8 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Butt Plug

Butt Plug

Want to buy a butt plug, but you don’t know what to look out for? Worry no more because we are here to provide you with all the information you need.

These days people are beginning to discover that the anus is home to tons of pleasurable nerve endings and because of this, they are exploring anal sex every day.

Like other forms of sex, you cannot tell how much pleasure you can derive from anal stimulation until you try it out. Well, anal sex doesn’t always have to involve penis penetration from the beginning so if that’s your fear, you can relax.

Butt plugs are one of the most magical sex toys you can have if you are an anal sex lover. And if you are looking to try anal sex for the first time, using a butt plug is the most relaxed and most exciting way to begin.

For first timers, you need to understand that buying a butt plug might be easy but there are certain things you should consider when choosing the right one to buy.

Follow the steps below, and we assure you there’ll be no regrets. Only happy endings ( pun intended )

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Watch out for the base

Unfortunately, not all butt plugs are safe for anal sex. Some manufacturers do not put into consideration the risk of the sex toy getting stuck inside your body, so they just go ahead and make butt plugs that have no base.

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Make sure that whatever sex toy that had to go into your anus has a support that is wider than the toy itself and can quickly be stopped from going into your body when the base gets to the opening of your anus.

Apart from halting the plug from going in whole, the ending is meant to make inserting and removal easy. So if you like a particular butt plug, but it doesn’t have the right base, go for something safer.

Consider the size

Sometimes you might want to go big because you are used to having big penises go into your vagina, or you just feel that the bigger the butt plug, the more the pleasure. Well, it is OK to like big things but when it comes to choosing a butt plug, the smaller, the better.

After your first trial, you can go ahead and get something more significant but make sure the plug is not too large for you so you can enjoy using it.

It is advisable to try anal sex with fingers first before leaping to use sex toys. Once you have discovered the number of fingers or the size of the finger it takes to give you pleasure you can go for a butt plug of similar size.

However, as a beginner, you are very likely to enjoy using butt plugs of between 0.75” to 1.35” in diameter range. If as a beginner you go larger than 0.75” to 1.35” diameter, you might get a tearing or not get as much pleasure as you are looking to get.

Consider where you’d like to wear your butt plug

Oh yes, you might want to wear it out and about as some people do. If long-term wearing is what you are looking for, then consider purchasing a butt plug suitable for that purpose.

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Some butt plugs have a very slim and cute look but if you choose to buy them because how nice those slim ones appear, when you wear them while going about your daily activities, there is a huge chance they’ll slip off, and that’s going to make you feel embarrassed.

But if you still insist on getting one of those, always wear comfortable underwear that would hold it in place or purchase a butt plug harness to save you the trouble.

Endeavour to read the review of the sex toy you want to buy

There are reviews for different kinds of butt plugs available so do well to read them before you make a purchase. Manufacturers often provide information on their products to let you know if it’s OK to wear it out or not.

If you want to wear your butt plug while in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can easily make do with whatever butt plug you have.

Keep rigidity in mind when choosing a butt plug

Trust me when I say you do not want to have a butt plug that is too rigid in your body for too long. Wear a butt plug that is flexible enough to bend according to your body movement, so you do not get uncomfortable or injure yourself.

When you are having anal sex or are in a stationary position, more rigid butt plugs are perfect. In fact, most people love the feeling of a hard sex toy in their anus.  But when it comes to being comfortable during the day, do not compromise.

Think about the material it is made of

Butt plugs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some of them are made from sturdy materials like wood and glass while others are made of rubber, phthalates, plastic, silicon, jelly and some other materials.

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The reason why you need to consider the material your toy is made of is that you have to clean it up after use. And also you need a non-porous material that can easily be sterilised if you intend sharing your butt plug with some other person.

Get a whole set of butt plugs

That may seem like going too far, but if you intend to get the kind of penetration you get from a penis, then you do need a set of butt plugs.

Many butt plug sets have different butt plugs of similar shape and design, but they gradually increase in diameter so you can start your anal sex journey from the smallest to the biggest.

Also, when you have a set you of butt plugs you can decide not to share your favorite size with your sex partners, so you don’t risk contamination.

Choose the right lubricant for your butt plug

Consider this the most important because there is no way you are sticking that toy into your ass hole without some form of lubrication.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating, so any penetration without lubrication can lead to a tear. However, water-based lubes are compatible with all materials of sex plugs but if you have a preference, by all means, go ahead with what suits you.

The bottom line is to make sure you have a lubricant handy so that you can quickly make use of your sex toy and avoid discomfort. Have fun trying out your butt plug and do not forget that butt plugs make a very excellent sex toy for lovers of all things kinky!

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