How to Host a Sex Party?

Sex Party

People are experimenting more with their bodies, formerly taboo topics such as BDSM and sexuality is openly talked about.

Chem sex is in; boring missionary positions are out. It is the year both men and women are women admit to eating ass.

Hookup culture is at an all-time high, and you can have sex at a few taps of a phone screen. It is also the era where new strains of STDs, but we don’t care; we just want to have fun.

And what is more, could be more fun than getting invited to an orgy? But orgies aren’t a new thing; in fact, people hardly call it that anymore because it sounds so archaic, like something out of a 70s porn flick. ‘Sex parties’ or ‘play parties’ are the rave now.

Sex parties have a long history; from communal Festivals of Drunkenness held by ancient Egyptians in celebration of their goddess Sekhmet/Hathor, to the drunken raves hosted by the Greek god of wine, fertility and madness – Dionysius – and celebrated around the vernal equinox, the Celtic May Day celebrations across Europe and North America, sex orgies rumoured in the Vatican, and even Hugh Hefner and his Playboy empire in the sixties.

A good historian will observe that sex parties over the millennia usually have religious symbolism especially in celebration of fertility or a new harvest season.

But until recent years, sex between more than two people at the same time (especially between a man and woman) was akin to devil worship.

Orgies are surrounded by lots of myths although there is nothing mythical about them. Hosting a good sex party involves a lot of planning and time management to avoid certain…complications.

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After all, members of certain Cybele cults who worshipped a mother goddess sometimes got into a frenzy that results in the castration of their chief priests.

Even the Bacchanalia, the festivals celebrating Dionysius were reported to have taken a wild turn sometimes, resulting in the killing a raping of local villagers.

While there is no risk of getting castrated (thankfully) in a sex party in this era, a proper organization will go a long way to ensure the safety and pleasure of the participants.

The factors that govern a great sex party include:

1) Location! Location! Location!

This is the most important aspect of throwing a sex party. You can’t exactly have sex in public except you want to get tagged as a sex offender (although some people think for public sex). Using a private space big enough and secure enough for your guests is the best option.

For example, Chinese businessman Mr. Zhou Guang Chuan on the 18th of September, 2003 checked in at the International Conference Centre Hotel in Zhuhai, Guandong, Japan.

After a couple of hours of resting, he decided to leave his room only to stumble upon more than 400 Japanese men and more than 500 Chinese prostitutes having sex with each other in all three floors of the hotel. As you can imagine, it caused a big scandal and the incident probably scarred the poor Chinese man for life.

From this story, you will see that the location was adequate, but there wasn’t much security as the news reported that the doors were wide open and people were playing with each other. Space and security matters!

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2) Theme

There are two ways of hosting a sex party. It could happen at random on a lazy Saturday even while you and your friends are bored and some adventurous soul decides to send a group text or tweet inviting random people for a night of fun.

While this seems like the fast and easy way to do it, the downside to this is that it could quickly dissolve into a hotbed of STDs, drunken waste and even danger.

The second and most reliable method is going by a theme. It could be a masked party, BDSM themed (if that is what you fancy) or a period themed party (such as Arabian Nights).

This ensures that your party is strictly by invitation. The gathering is planned, and there is etiquette to be followed.

3) The Guest List

Planning an orgy requires screening of your guest list. This may involve a little networking, word-of-mouth, screening through social media profiles etc.

While you may want to invite people from different background, it is necessary to know your guests a little beforehand.

Inviting someone who has been to an orgy before is a bonus point. Invite people you know who are open to comfortable with their sexuality but also opens to experimenting.

Find that sex party veteran who is bold enough to make the first move and get the party started.

Do not invite homophobes or racists or known bigots if you are having a mixed party, they tend to be party poopers.

4) The Invitations

Be selective and private. Invite people over texts or create private Facebook groups to send your invites. You may want to make it viewable for all your guests so they may know people that they are not comfortable with (that does tend to happen). Be specific in your invitations.

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Make sure your invites know what type of sex to expect (e.g BDSM, Anal, Gays men only) and the rules and regulations you want them to follow (use of condoms, toys drugs etc.).

Be very clear about consent; there should be no confusion about consent. It is pertinent that your guests are not forced or coerced into what they are not willing to do.

5) The Party Preparation

The following will be needed to host your party;

  • Provide safe sex items such as condoms and lots of lube.
  • Create a list of rules and regulations that the guest must adhere to.
  • Place people that would be in charge of maintaining a safe environment for your guest.
  • Provide comfortable and clean furniture and shower amenities.
  • There should be music to suit the mood. I would personally advise R&B.
  • Your guests should come to the party sober, but a little alcohol encouraged.

The Rules

Sex Party
  • Safe sex is compulsory
  • Consent is compulsory
  • There should be no phones or recording devices. You are there to have sex after all.
  • Ogling is rude.
  • Be an active participant.
  • There should be safe words especially if it is a BDSM party.

Sex parties are meant to be enjoyed. It is an avenue to explore and have a good time but without pressuring others to have a good time.

Planning an orgy is not so different from planning a fancy dinner party, only a lot of genitalia are involved.

Make sure everyone knows the house rules but don’t forget to have fun. Do enjoy yourself.

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