7 Basic Etiquettes for Giving Her Amazing Head

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Nothing is ever challenging for a mind willing to learn. And just like success demands specific actions or codes of conduct, giving your lady some proper pussy worship requires a level of discipline.

But basically, all you need is a little patience and a willing tongue.


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1. Make sure she’s relaxed

If she isn’t relaxed because she’s self-conscious or not in the mood or wet, then you’re already off to a bad start. If she isn’t relaxed and or comfortable, then she can’t cum.

And if she can’t cum, then she’ll either fake an orgasm (which will make you feel bad when you find out about it later, or she won’t, which will make you feel bad right then and there.

The bottom line is, you want her to cum. And she won’t do that if she’s not in the right mood. So get her in the mood. Set the scene if you have to.

Buy candles and chocolate and all that romantic shit if you have to. Commit to the task at hand. And while you’re at it, kiss her all over. Let her know that you want her.

Tell her how much you want her and how much you want to do this. How much you’re going to enjoy eating her out and making her cum.

Apart from getting her more in the mood, it also does wonders for her self confidence. That’s a good thing because the more a confident a girl is around you, the more expressive she’ll be with her body.

2. F is for foreplay

This one is ridiculously simple, yet it’s the easiest for guys to forget. Here’s an obvious fact. Girls aren’t like guys. They don’t go from zero to sixty in two seconds flat when it’s time to get down. No. They need time to get ready, to get in the zone.

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You ever see a rocket just jump up and fly away? No. That’s how girls are. They need time and attention before liftoff. That’s where foreplay is.

It’s kind of like how smart people spend time warming their engines before they finally drive out. That’s precisely what you need to do to her. Get her warm. Get her engine going.

3. Take your time

It’s not a race. You have all the time in the world. Make her beg for it. Tease her senseless. Tease her until she’s dripping wet and begging for it. Tease her until she’s delirious and willing to sell you her soul.

Touch her all over, until she’s warm and wet and wild and willing. Every other minute, gently slip a finger into her to see how ready she is. Is she wet and dripping like a broken faucet? Good. Then it’s time to dive. If she’s not, then hit her with some more foreplay.

Never go down on a girl who’s not wet. That she isn’t wet is enough proof that she isn’t ready for anything else. Make her wait for it until it’s all she can think about.

Drawing it out makes it better for her. It amplifies the pleasure by a factor of about a thousand and shows her (when she can think coherently again) that you’re worth keeping.

4. There’s more to her than her honeypot

Sometimes, one wonders if guys know this. That there’s more to a woman than the honeypot downstairs. This is especially true of oral sex.

I mean you’re there for the honey sure, but don’t neglect the rest of her. A woman is a beautiful creature, with acres of tasty skin and enough curves to last eight lifetimes. Don’t ignore all that real estate.

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Explore. Get to know the lay of the land. Don’t just dive into the honeypot, and forget about the rest of her.

Remember, the vagina isn’t the only erogenous zone on her body. Make it a point of duty to find all of the others. The insides of her thighs. The back of her neck. Just behind her ear. Her nipples. Her belly button. The small of her back.

Move like Columbus and explore. Also, do it in style. A lick or two here. A little nibble there. Lots of sensual stroking over there, and so on. Pay attention to every single inch of her body. Kiss her all over.

Touch her all over. Look at her like you’re thirsty and she’s a tall, chilled glass of water. You can thank me later.

5. There’s no one size fits all

So you’ve given head before. Good for you. Big ups on this not being your first rodeo. Every woman is a unique configuration of mind and body. That means that what she wants and likes, and how she gets off is as unique to her as her fingerprints.

The same applies to oral sex: Even if you’ve given head before, it doesn’t mean what worked for Jessica will work for Anita. Some girls like it one way.

Others like it a different way. Some want you to slowly eat them alive. Others want you to go crazy and gobble them up quickly.

Don’t assume anything. You don’t want to get *ahead* of yourself now, do you? So, here’s what you do. Go down on her with the mindset that you know nothing (like Jon Snow), and be ready and willing to learn everything there is before you come up for air.

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6. Easy with the teeth

Vaginas are sensitive places that require gentle treatment, except of course when they’re getting fucked fast and furious style. The point is you want to make love to it, not war. You want to be gentle and loving.

The last thing anyone wants is for you to fly in there and start chomping away like a goat. That’s a surefire way to kill the mood and probably scar her for life. So, don’t do that.

Use your tongue and your lips, and maybe your fingers. It all boils down to you asking her what she likes and wants. If she likes a little nibble action, then, by all means, do that. Carefully. If she doesn’t, then keep your damned teeth to yourself.

7. Pay attention to what her body is doing

Is she breathing heavily, and trembling all over? Is she sweating like crazy and shaking like she’s being electrocuted? Is she trying to pull her own hair out with her own hands?

Then you must be doing something right. Learn to read her body language. Learn to understand what she’s telling you without her words.

So if you’re going the wrong direction, you know precisely where to retrace your steps. Yea. So that’s it. Although, there is more to know when it comes to being a pro at oral sex.

These are the basics you got to learn to well be on your way. What is, are your thoughts on this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading that? Are there things you do with your partner that blows their mind? We would love it if you shared with us in the comments. Thank you.

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