The Best Tips to Make a Man Happy in Bed

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People say rub any dick and it will cum, but it is also well known that ejaculation does not necessarily mean sexual satisfaction.

Society has concentrated so much on how to please women in bed, and it rarely discusses what will drive men crazy.

This is a guide to ensure you make your man happy in bed.

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Take Care of Your body

You need to maintain your hygiene if you want to have a sexually explosive time in the bedroom.
A tight vagina ensures that you both enjoy penetration.

There exist creams that will temporarily tighten your vagina for a period but for more permanent results you need proper form exercises like Kegel exercises.

Generally, the last thing a man would want is to even kiss you if your body stinks. Wash regularly and even having a quick shower before sex is good practice.

Take Control

It may seem like a similar trick to initiating sexual encounters, but it’s not. Taking control can be incorporated into the act even if he is the one who seduced you into having sex. You will be surprised how many men want to be dominated in the bedroom.

Grabbing him and pushing is a right place to start. For some, it can be a once in a while thing where you should aim to let it take him by surprise. Don’t forget to suggest new positions.

Do your research in advance so when you do get to order him around, you already know what you’re doing.

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Check your Attitude

Never have your man feel like you’re doing him a favor by having sex with him. And unless they are rapists, guys want to have sex with a woman who is actually into it. In fact, sexual fulfillment for the man will sometimes come from an eager and enthusiastic lover.

Show your Desire of Him

Men have a primal need to be sexually wanted. The validation can do all kinds of things for his ego and ultimately sexual prowess. Tell him you want him and mean it and watch him go crazy in bed. He will even go to lengths to ensure YOU get maximum satisfaction too.

It applies to non-verbal communication too. Allow him to catch you staring at sexual parts of his anatomy, and he will be like a moth to a flame. Touch and grab him without fear. The point is to objectify him with the sole intent of stroking his ego while communicating your desire.

Try being naughty in all the wrong places. For example, you could tell him how good he feels inside you at a public place, then brace yourself for some hot sex when you get back to the bedroom.

Be the One to Initiate Intimacy

Long gone are the days where both parties liked it when only men initiated the sex. The culture of labeling women as slutty is in its last throes. If anything being called slutty is more of a compliment in the 21st century.

While men still love being in control, sometimes all they want to do is relinquish that control while in the bedroom. One trick that will definitely make him lose his mind is you initiating sex.

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It breaks the monotony of him always having to ask and the increasing boredom brought about by the usual foreplay. Start his morning with a surprise blow job or when he comes home in the evening, be ready waiting for him.

Confidence Is Key

You know how those scenes from movies where the lady is undressing slowly and how sensual they are, this is the same situation in real life. A man who wants to have sex with you is already sexually attracted to you so whatever insecurities you may be having should be left outside of the bedroom door.

Take your clothes off and make sure he is watching then take his off as well. Remember that men are more visual rather than emotional and it would help if you can use your body to tease him.


A lot of sexual breakthroughs have been had by couples clearly expressing what they want to do and be done to in return. The key to having it crazy is making the questions sexual instead of clinical.

Non-verbal communication is also essential, moaning and uninhibited screaming not only encourages him to want to give you all the pleasure in the world, but it also makes him perform better due to validation.

Incorporate Variety and Play with his Body; Learn Where to Touch Him

  • Some people will climax only in one position, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other places as well. Changing positions will ensure he gets a different feel for you. Some positions are for his pleasure and others are for yours. The later ask him which one he liked best.
  • Kiss His Thighs. Some men don’t want foreplay, but this one will only make him hot and heavy for you. It’s like you’re building up to give him a blow job without quite getting there. And what guy doesn’t want a great blow job?
  • Kiss the Roof of His Mouth. When French kissing gets boring, there’s no way to go but up. Not many kisses lead to you caressing the roof of his mouth so next time you’re riding him, make yourself familiar with this area. But don’t overdo it. One or two sweeps should be enough to get the results you want. Otherwise, it may lead to unintentional giggles at an unwarranted time.
  • Make Your Mouth Vibrate while you suck on him. It works best when his dick is at the back of your throat. The humming simulates a sex toy but even better because it’s an actual person working the magic. Don’t forget to play with the pitches and frequencies at which you vibrate.
  • Play with temperatures: this one plays out best when you do it with beverages. The trick is to ensure you focus the locations on areas with a sufficient bundle of nerves and blood flow. The method doesn’t only work on the surface. You can try feeding the various temperature fluids instead.
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Don’t be afraid of toys and experimenting in the bedroom. Remember there’s no more magnificent sexual organ than the brain.

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