What Is Sex Tourism?

Female Sex Tourism

You must have heard a lot about the term known as ‘sex’ and explored several parts of it. However, it would not be a surprise if you have never heard of the term ‘Sex Tourism’.

As a relatively new scheme, sex tourism can be a journey of pleasure and enlightenment or one of scorn and hate.

Sex Tourism is the leaving of one’s country and, most times, the continent to a foreign country to engage in sexual activities.

In many cases, this can be for the purpose of making money. In other cases, it is simply for exploration, leisure, and other personal pleasures.

There are numerous controversies that have taken rise with the advent of this form of pleasure.

Though sex tourism is only practiced in countries that legalize sexual activities as a means of income, it has received criticism.

However, in our world today, it is a fast-growing industry, and it’s becoming even more recognized in the community.

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Types of Sex Tourism

Sex Tourism

There are many types of sex tourism in the world today, depending on what the ultimate goal of the customer is.

The top forms of sex tourism are;

1. Female Sex Tourism

This is a form of sexual tourism where women travel to look for men to have a sexual moment with. In this case, it involves male sex workers.

It is an act that wealthy older women usually engage in. The younger population of women also participate in this act, but rarely. 

Popular markets for this exist in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Peru, Lebanon, Colombia, and others. It is also prominent in Africa in places like Kenya, Senegal, and The Gambia, just to mention a few.

2. Child Sex Tourism

The theory of child sex tourism is illegal in almost all constitutionally enhanced countries around the world.

This involves the use of children to render sexual services to customers who demand such. In many cases, these children engage in this act as a result of force or coercion.

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Though there have been efforts against this action, the industry keeps thriving. Records have shown that over two million children from around the world are involved in rendering sexual services.

Thailand and Brazil hold the highest record in these practices.

There are countries around the world that have realized the dangers of child sex tourism and fought against it. The United States is one of such countries which has made provisions for persecution against perpetrators of child abuse.

3. Gay Sex Tourism

For people who wish for a sexual moment with the same sex, gay sex tourism is the best option. This sexual tourism is one for gay and lesbians only.

It also opens doors for gays, bisexuals, and others who wish to learn about their sexual choices.

It creates a moment where an individual can have the chance to explore the sex he or she actually loves. It also provides a friendly environment where gay persons can act freely without having to face criticism from the public.

In these cases, after relating and discovering oneself, one may then pull out or accept his or her nature. Popular markets for gays are popular in Ibiza, Sicily, Fire Island, and others.

Sex Tourism Destinations in the World

Sex Tourism

There are several sex tourism spots around the world, operating both legally and illegally. The following countries have the best spots for sex tourism.

1. Spain

Ibiza, Madrid, and Barcelona are the top vibrant cities in Spain that cannot be overlooked. Aside from being a tourist attraction for its vibrant scenery, it’s also become one of the major harbors for sex tourism.

It couples its clubbing and partying with sexual tourism channels, especially in its streets known as The Red Light Area.

2. Kenya

Kenya has a reputation for being a homely country and one which is friendly and accommodating to visitors. Thus, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Africa.

The country has also built a reputation for being one of the biggest spots for sex tourism on the continent.

Kenya is also the right place for older white women who crave to spend time with the right man to satisfy them. 

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The country is also known as one of the highest spots for child sex tourism. Dealers often lure several children into sexual practices to satisfy customers who demand sexual affairs with children. 

Unfortunately, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are quite popular in Kenya. This results from the high level of sexual engagement in the country. Nevertheless, this art is ever thriving in this country.

3. Brazil

Brazil is one commonly known country with fantastic records of beautiful women and sumptuous oranges.

One cannot deny that the country has also built a record of being a charming and comfortable place. Tourists come from around the world to spend a good time in the vibrant country.

Additionally, Brazil is also one of the biggest spots for sex tourism, especially after legally approving prostitution.

The constitution of the country deems it illegal to operate a brothel or hire sex workers commercially. However, many people still operate under the umbrella of prostitution and they are fast-growing.

4. Thailand

Thailand is another country with a reputation for housing over three million sex workers who participate to earn a living.

Sex tourism slowly began in the country during the Vietnam war. Today, it is a widespread activity, feeding thousands of individuals in the country.

5. The Philippines

This country has a root in the art of sex tourism and has several sex tourism spots. During World War II, the ‘girlie’ bars were a trend in the country and went on as a viral creation.

However, many believe that the country’s international image for sex tourism today stems from its roots.

Today, The Philippines has a huge sex tourism industry. It entails almost a million men, women, and children workers.

6. Colombia

It’s interesting to know that Colombia is a country with a record of having the most beautiful women in the world. This can be one of the reasons behind its ever-growing sex tourism industry.

Colombia is also another country that constitutionally recognizes the sex trade and doesn’t consider it illegal.

However, it also has a significant increase in other illegal sexual practices like child prostitution. The Colombian government has been putting in efforts into curbing these vices.

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7. Germany

Germany is one country with a very long history of sex tourism dating as far back as 1200 AD. From that moment till date, Germany has kept flourishing in the industry, and today, sex tourism is completely legal.

Along with sex tourism, prostitution and street prostitution as well are legal and have gained global recognition.

Germany has several provisions and packages for sexual services. People join the trade in the country and even go as far as doing advertisements and promoting job offers.

In past times, ‘women’s houses’ used to go a long way in regulating the level of sex crimes.

This took place when individuals whirled away time in sexual affairs instead of indulging in other wrong practices. Till this very day, these houses keep flourishing.

8. The Netherlands

This country is one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in the world. Here, prostitution is also legal and many individuals make a living through this means.

Though legal, there are other factors that control the level of sex tourism in the country.

The country keeps growing in sex tourism under the umbrella of the legalization of prostitution. Amsterdam is one of the largest and most famous points in the city.

It is also a famous destination around the world for foreigners.

9. Malaysia

Malaysia is one country that doesn’t legally recognize prostitution. However, this doesn’t change the fact that sex tourism is blooming really well. Services here are widely and readily available.

Coupled with this is the country’s poor record of trafficking. Many believed that most of the sex workers at this spot are actually victims from neighboring countries.

Penang, Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur are top spots for sex in Malaysia.

10. Dominican Republic

This is a popular spot for sex tourism and participation in sexual activities. Here, sex is an everyday life activity of the public.

The country has several marriage parlors, prostitutes, brothels, and other sex tourism spots. Its prominent areas include Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata amongst others.

Today, it is one of the top four countries in the rank of numbers of sex workers. 

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