Why It Is Important to Masturbate Every Night?

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The real truth is that masturbation is one of the processes that is very satisfying and relieving to many people and at the same time very healthy. The feeling that one gets from the process is beyond imaginable.

If you ever thought that masturbation has only one result and that is satisfaction, then you could not be any wrong as there are many reasons as to why one should masturbate every night if possible.

According to Adeeti Gupta, MD and founder of Walk in GYN based in New York, the fact that you up your arousal and ending up an orgasm is a sure way of engaging several biological systems. Here are some of the reasons to why you should have fun tonight

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Enhance good sleeping

Maybe you did not realize but this is true, masturbating can help in making sure that you get better sleep during the night. According to Gupta, orgasm just before sleeping will ensure that you get better sleep during the night.

What makes us not sleep well is the stress of our daily activities that we carry with us to our bed. Just like any good sex, masturbation will reduce stress and leave one in a feel-good state of mind which means that one gets more relaxed and this end up to good sleep as far as Nan Wise, Ph.D., a cognitive neuroscientist, and certified sex therapist is concerned.

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Masturbation has been proven that increases your estrogen level which is a hormone that is very essential for restorative REM sleep.

An improvement to your Libido

According to Wise, ensuring that you are actively involved in sexual activities is up to how good your libido level is, and this can be easily boosted by self-arousal.

This habit is known to make your brain function better as it strengthens those pathways to the brain, which will, in the end, make it very easy for the entire system to be turned on very easily.

Boost your happy Mode

It has been compared to taking the happy pill as it releases the right hormones that are the serotonin and dopamine to your brains that make you feel happy.

According to Gupta, it is known as “Brain- Vagina connection which simply put is that for the brains in your head to feel happy it has the connection of the brain down there.

The flow of Oxygen to your Brain

As Wise has categorically stated, that orgasm increases a lot of activities in many areas of the brain, and at the same time it implies that a lot of energy is getting into the brain which is very healthy.

When you up to your arousal, there is an increase in blood flow and oxygen the same as when you are exercising, which is proven to be very important for the memory to make very vital decisions. This is, in the end, giving the brain the much-needed boost to function very well.

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Pain Reliever

Just like any exercise, it is not very easy to masturbate as it is a very tedious process and a lot of effort has to be put into it. when you are involved which in the end is a very good exercise for the pelvic muscle

What you will realize is that during the process of masturbating one tend to involve a spontaneous contraction of many muscles and that is the reason as to why the muscle get much stronger because they are more active. This has also been shown with women with stronger pelvic muscle have equal desires for stronger orgasm.

A quick way to Relieve Stress

Masturbating is a therapeutic way to remove stress, Wise explains that chemicals that are released when you are involved in this process are stress-relieving exercise just by stimulating and enjoying the orgasm.

We all are aware that stress is not healthy for our body and that is why it should be avoided at whatever cost and what a better way to go about it than having fun at the same time. According to Wise stress can lead to so many diseases like heart disease, obesity, and even depression.


Now that you know some of the health benefits of masturbation, then you should not waste more time when going to bed as you are aware that it is not only beneficial but also a very nice way to ensure that you get that very good night sleep that we so much need so as to be productive in our daily activities.

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