13 Sex Emojis and Their Meanings

Sex Emojis

Feeling sexy and horny but far from your partner can be frustrating. However, thanks to our trusted gadgets like smartphones and computers, we are now closer to those we have sex with than ever before.

With options like video-sexing, sexting, and Zoom dates not being bad ideas, sometimes, every person wants more in the smallest ways.

Start by injecting some flirtiness into your daily text banter without needing to good all cleaned up and camera-ready, if you know what I mean.

Let’s say you’re having an iMessage or WhatsApp chat with that person, and you want to make them know you’re dripping wet, rock hard, or just thinking about all the erotic things you’d like to try, but you can’t find the words.

What do you do? Here is why you have the humble and seemingly innocent emoji. While you are quick to reach for an emoji while you’re in shock, or when you’re excited, never forget that they are also the best way to communicate your horniness from a distance.

Sure, you can send hot nudes and other pictures, but when you’re a master at utilizing emoji, you will understand that they can be worth twice as pictures.

Emojis are an exceptional part of communication because they fit into almost any conversation when you’re thinking and when you’re mischievous. Still, you’re about to find out that some Emojis are hornier than others.

Here is how we have decided to rank them, from horny, to “let’s get it on.”

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13. Woozy Face: πŸ₯΄

You may have only recently noticed this one. It is one of the new emojis on the block and is captured as a β€œMouth with Uneven Eyes,” This little guy with an attitude was introduced in the early parts of 2018.

You probably have used it before, and maybe used it wrongly, but we’re here to tell you how to fix this into your next sexy convo. This is an unofficial β€œorgasm face” and is obviously horny.

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You want to be careful how you use it though, as it’s best for when you’ve had your fill, or when you’re talking about the night before and how you reached the tiptop.

12. Saxophone: 🎷

What is more enticing or sexier than Jazz and its smoothness? Nothing else, if you ask me. The saxophone emoji may seem like a simple musical instrument but can also signify a call to arms for getting freaky.

Let’s Just say, it’s smoother and more refined was to ask of your partner is up for some deep loving. Sure conveys more messages than a basic text. Be quick to fire this instrument away the second you are set to use your instrument on your partner.

11. Angel’s face: πŸ˜‡

Wait; what?! Oh yes. The overt sanity and innocence of the smiling angel face emoji may lead you to believe it is everything else but sexy.

However, it is a tool most effectively deployed to make a graphically horny message look innocent in a naughty manner. It’s the right emoji for those days when you just want to give your partner a little “C’mon, tease me more” nudge.

At first, it might seem like nothing related to sex or being horny, but context is everything, even in sex! This emoji is the right one to transform an already dialled-up sext into one that is even hotter, just because of self-awareness.

Don’t forget to use it when needed.

10. The humble eggplant: πŸ†

The eggplant, an innocent vegetable that once became an icon of phallic imagery, has now become only a little bit horny as a result of severe usage by gadget users.

The nightshade has left an impression on many seats to the point where it is now hard to pass specific produce department without reacting. When a person uses the πŸ† in their text, it is possible that they did it by accident.

9. The overripe peach: πŸ‘

Most phone users would easily say peaches look like butt cheeks, and this is easy to speculate since every peach is seen as an ass on every emoji keyboard.

A row of πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ is commonly used as an excellent response to a selfie where someone’s butt looks nice, but this is not necessarily deemed a horny response. Peaches, with its perky leaves and tiny stem
is too much of an innocent fruit to be restricted to a horny meaning, but we don’t care.

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8. The sweat (or is it?) spray: πŸ’¦

Being horny is no doubt an explicit feeling, but there are times when that feeling can be best communicated with nuance: thus the use of the sprinkle or sweat droplet emoji. Wait! Is it sweat? Do we conclude that it is jizz? Or could it be female ejaculation?

Let’s just say it is a wet detritus that is made up of all of these things or not. That’s is a puzzle that is best left for the receiver of a text with πŸ’¦ to solve. It’s definitely horny.

7. The immature hand motion: πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ

There is always that naughty friend who has a way of misinterpreting everything we say and making it sexual. Well, people like that can’t make a single sentence without making you feel like you’re in the company of a porn artist.

You can guess that the best emoji combination that people like this use is πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ. We just hope you aren’t that person, and this combo may be a turn off if you use it with someone you plan to shag in the nearest future.

6. The eager tongue guy: πŸ˜›

There are times when you might be horny, but it may be for something that is far from sex. It could be a lovely looking dish, and that is what the πŸ˜› emoji works best for. You can use a string of πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› if you spot that plate of shrimp stew you have been craving.

This is equally appropriate in response to text to come to get or give some mind-blowing oral sex.

5. The ride ’em cowboy: 🀠

There is nothing hotter than a woman who likes to take charge. When it’s time to be the woman on top, or tell that girl to take charge, there’s no emoji better than 🀠.

I mean, it’s super simple to use when you know where the conversation is headed, or where you want it to head. 🀠 is that guy that the guys like customers he tells the girls how to take charge of the horse.

4. The sick face (but only used repetitively): 🀧🀧🀧

You would consider it a douchey one if a person was to respond with β€œha, sick” when you’re sexting, and yet it is not regarded as douchey when you reply a sext with. β€œβ€ The 🀧🀧🀧 set of Emojis is quite horny and bold.

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Use it when you’re horny, but be careful not to come off as too sick rather than ready for “mind-blowing ” sex!

3. The blue devil face: 😈

This tiny little smiling devil is easily the purest of all the little horny emojis. But it’s impossible to figure out the origin behind the birth of 😈.

The modern meaning of this blue emoji is something that tows the lane of: β€œI haven’t gotten laid in several months, and my present level of horniness has got to levels you could best describe as evil.”

This 😈 emoji is the perfect one to send to your friends before a sexy night out on which your only goal is to make out with an utterly consenting stranger.

We can say this is the best emoji to describe your blue balls and depict of chaotic kind of horniness, which is the purest kind of your ask me.

2. The clown: 🀑

Well, as for the clown, it is reserved for a particularly horny moment: when you’re feeling horny for one of your ex.

The white clown, with its wide red eyes, and obviously inhumanly broad smile, and some tiny tufts of hair fluff, is full of horny-for-the-wrong- fellow energy. The clown emoji is a sign that you know there is trouble looming if you do not take caution.

How do you deal with sleeping with an ex who has obviously moved on from you?

1. Surfing person: πŸ„

Well, how else do you tell your lover that it’s time to surf in her sea if not this emoji? C’mon, it’s easy just to tell her you’re horny Ian’s willing to appear at her location in a bit without saying much. That happens once you know how to use the πŸ„ emoji.

So, guys, this is what you do when you are lost for words, and you are damn horny. Find a way to integrate these Emojis into your daily conversations with that lover of yours if you’d like to spice things up without saying much.

We hope this article has been useful. Kindly leave a comment below.

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