What Women Really Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Drive Her Wild

Sexual Role-play

Sexual intercourse is one of the most intimate activities that two partners can participate in, allowing them to connect on a deeper level than any other activity would allow them.

This act is not only natural and enjoyable but also forms a vital part of many healthy relationships. Sexual satisfaction is important for many people; thus sex is needed on a regular basis to ensure both partners stay happy – and to avoid one partner from seeking the sexual satisfaction they need somewhere else.

We all aim to be the best we can be in the bed, trying out new positions and reading up on different techniques in order to satisfy our partners better and to ensure they are happy with what we are able to offer them during sexual intercourse.

The big question, however, is whether or not the techniques you are trying are actually working. ABC News reports that a recent study found that up to 75% of women do not reach orgasm during sexual intercourse, but usually require extra stimulation by hands, tongue, or through the use of sex toys, before they are able to achieve an orgasm.

Furthermore, between 10% and 15% of women never reach orgasm or climaxes – not during sexual penetration and not even with additional help through other forms of sexual stimulation.

With this in mind, it might mean that some men may think that they are truly pleasuring their female companion when, in reality, that face, sounds, and body expressions may all just be a way of making them feel better about themselves.

Let’s take a look at some excellent techniques and tips that can help you drive her wild in bed tonight.

1. Try Kegel Exercises If You Do Not Last Long

One of the most unsatisfying things that can happen during sex is when a man ejaculates too soon after penetrating his sexual partner. This can immediately ruin the entire event and set the mood to go from “horny” to “boring” in just a few seconds.

For this reason, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation and find that this sexual dysfunction is causing harm to your sex life, then consider doing some Kegel exercises.

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Herballove explains that the first step to effectively targeting premature ejaculation through Kegel exercises is to find the right muscles and to continue practicing until you master these techniques.

Thereafter, continue to do your Kegels three times every day and you’ll soon start lasting longer during sexual penetration.

2. Start It All With An Orgasmic Foreplay Session

Next up is foreplay, a particular technique that many overlooks, yet implementing foreplay into your sex life could change things significantly – for the better. SheKnows recommends thinking about foreplay as an appetizer to the main course, where sexual intercourse would be the main course in this case.

When you do foreplay right, it can heat things up considerably and make the entire session much better than it would have been should you just have rushed directly into intercourse.

There are quite a large number of techniques that can be implemented during foreplay. A good idea would be to start flirting with your partner outside of the bedroom, and lead things toward the bedroom, where can start to enjoy each other on a more intimate level.

3. Improve The Quality Of Your Erections

The male erection plays one of the most important roles in sexual intercourse. If you suffer from weak erections, then you should consider doing some erectile dysfunction exercises.

These exercises are not only beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction but can also be very useful for men who just need a little boost in the size, firmness, and overall quality of their erections.

Kegel exercises, which we have explained previously in this article, are useful for improving erectile function.

In addition to Kegel exercises, AccessRx recommends doing some cardio training, yoga, salsa dancing, and to opt for weight training as well if you truly wish to improve your erectile function – these exercises will also contribute to improved overall sexual performance.

4. Avoid Finding A Centralized Location Of Focus

When sexual intercourse is being initiated through some foreplay, a lot of men tend to focus on the most obvious parts of the woman’s body.

This usually includes the breasts and the genital region – while these are important areas that should be touched and stimulated during foreplay and also during sexual intercourse, they are not the only parts of the female body.

Instead of being a cliché and only focusing on these obvious parts, try to focus on additional parts as well. There are numerous parts of the female body that is sensitive, so start exploring to find the particular areas that turn your lady in the bedroom on.

5. Try The Teasing Game Before Giving Her Anything

For quite a large number of couples, sex has become a regular part of their relationship that simply happens. There are some couples who even go to the extent of scheduling out their sexual intercourse sessions.

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While this may work for some, it is certainly not a great way to get her in the mood.

Thus, trying something a little new may be a great way to increase arousal and improve sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. As mentioned before, foreplay is vital – and one perfect way to make foreplay even more exciting is to tease her.

Take things slowly, give her a peek now-and-then, and then let things take off from there. Teasing is also a great way to last longer in bed.

6. What You Say To Her Also Counts

While kissing, touching, and sexual stimulation are usually considered the most important parts of a good night of sex, there are not truly all that counts. There are other factors that count as well, such as posture and the sex positions that are being performed.

One thing that most men tend to forget when it comes to turning their partner on during sex is words – words mean a lot, and can most definitely be used to turn her on and to drive her wild.

Be “kinky” and “sexy” with your words. Tell her that she looks amazing and feels amazing. Give her compliments and allow her to do the same for you.

7. Be Experimental And Daring Sometimes

Sex can quickly become boring if you and your partner are used to the “vanilla” sex technique – being a form of sex that is the same every time with absolutely no experiments being performed.

While vanilla sex is a perfectly appropriate sex position, there are many other positions that can greatly intensify the pleasure both you and your partner experience while you are having sex.

For this reason, it is important not to be afraid to be experimental or even a little daring at times. Talk to your sexual partner and see what she thinks – she will most likely have an opinion to provide, and there is a very good chance that she will also have some fantasies that need to be fulfilled.

If you feel like you need a little boost in the bedroom, experiment with some natural supplements, such as Bluefusion, to give you better erections and a boost in stamina.

8. Let Her Teach You How To Satisfy Her

A lot of men with high levels of self-confidence would think that they know exactly what they are doing in the bedroom and that there is little room for improvement; thus they end up only thinking about how they can pleasure a woman in the bed.

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Considering what she really wants could be one of the most effective ways to drive her wild, however. Thus, instead of letting your self-esteem take over, ask her what she really wants and what she enjoys in bed.

Do not be afraid of criticism – if there is something she doesn’t like, stop doing it and switch to the things that are making her want to scream.

9. Let Her Put On A Show For You

Ah, this might be one of the sexiest ideas we have to share on this list. Millions of men visit strip clubs for the purpose of allowing women they have never met before put on a show for them.

Instead of wasting your money and time on a strip club, remember that you have someone at home ready to do the same for you – she won’t charge you any money and she won’t put you at a risk of obtaining diseases that you could be exposed to at a strip club.

Buy her something sexy, ask her to get into it and then ask her (nicely) if she could be your personal performer for the night.

10. Don’t Ignore Her After You Had Sex

Finally, our last tip is one that should be executed once you have had sex. A countless number of men have sex, turns around and immediately goes to sleep.

This isn’t only an extremely rude move to pull on your sexual partner, but also one that might make her feel like you only appreciate her for sex – and not for who she is.

After sex, consider spending some time with your partner. Even if you simply let her fall asleep in your arms. It will show her that you care about more than just having the ability to have sex with her, and will make her want to give you better sex every time.


The fact that a woman answers yes when a man asks if he had thoroughly satisfied her during sexual intercourse does not necessarily mean that she is telling the truth.

By looking at recent reports that claim only 25% of women can actually have an orgasm during intercourse, men should become more concerned about how well they are truly performing in bed.

Don’t always assume that you are giving her the best you can, as there is almost always room for improvement.

In this post, we offered our male readers some excellent tips and techniques that can help you not only become a better lover in the bedroom but also help you drive her wild during sex.

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