14 Best Oral Sex Toys

Oral Sex Toys

Let’s just point this out one more time; oral sex might just be a lot better than actual penetrative sex. The main focus of oral sex is mostly on your clit, so that means there is a higher chance of reaching orgasm.

Oh, let’s not forget that it’s intimate AF, and when you do it right, there’s almost nothing like it. Oh, do not assume that while there is a boatload of penetrative sex toys and internal vibrators, there are no toys for oral sex.

Times have brought about some promising innovations in the sex toy industry, and we are now seeing toys that are meant to mimic oral sex.

From suction vibes designed to help give you a feeling of your clit being sucked to vibes with can fake tongue nubbins, and even blowjob sleeves that feel like a real mouth, vagina owners are about to have the best time ever.

Below are 14 of the best oral sex toys.

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1. Womanizer Premium

This happens to be one of the more expensive suction vibrators. The first iteration of the Womanizer happens to be the very first real clitoral suction vibes to get into the market a couple of years ago.

Since then, there has been a lot of changes in the design, but it is a fact that technology is still in use and worth the price. It’s made as a USB rechargeable device and has one of the most reliable battery life. Two hours of charging will guarantee you four hours of play.


2. Lelo Ora 3

This new and improved Lelo Ora 3 features movements that are 25% larger, faster, and firmer movements. This makes it the most realistic fake-tongue sex toy ever. The toy tongue nubbin rotates, vibrates, comes with 12 settings, is waterproof, and also super quiet to boot.

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3. Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

The newer version of Lelo Sona features even more range when it comes to patterns, so you can begin with an even gentler setting. Oh, it has an even wider opening to help fit all kinds of anatomy.


4. Satisfyer Pro Penguin

This is an adorable weeble-wobble toy that won’t stand upright on your table, but what is the perfect number of sex toys that you really need to do that?

What this curved shape toy does is that it fits perfectly in the palm of a user’s hand and also adds a cute touch to the owner’s sex toy collection.

There is a wider aperture that makes it a clean entry-level clitoral vibe for those who are unsure if they want to enjoy direct-direct stimulation.


5. We-Vibe Melt

This We-Vibe Melt is a cutie as it comes off as one of the suction vibes with a slimmer profile, and it is designed like that so that it can fit better between two bodies during sexual intercourse.

Toys from this maker are always cool and strong, and the Melt is not an exception.

There are also 12 different vibration modes as well as a low-battery indicator so that you get some well-deserved warning before potentially getting a heartbreak by a dying vibrator just before you climax.


6. Womanizer Liberty

This one is a Lil cutie comes that with a useful cover that snaps on. This means that you can keep the toy dust-free in your secret drawer.

This is an anniversary edition that also features the most eye-catching, confetti-printed box ever, as well as an “I masturbate” garland. You should look out for this one if there are any freebies.

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7. Womanizer Duo

Have you been in search of a suction vibe that can also offer you an internal option? You can opt for the Womanizer Duo.

Let’s point out that this toy might come across as very intimidating, but there is a va-va-voom prowess that it gives you that is well worth reading up the instruction manual.

It’s designed with 12 vibration settings, ten vibration modes, entirely waterproof, features two motors, and also comes with Smart Sensor technology, which lets it come on when on your skin. Oh, we just remembered it’s also super quiet.


8. Satisfyer 2 Next Generation

There is so much to benefit from getting the Satisfyer Pro 2. One of the good sides is that it is so much cheaper now than ever before, and this toy is most likely the give you the best suction vibe feel that you can get from an oral sex toy if you are on a budget.

The new design here is more angular, and it looks sleeker. Satisfyer toys are known to always deliver on their promises of intense pleasure.

While they may not be some of the cutest toys, there is nothing better than the feeling of it taking you there.


9. Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibe with Clitoral Suction Tip

If you are in search of a Rabbit vibrator that also comes with the clitoral suction component, there are no need for you anything else asides this toy.

This unique two-in-one toy offers a design that is more traditional than the Womanizer Duo, so it is more intuitive and easier for newbies.

There are a total of ten functions and two different shaft vibration. This oral sex toy is also waterproof.


10. Fantasy for Her Roto Suck-Her

If you are in need of a suction toy that has more focus on your entire vulva and not just your clit, you can try Fantasy for Her Roto Suck-Her.

The toy has got a little cup that appears like a vulva and comes with three different buttons for vibration, suction, and suction release.

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You may need some time to get the hang of it, but it’s definitely worth investing in to explore how full-vulva suction will feel for you. The downside? The device is battery-operated. 


11. PinkCherry Happy Little Sucker

If you are4 one of those who want a more textured oral sex toy, then this pocket-friendly PinkCherry Happy Little Sucker is the perfect toy for you.

This suction toy comes with tiny “ticklers” that offer extra stimulation aside from a hole that can suck your clit.

The tip of this one is also removable, and that makes washing easy. It is also a rechargeable toy, and since it comes with a flexible tip, it can be moved 180 degrees. We think this one is perfect for masturbation.


12. Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

Yeah, we agree that the name of this toy is weird as hell, but the fact that it’s affordable at just $45 and has so many 4.3 star reviews makes it even pretty impressive.

This is an oral sex toy that uses suction and is formed so that you can wear it while you engage in partnered, penetrative sex.

13. Tenga Egg

Blowjob hack: for those who wish to give their mouth a break or simply zhuzh things up a bit, snip the closed end of one of these super stretchy and textured sleeves to make a low-cost beej ring.

These eggs came cheap, and in many varieties and packaged in a cute way.


14. Lelo F1s Developer Kit

For sure, it may sound a lot like a software kind of device than a sex toy, but that is because it may really be that kinda thing. If you have got so much of extra time to spare, the fancy F1s oral sex toy blowjob sleeve features a developer kit in order for customizing settings and track usage.


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