10 Ways to Give Her a Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral Orgasm

Sex is an essential part of our existence as humans. And as much as sex is a universal phenomenon, each individual has unique preferences when it comes to how they like their sexual experience.

Regardless of what your choices are, the bottom line is that we all want to be pleasured and we will do anything to get it.

You probably have gathered some killer sex moves from your sexual experiences so far, and that probably would make you feel like there little or nothing left to learn.

Sorry to put it this way but skills will become stale if you do not upgrade them and seek out new technics. Sex evolves every day and it is only healthy that you develop with it if you do not want your sex life to become boring.

Because we know that every man loves to feel like a professional when it comes to helping their women achieve orgasm, we have decided to bring together a few tips to make the process more exciting and more accessible.

Did you know that about one-quarter of the sexually active female population cannot have an orgasm in the absence of clitoral stimulation?

Clitoral Orgasm

That’s a very large census, and it is the reason why this article will teach you ten tips on how to give a woman the right clitoral stimulation.

You can surprise your lady tonight with any of these moves. Get ready to use not only your tongue but your fingers, lips, toys, teeth, and gums.

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1. Let’s begin with sucking and nibbling

A lot of guys are used to licking down when it comes to the use of tongue on the vagina, but if you are one of those guys have you thought actually combing your tongue and lips to focus on sucking her vagina.

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According to the author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, Ian Kerner, Ph.D. “The entire vulva consists of sensitive nerve fibers So being able to suck on the glans or the head of the clit and lightly nibble on her inner and outer labia, or suck a little on labia, will stimulate the nerve fibers.”

Sucking the vagina will cause increased vasocongestion or an increased flow of blood to the clitoris and the vulva.

2. Use your teeth and gums

For this, to work you have to think of yourself as a point of resistance that is unmovable so that the lady can do the bulk of the work.

You can easily press into the top side of your teeth and gums on the top of the clitoral gland where the clitoral hood is located and simply stay there to provide a hard surface where she can rub her clitoris against. To make this more pleasurable, have her sit on your face.

3. Creating the alphabets

Some really dirty sex acts come with cool nicknames like dirty Sanchez and hot Carl. The alphabet system of clitoral stimulation is probably the most famous and the first tip you probably learned about oral sex. This method may be old, but it sure has stood the test of time.

The alphabet method is used more in the time of early arousal and foreplay as opposed to giving your lady that persistent stimulation that leads to orgasm.

This method is an excellent way to touch every area of her vagina and provide different sensations at the same time with the movement of your tongue.

The do the alphabet method on her, start by writing the letter A with your tongue on the broad surface of her labia then cross the A on her clitoris.

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Proceed to write the letter B and so on as smoothly as possible making sure not to focus only on her clitoris. The key here is to tantalize and tease her.

4. Try painting the fence and windshield wiper

You can blow your woman’s wind by blowing some warm breeze from your mouth to her vagina; then you can flick your tongue up and down on her clitoris just the way you would move your rollers or brush while painting a fence.

You can alternate the movement by doing a side to side movement with your tongue like a wiper on the windshield.

Clitoral Orgasm

5. Never forget the shaft

While people mostly pay attention to the tip of the clitoris, the shaft which is sometimes as long as 4inches is easily overlooked and that is unfair.

It would be nice if you slid your fingers down both sides of her clitoral shaft then push and pull her clitoral hood and move in circles if you want to. Stay unpredictable throughout the session by moving diagonally, in circles, and in other un-choreographed fashions that keep things spontaneous.

Flick all around the clitoris with one finger but do not flick directly on the top. This technic can easily take your partner to the height of pleasure, and if you continue with a consistent stroke, your partner just might get an orgasm.

6. Consider playing the harmonica

Once your partner is about to have an orgasm, you can try introducing this oral vibration to the sensation you have already provided. To do this, make your lips into an “o” shape and suck in her clitoris.

Once you have her clitoris in your mouth, begin to suck it and make humming sounds at the same time just like you are playing the harmonica. The feeling of the wet and warm vibration could make her reach orgasm even faster.

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7. Full hand massage

Every man likes it when their balls get cupped yeah? You can do that too your lady’s entire vulva with some added pleasure to her clitoris. Lay right next to your lady and proceed to wrap your hands around her vulva allowing your fingertips to press against her G-spot.

Ensure the inside of your fingers are nicely pressed against her clitoris, and the base of your palms are against her pubic bone. Once that is achieved, you can get into the rhythm of stimulation.

8. Welcome the waterworks

Hold on; we are not talking about the golden showers or vaginal ejaculation this time; I mean the water play most ladies are used to. The one that seems to be the first method of masturbation for female first-timers who touch themselves in the bathroom.

Water play a very vital if you have a shower head that you would like to use for multiple purposes. Allow the water from the shower head spray between her legs then focus it on her clitoris. You can move the water stream back and forth to make it more pleasurable.

9. The penis massage

You know how a lady would massage her clitoris with a dildo? Your erect penis could play the role of that dildo. You can hold your penis and rub it on her vagina or have her do it herself. This technic works when you are spooning her on even when you go on your knees above her, cool yea?

10. Lip service

This technic is the best for women whose clitoris are too sensitive. When you touch on suck on your ladies inner lips, it pulls on her clit. This is cool because you do not focus on the over eight thousand sensory nerve endings that are housed in the clitoris.

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