Will Men Agree to Use Male Birth Control Pills?

Birth Control Pills

Birth control has been a woman business for a long time. However, research recently carried out in the University of Washington tells us that male birth control may soon be an option that will be widely considered by men.

The primary question remains: will men take male contraceptives even if they were designed in such a way that they were easy to use? The experimental male oral contraceptive designed by the university is to be taken only once a day and will act upon male sex hormones such as testosterone.

the male contraceptive pill is called dementhandrolone undecanoate (DMAU), is designed to reduce the levels of these male sex hormones to amounts that are low enough to suppress the production of sperm completely.

Dr. Stephanie Page who is a professor of medicine at the University of Washington school of medicine and also the senior investigator of this study shared with health line that “it’s challenging to give testosterone and similar chemicals like it by mouth because of the limited time they spend in the bloodstream and associations with liver problems. Our goal, however, is to develop something deficient in side effects.

The findings of the study are yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal; however, they were presented earlier in 2018 during the endocrine society’s 100th annual meeting in Chicago.

The findings of the study were very promising because they lacked any significant side effects in the test subject. The findings showed no significant difference in sexual functioning, performance, or the libido of the test subjects. However, the man reportedly did not produce sperm that was potent enough to fertilise an egg.

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Among the test subjects who completed the study and were given 400m of the medication (which happens to be the highest dose), reportedly had symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency.

The subjects who took the pill noticeably gained weight of between 123 pounds on average. According to Dr Page, the weight gain and the small reduction in good cholesterol levels that the test subjects experienced at things that they were going to look into in the nearest future.

At present, the alternatives that are available to men for contraception are condoms and vasectomy. However, these two options have their limitations. Condoms have a very high failure rate, and vasectomies are irreversible, so if there is any medication that men should take for birth control, it should be at least 90 to 95% efficient just like female contraceptives.

Do men agree to use the male contraceptive pill?

Birth Control Pills

This is a very critical question to ask because a lot of men think that when it comes to contraceptive pills, females should handle that business. However times are changing, and it appears that some men are willing to take part of the responsibility of birth control.

Younger generations are firmly in support of sharing the responsibility of family planning especially because of finances and other critical reasons. Single men are tired of not being able to have sex without a condom because they do not want to impregnate their significant other.

So this pill would be an opportunity for them to have the kind of sex they want without bothering about unwanted pregnancy.

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Another reason why men should be comfortable using this bit control pill is that unlike female contraceptives that come with side effects such as nausea and headaches, the male birth control pill does not have such side effects.

There is still enough testosterone in the blood to help a man maintain specific aspects of his masculinity including his voice, muscles, hair, and libido.

The quest for male contraceptive pills started a long time ago. Mainly because women have suffered a lot of side effects from taking contraceptives and carrying a large part of the burden of family planning, with this new male contraceptive initiative, women will feel a lot more comfortable and supported by their husbands.

So, ladies, will you allow your husband to share in the duty of family planning by taking male contraceptives? Guy, what do you think?

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