Ultimate Guide to Jelqing (Penis Enlargement Exercise)

Jelqing (Penis Enlargement Exercise)

Jelqing is a sexual exercise that employs the application of pressure and stretching of the penis to increase the width and length of the penis.

Jelqing is also called milking, and its origin is believed to have been founded in the Middle East. It is a practice that dates back beyond two centuries.

The practice is a controversial one because there are a lot of speculations surrounding its potency or effectiveness.

Jelqing is believed to be functional for the increase in the size of the penis because it involves gestures such as squeezing and pulling the penis to boost the flow of blood.

This is believed to make the penis able to accommodate larger quantities of blood when it’s erect.

Additionally, it is believed that the motions (pulling and squeezing) associated with jelqing trigger miniature tears in the penile tissues. These tears, in turn, trigger the production of new penile cells to rectify or fix those tears, thereby increasing penis size.

One thing that people should know is that most penis enlargement claims are unverified and possibly false.

Also, the majority of men who think they have a small penis size have a normal-sized penis. Jelqing is said to be a moderately safe practice but if carried out too aggressively, can cause irritation, pain and scar tissue formation.

The average length of the penis is 5-6 inches. If you are in this category, you have a normal penis size, and you should try to make the most out of what you have.

If you are also among those with a sharp penile curve or you experience sharp pain when you have an erection, jelqing isn’t the solution to your problem. So please consult your doctor.

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How authentic is jelqing?

There is insufficient availability of scientific research and facts on this exercise. What has been documented though are reports from men practising it.

According to such reports, they have gained an extra one inch in length and a half-inch in width after consistent jelqing for eight months.

So, according to them, the essence of jelqing’s authenticity is consistency.

Types of jelqing exercises

There are five kinds of jelqing, and they include:

  • Dry Jelqing: This is the practice of jelqing without the use of lubricant(s). It’s believed to be a more potent jelqing practice than wet jelqing. This is because the penis retains blood supply more effectively when it is dry.
  • Wet jelqing: This is jelqing with the aid of lubricant(s).
  • V-Jelq: This type of jelqing is primarily focused on the girth increase. The penis is held between the middle and the index finger. This move should be done with the palm facing your direction. The reason this particular jelqing is called V-Jelq is that the grip forms a V-shape.
  • One-handed Jelq: This is simply jelqing with a single hand.
  • Lateral Jelqing: This is done with the primary aim of reducing penile contour or curvature. It can be done by jelqing in the opposite direction of the curvature.

A Brief guide on the practice of jelqing

A jelqing session takes up to 20 minutes to execute, and the following steps should be done correctly in order to get it right:

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First Step: The Warm-Up

Before practice commences, it is important you warm your penis up for the exercise. This can be done by using a warm bath or applying warm cloth on your penis. This triggers more flow of blood to the penis and gets it ready for jelqing.

Second Step: Lubrication

After completion of the first step, your penis should be ready. The next thing is to apply lubricant on your penis. For jelqing, a water-based lubricant is recommended as opposed to the normal oil-based one.

This is because oil-based lubes can block your pores and trigger an infection. The use of lubricant is necessary because it prevents burns from friction and uncomfortable sensations after the exercise. The lube should be reapplied if the first application dries out during the exercise.

Third Step: Jelqing

Position your grip to form an “OK” sign so that your fingers will completely encircle the base of your penis. Execute a sliding motion with your fingers from the bottom of your penis to the top part while using light pressure. This move shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to complete.

While sliding, do not squeeze the glans of the penis. Once you reach the tip, make use of your other hand with the same grip as the first (the “OK” sign) to begin from the base again.

Keep repeating this movement for about 15-20 minutes. For beginners, 5 minutes is the recommended time, and you can gradually increase the time frame for your exercise.

This exercise can be done up to 4-5 times a week. You should cease once you start feeling any pain or if you have attained total erection.

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Fourth Step: Grip Practice

An essential part of this exercise is your grip. How you grip, your penis weighs heavily on the success of the jelqing exercise. It is necessary to keep using the same pressure all through the exercise. Do not increase the pressure with each stroke to ensure your penis shaft grows equally.

Side effects and complications affiliated with jelqing

One must take care to apply only light pressure or force while jelqing. This should be adhered to prevent triggering large tears in the penile tissues. It could also harm the ligaments connecting the penis to the body.

Once this is done, it can trigger erectile dysfunction. The following will occur when jelqing is not properly executed:

  • Itchy sensations
  • Bruises on your penis shaft and tip
  • Red spots
  • Numbness
  • Rupture of the penile vein

How to practice jelqing safely?

In order to prevent suffering from the side effects of jelqing, the following must be observed:

  • It should be done when your penis is not erect
  • Cease the exercise immediately the moment you feel any pain or unfamiliar sensation
  • This exercise is best executed while standing against a wall or sitting on a table
  • Go for medical consultation before you commence jelqing

Consultation with your doctor is very important because you can get valuable medical advice on the penis lengthening option, which is most suitable for you.

Alternative exercises to jelqing

  • Weight loss exercise routines
  • General exercise routines
  • Pelvic floor or kegel exercises

While jelqing isn’t a certified penile improvement exercise, you can still go ahead with it provided you practice it safely. But then, there are far better alternatives than jelqing.

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