12 Types of Female Orgasm That You Should Know

Female Orgasm

We tend to think that that having an organism is not such a good idea. Then when the thought of how great one feels during the process changes your mind completely. Orgasm without any doubt is one of the greatest feelings that we get during intercourse with our self or partner.

Apart from just feeling great, orgasm has the ability to release stress and feel very happy in addition to that it makes both partners feel very close towards one another.

What most of us have not realized is that there are so many ways to experience orgasm apart from the common way of intercourse and playing with your fingers.

Here are some of the many ways to have an orgasm and enjoy yourself in the process.

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1. Clitoral

A clitoral orgasm is one of the most popular types of orgasm and one that is very easy to reach. The clit is one of the places in the woman body that will always give them the wow factors when handled pretty well.

That is the reason many women prefer stimulating the clit during sex while their partner is busy thrusting.

It is very important to ensure that the clit is properly stimulated to achieve orgasm, and this can be done by licking and sucking it, while you are having sex make it a priority to manually stimulate the clit in many ways even by using the toys just to ensure that the clitoris is thoroughly involved.

2. G-spot

Another type of female orgasm that is one of the popularly known but hardly practiced. That is why there is no clear path on how to handle this because they are much contradiction as to whether the G-spot actually exists.

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The few people who have had this orgasm will advise that the spot is found two inches inside the vagina on the front wall.

You can try this by using your fingers to massage and once you start make sure that your fingers are in hither motion and the feeling is great that you will never want to stop.

3. Anal

As it sounds it is pretty straightforward that this is when one is having an orgasm through anal sex. Regardless of the fact that not so many people believe that this type of orgasm exists.

What they have no idea about is that the anal can also feel some pleasure because it is rich with so many nerves that can be stimulated. The intimacy that is involved in the process will also increase the whole experience.

The way to go about this is starting slowly and you increase the momentum with the help of a lot of lube, make sure that you are enjoying the whole process if not then you should stop immediately.

4. Blended

The term blended is not what you are likely to encounter more often when having an orgasm, but it is actually the kind of orgasm that one experience when a different part of the body is touched at the same time.

Which is the reason why it is difficult to determine which part of the was able to make you come to a climax?

If you are doing it with your partner, they should be very good at multi-tasking so as to get a hold of nearly the whole part of the body at the same time.

5. Multiple

According to Audrey who is sex and relationship expert multiple orgasms can be either happen in tow way and that is sequential and also serial.

Sequential is when you have an orgasm one after another with breaks in between them while that later is when you have an orgasm without any rest. Audrey advises that one should start with the sequential.

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6. Sleepgasm

Even though it is not so common, this is when one has an orgasm in they are sleeping. The main reason when this happens is that you are more relaxed at night or you are having one of those fantasy dreams and some moment it can even wake you up.

When your partner is having sleepgasm that does not mean that it is the right time to have sex as they might not give consent for the same.

There is no way that one can just plan this type of orgasm, but it just happens. The only chance to make it happen is to prepare yourself before sleep by watching porn, reading sexy stuff to make you be in the mood and maybe you can get this orgasm.

7. Cervical

It is pretty clear as this occurs during a deep sex penetration when whatever one is using taps the opening of the cervix. It is one move that can be built with proper arousal and doggy style is one way to ensure deep penetration.

8. U- Spot

Audrey clearly enlightens us that urethra is not just about relieving yourself as it is very much surrounded by hidden parts of the clitoris.

When properly simulated the blood rushes to the reticle that surrounds the opening which in the end results to ejaculation or squirting.

There are tools that can also be used to help in the process and they work very well but care has to be taken not to be infected as it is a very sensitive part.

9. A-Spot

Yes, there is also an A-Spot. This is the anterior fornix exogenous zone that is situated just above the cervix. It is one of the of the most difficult place to reach and at the same time very painful unless you are using the lube.

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It is advisable to have enough foreplay so as to reach it and that is why it is advisable by Audrey to be very careful when you are aiming for this kind of climax.

10. Nipple

The nipple orgasm is one of the kinds of orgasm that not everyone will experience. This has to be tested by rubbish the nipple and figuring out whether you are enjoying the experience because when doing so it releases oxytocin.

The best way to test whether you fall into the category of that person that can have nipple orgasm is by massaging the area around your breast and torso as you encourage circulation around the breast. The whole experience should be one of a kind if you get it right.

11. Coregasm

It is not so much a fun type of orgasm because it involves some exercise. The process happens during or after exercise with the feel-good hormones flooding the body.

There are some exercises that can cause orgasm like Yoga, weightlifting, cycling and also run. These exercises were shown by the Study done by the University of Indiana.

12. Sexual Response

It is also a type of orgasm that is experienced by not all women, only the ones who have multiple and a prolonged orgasm that is also very intense.

The expanded sexual response is orgasm that is achieved by someone who has the ability to endure the extra level of pleasure that is considered not normal.

What is so clear is that depending on which orgasm work better for you, sex, in general, should be a fun experience and not a stressful one just because you want to achieve something that is beyond your control.

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