Is Lot of Exercise Killing Interest and Energy From Your Sex Life

Exercise and Sex Life

It’s not an easy task to involve in regular workouts. It takes time; it saps your energy, and it takes a lot of effort. However, the outcomes of regular workouts are very positive. There are numerous benefits of exercises.

The study shows that exercise is not only for enhancing your overall health, but it may also enhance your memory power and thinking skills.

However, the question here is “How much exercise is good for your health?” We’re going to discuss specifically with a sexual health here. There are many people who are deprived of a satisfying sex life, and they end up inviting lots of problems because of their miserable sex life.

The study shows that lack of regular sex can lead to marital conflicts and divorce in the past. To prevent adverse impacts on their life, they search for plenty of ways to improve their sex life. They find that exercise can improve their sex life and it increase testosterone level in male, and they may again end up doing excess exercise.

Moreover, there is another group of people who give too much time and priority to exercises for achieving an attractive body. In the next section of this article, we will look at the recent study done on the subject of exercise and sex drive, and more.

Is too much exercise good for your sex life?

There may be various reasons why you’re involved in too many workouts. What I am going to do in this section of this article is that I am about to surprise you. Keep on reading the article till the end.

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There was a study conducted by some of the researchers at the University of North Carolina to find out the impact of exercise and sexual performance. The result of the study was that the men who are involved in strenuous exercises may have lower libido in comparison to men involved in light exercises. Stop intense workouts to enhance your sex drive!

The study was conducted on the basis of previous psychological research associated with male’s sexual behavior. To conduct this study, the researchers developed a set of detailed questions.

There were 1,100 physically active adults who took part in the research. Most of the participants were experienced athletes. The researchers first categorized men who were involved in light and short workouts and long and intense workouts.

After the study, the researchers concluded that the men who are involved in intense workouts have a lower libido than the men who are involved in light workouts. What will you do now? Will you still push yourself to heavy workouts? Does this study debunk all the studies conducted in the past?

Many of you may be thinking that you should stop your dream to have an attractive body, bulgy biceps, sculpted thighs, and so on. There are already many men suffering from a sexual disorder, such as erectile dysfunction, and they are searching for the erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

Some of you may be thinking that intense workouts may have the possibility to lead to sexual dysfunction. If you’ve already started worrying, then it’s a time to stop worrying. This study is flawed. The researchers did not include all the factors.

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Let’s look at this study more closely. The participants in this study were experienced athletes, and they were told to answer the questions online. Here are some of the flaws that can be seen in the study.

  • The false assumption was made in this study. The activities, such as running and other endurance events are no way connected to muscle gains. This study was not conducted among lifters.
  • The competent athletes may have been more focused on their games rather than sexual interaction, and this point is totally ignored.
  • The researchers have assumed that the low sex drive may be the result of lesser blood flow to the testes. The cyclists have to wear tight-fitting shorts and the pressure are in the perineum region. This is actually more concerned with long duration of cycling.

Moreover, the study is conducted online. It can be regarded as a lazy study. According to the statistics(3), more than 2 out of 3 American adults are either overweight or obese.

And, obesity is one of the major reasons behind sexual dysfunction. We all know that high-intensity exercises can help you combat obesity effectively. Here are some of the final insights.

  • Obesity can lead to sexual dysfunction, and exercise can help you combat obesity.
  • There is one good thing that can be extracted from this study. Too much exercise is not good for your overall health. Again, here is the question. How much workout is a too much workout? This actually depends on the person. Most of the people can tolerate weight training for 30-90 minutes, 4 days a week.
  • Your sexual performance will be enhanced not reduced with a strong core.
  • It’s not a wise thing to blindly trust the mainstream media.
  • The combination of resistance training and endurance training can provide the best result.
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I guess your worries are gone by now.


You need to understand that the science is not always correct. It needs modification, and you should not blindly believe it. There are still many people who believe almost anything if someone uses the word ‘science’.

You must understand that science is not meant to be perfect. The study shows that most of the findings that are published are not always accurate. There are various reasons behind it.

Many still believe in the article published in the New York Times, and you should aware them of the knowledge you have received after reading this article.

The fact is that the combination of the healthy diet and regular workouts is a key to enhancing your sex life, and you can continue your efforts without worrying about unnecessary things.

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