaccid state. Then, they went further to inject a substance of vasodilation into the spongy tissues of the penis before measuring its length while erect.

What the researchers found is an average change in the size of the penis from flaccid to erect across every participant, shower or grower, of around 4 centimeters (1.5 inches).

They also used the 1.5-inch as a baseline to determine whether a participant owns a shower or grower.

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Using the details made available by this study, you can say that you are a grower if your penis grows bigger than 1.5 inches when you are erect. In other words, if your penis grows less than 1.5 inches when erect, you’re a shower.

Important terms to know about penises, growers, and showers

Flaccid: The term “flaccid” is used when the discussion of erecting comes up. This is the term used in reference to the default state of the penis when a person is not sexually aroused. Here, the penis is soft and basically hanging loosely from the owner’s groin area.

Stretched: This is something that occurs when the penis is not erect or even aroused sexually, but is elongated from its usual state. This is something that happens to any penis, whether it belongs to a shower or a grower.

Erect: This is a term you should already have figured out. It occurs when the penis tissues become filled up with blood due to sexual arousal. The penis will stay this way until you are able to ejaculate or until you no longer feel aroused.

What exactly determines whether you turn out to be a grower or a shower?

Growers Vs Showers

Below are a few factors that contribute to whether or not you become a shower or a grower:

  • Tissue elasticity: The capacity for a person’s penile tissues to grow and stretch all contribute to the way your penis looks. This tissue elasticity includes the skin’s outer layers, the inner layers of the penis fibrous tissue (mostly the tunica albuginea), as well as the ligaments that attach the penis to the owner’s body at the groin region. Your genes help to determine how elastic your tissues become.
  • Collagen: Almost half of your penis tissue is made up of collagen, which is a protein available throughout the body. Also, your genetics add to how your body distributes collagen.
  • Overall health:  Blood flow makes up a key component of a person’s erection process, so if there is any condition that affects a person’s blood flow, it can contribute to how your penis increases in length when you get erect. Erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and heart conditions can all affect a person’s erection.
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Is one type of penis more common than the other?

According to the study referenced above, just under two-thirds of the over 70 participants (about 74 percent) turned out to be showers.

But this data isn’t exactly reflective of the whole world population. There is not so much data available to fully understand, which is more common between growers and showers.

How do you know the group you fall into between growers and showers?

In a lot of cases, you’ll figure it out without doing any tests to know which group you fall into.

If you notice that your penis looks almost the same, whether it’s flaccid or hard, you’re most likely a shower. If your penis looks drastically bigger or longer when it’s erect, you’re most likely a grower.

Below are a few things to do if you want to find out which category you belong to:

  • Measure when flaccid: While flaccid, get a tape to measure from the penis tip of (glans) to the base of the penis shaft. Make sure the bottom part of the measuring tape, ruler, or whatever it is you’re using for measurement is flush with the flesh around the base of the penis so that you can get an accurate measurement.
  • Get erect: You can do anything you feel will get you erect as long as you don’t do it publicly or with someone who doesn’t give their consent.

Once erect, go ahead to measure your penis once again from the base to head. If you find out that the difference in length is well above 1.5 inches longer than the measurement you got when you were flaccid, you’re a grower.

If the difference you record is less than 1.5 inches, then you’re a shower.

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If you are unable to get erect, you can opt for the stretched measurement:

  • While you are still flaccid, go ahead to stretch out your penis by gradually pulling outward on the head.
  • Stop stretching your penis when it starts to get uncomfortable.
  • Now you can measure your penis yet again from the head to base.

Can the penis size change over time?

Yep! Changes in your collagen levels and tissue elasticity as you grow older have a lot to do with the change.

You might find out that you become more of a shower as your penis tissues begin to stretch out over time.

On the flip side, there are some people who may become more of a grower with age as their tissues start to shrink or become less elastic with time.

This causes a person’s penis to retract but experience a larger increase in length when they get erect.

Does being a grower or a shower have an impact on the overall size of your erection?

The study we referenced above actually found out that growers experience a much larger increase in penis length from their flaccid penis size.

But this may simply be a result of the little sample size.

What about your sex life?

What we are sure matters the most is the way you feel about your penis.

If you are comfortable with the size of your penis and you, feel confident using it, then how the size and shape look when it’s flaccid will make a difference in how your sex life turns out.

And it is very important to note that both confidence and communication are important if you or your partner wish to have a healthy sex life.

At the end of the day, it isn’t important whether you are a grower or a shower. All that is important is knowing how to love and use what you have got.

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