Pros and Cons of Having a Curved Penis?

Curved Penis

The same way the guys have varying opinions on what the size of a lady’s breasts and backside should be, and also have different views on how tight a vagina should be, so too do the ladies have diverse opinions on how big a guy’s penis should be and how it should be shaped.

A few days ago, some ladies and I were discussing what it’s like to have sex with a guy whose penis is shaped like a banana. Typically, most ladies would rather have intercourse with a man who has a straight penis because we consider it less inconveniencing, but one of the ladies had a different take on that claim.

According to the lady, having sex with a guy whose penis is curved is like “reaching orgasm before you even start fucking!”

Penises were created differently because the owners were designed individually. So it is safe to say that it is very expected that some guys have it slim and long, others have it short and thick, and some others have it curved or banana shaped.

Depending on the reason why your penis is curved, there is usually no cause for alarm.

Why do some ladies run away from curved penises?

It isn’t like us ladies don’t find some of you guys appealing, but we get scared of what your penises might do to us if we let you use slide it in. Firstly, it is believed that curved penises can cause pain during sex.

This is because the vagina isn’t shaped in a curvy manner so when a guy with a banana-shaped penis goes in, it becomes uncomfortable especially if he does so in a missionary style.

Secondly, If the guy’s penis is enormous and curved at the same time, there is a chance that a girl with a tight vagina will get bruised and probably never come back . What’s worse? We think that majority of guys with curved penises have small penises and some of us like our men big down there ? (No jokes now).

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Let’s take a quick look at the opinions of some real people from the pharmacy forum before we conclude. The opinions that follow are from a February 2017 thread.

Curved Vs Straight Penis

Curved Penis

Bob: “I’ve always been curious if having a curvy banana ? penis has more pros or cons in comparison to a straight one. Or rather curved one’s more common and normal or straight dicks.”

Crowell:  “Ohh boy! My girlfriend always had desires for a slight curvy one, and before that, I used to think my straight dick is the bomb. So any recommendations or techniques you guys have here to get or transform mine into a curvy one ?”

Mr BottleNeck: “In my experience it is challenging to develop a curve but you could experiment with upward jelqs and create a curvy motion with every jelq.

Its pretty amazing to have a banana-shaped dick, especially If you are not good at hitting the g-spot. But in case you have a straight one, what you need to do is angle your penis or body, and you should hit the right spot. One way is to place a pillow under her ass, which will put her vagina at an angle and it will be easier to hit the g-spot.

Developing a proper technique in the bed takes far fewer efforts than building a curve on your dick.”

Mr house: “It doesn’t matter so much if you have straight or curved one. Both are pretty normal, and there’s a good amount of variance in the sizes and shapes of dicks. Curved or straight, you are fine.

You have more chance of attaining satisfaction in bed if you focus on understanding what best suits your shape or curvature than trying to change its angle or shape.”

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Cells: “Mine has a more banana-like curve but with my current efforts and over a period if I do end up with more length which I am hopeful about, then I think I will be more straight, and the curve will diminish.

It doesn’t worry me so much actually because maybe with a bigger and wider dick I will be able to please my wife lot more than I do with a shorter and curvy dick. Let’s see how it works out.”

Batman: “Not sure about all curvy dicks but maybe for some having an upward curve might help hit the g-spot if they are into missionary style. Personally, for me, curves don’t matter so much and don’t really find curve one to be more striking or less striking than straight dicks.

I wouldn’t bother too much with changing the penis curve unless the curve is too much and it hinders your sexual performance in some way. Having a good EQ should be of highest priority and is a lot more important than the curve.

Coming to the A-spot, only really long dicks can reach it. Most people agree that A-spot is part of the act for guys who have 7.5” or bigger penis. It does, however, seem to be pretty pleasurable and if you fall into that size range, you should make use of it.”

Victor: “Hey guys, pretty interesting discussion and a lot of familiar thoughts. My dick is pretty much curved up. To be honest, during my teenage days I used to be concerned, but as I started dating and gained sexual experience, I realised there was nothing wrong with me.

None of the women has ever found my curved penis to be weird or funny. In fact, my wife loves it and ends up squirting a lot of times during our mad lovemaking sessions. I feel it’s the same as having different shape and size of nose/ears etc.”

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Jake: “What if her butt is up in the air? The upward curve won’t be helping in any way to hit the g-spot. As a matter of fact, the trough of the curvature would be raising the head of the penis into the other side of the vagina’s wall. If nothing it will at least reduce the force at the g-spot in case of a tight pussy.”

Howard: “In my experience, I’ve always preferred my straight penis compared to a curvy one. In fact, every girl I have had sex with has praised my dick saying it’s pretty eye-catching.

Especially my current girlfriend says it’s the most impressive cock she’s ever come across despite experiencing some curvy ones too. I have never faced any complaint or dissatisfaction from any girl in bed due to my dick being straight.”

And finally, let’s get a conclusion from the admin of pharmacy forum. According to him, from the opinions of the participants “54-58% of dicks are absolutely straight regarding horizontal as well as a vertical axis.

22-25% are in the form of “U’ or skyward curve.

5-15% with an “n” or descending curve

10-14% tilt toward the left from the POV of the person, and just about 1-2% tilt in the right direction. I am straight but have envied dudes with upward curves. It just kind of looks a lot more macho to me.”

These are views from men only, so there is a bias. However, Sex is whatever you make it whether or not your penis is straight. If for any reason you feel the need to take some lessons on how to make the best of the shape of your sex organ during sex, please, by all means, go ahead.

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