The Future of Sex Toys

sex toys

Have you ever imagined how the future of sex toys will be? Imagine living in a world where it is possible for to strap on a VR headset, put on your sleek bodysuit and engage in virtual sex with anyone you like on the other side of the world.

It may sound just like the perfect setting for a sci-fi porn movie, but this remote sex reality is much closer than you can imagine.

I’d you are so interested in knowing about the future of sex toys, then there is a chance that you already explored the use of vulture lungs and the bulky steam-powered dildo by our ancestors.

So now that the past is all gone, it’s the perfect time to project into the not-so-far future and find what lies in the future of sex.

Ornamental Dildos: likely what future sex toys will look like

Where do you or your partner store your sex toys? Do you hide it in the sock drawer, or you’re bold enough to have a dedicated cupboard?

While 78% of adult females are speculated to masturbate, and also a third of British women are proud owners of a sex toy, many of us are still too embarrassed to admit it.

Now imagine a clean insta-worthy living room where you have a coffee table that proudly displays a cactus, an arty magazine, and a catchy, artisanal, silver dildo.

According to the present projection of the future, advancement in sex-related tech will be accompanied by a more accepting and open attitude towards sexuality.

This has become more apparent as may sex toy designs are fast-moving from the production of toys and objects that have to be hidden away in a cupboard or closet like a dirty secret. More designs that are sleek and pleasing in terms of aesthetics are being embraced.

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In the nearest future, people may have sex toys openly on display in (almost) every home in the world. Nothing stops you have had a dildo that doubles as a beautiful ornament.

More options mean more orgasms

Let us be honest; while a lot of dildo users are fans of the huge, bulging ones that look almost exactly like the real thing, nothing will beat the feeling of having one that is compact, chic, and also knows what precisely a clitoris is.

Females want more of what actually pleases them, and not what men think they want. The clitoris needs attention, and a soldier that can give that kind of attention is welcome.

Also, society is fast becoming more accepting and open-minded to trans people and the non-binary folks. This means that we will soon see more toys that are gender neutral in various designs, sizes, and colors.

There will be Tailor Made Sex Toys

Now, we think the future is going to be just about revolutionary high tech gadgets, but that’s not all. It’s mostly about tech, but it’s also about having greater control and freedom over our sex toys.

Imagine owning a vibrator with a wide range of personalized settings; that will be cool, right? Whether what you fancy is something languid and sensual or you want to get a quickie during every lunch break, you have a chance to tailor your dildo to help you achieve exactly what you need.

Now there are things we enjoy with voice recognition technology, and it will indeed play a significant role in the future of sex toys. There is a chance that dildos in the future will respond to voice instructions to change speeds, thrust force, and more.

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Is it possible that a time will come when sex toys will eventually become integrated into the bodies of those who desire it?

With the current rate of innovation in body modification and bio-hacking, there is a chance that soon, toys will be easily integrated into the human body.

Innovations, such as the Rich Lee’s LoveTron9000, which is an implant that can be embedded behind the pubic bone to make the penis vibrate, may become even more common.

If you are not into vibrating penises, how about opting for a smart bed which can be programmed to hug you, and even whisper sweet nothings into your ear or even stimulate your nether regions.

Virtual Reality and Long Distance Relationships

If you are one of those people in a long-distance relationship, you may benefit from futuristic sex toys that could bring you and your partner closer together. With a combination of VR, sex robots, and teledildonics, your sex toys will be controlled remotely by your long-distance partner with the backdrop of your choice.

No partner? No problem!

In a few years, you just might have access to sex dolls with celebrity faces. This means that you can duck whoever you want whenever you want, so long as their face is attached to a sex doll.

Sick of people? Why don’t you date a robot?

Wouldn’t life be just great if it were possible for you to program your boyfriend or girlfriend to do and say almost anything you wanted?

Sex robots may have been a sci-fi fantasy, but that’s not what they are anymore: these bots are already among us. Harmony 3.0 is a lifesize doll that is designed to be easily programmed through the Realbotix app, and it comes with as many as 18 personality types, a total of 42 nipple designs, and up to 14 dishwasher-friendly labias that you can choose from.

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She is almost perfect as you can program her to recite poetry, tell jokes, and she never forgets your birthday.

So, let’s say bionic penises are your thing and you feel left out of the fun. The Sexbot company known as RealDoll has also put their hands on deck to design a fully customizable male doll for folks like you.

Now you can see that there’s a little something for everyone. The future of sex toys is bright, and you may need some shades already.

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