10 Yoga Sex Positions You Should Try for Better Sex

Yoga Sex Positions

There are tons of sex styles and positions out there, but with the yoga sex positions, you are sure to have the sweetest of experiences when making love to your partner.

Yoga sex positions provide an avenue of intimacy for you and your partner. However, it begs the question, what is your understanding of yoga sex position?

Yoga sex positions are the use of traditional yoga positions during sexual activity.

Sex is a beautiful experience and well enjoyed if done in a comfortable environment and with the right positions.

Most often, one person holds the pose, whilst another person stimulates or penetrates them.

However, in yoga sex, both or multiple partners might also hold the same yoga pose or a different one. 

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What is yoga?

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Yogis define yoga as a spiritual discipline, based on an extremely subtle science that focuses on bringing harmony between the mind and the body. 

To have good sex, our body and mind need to be in great connection with each other to get the utmost pleasure we fantasize about.

This is why yoga is a great tool that comes into play when having sex. Let us consider 10  yoga sex positions you might want to try out and how to go about it. 

10 Yoga sex positions

  1. Downward dog: This yoga sex position is done by going on all fours, with arms and legs wide apart, making the body form an upside-down V. The position is great if you’re looking to relax your mind and body, and as well strengthen your core.
  2. Three-legged downward dog: The pose is very similar to the downward dog, but with more space to explore your environment. From the Downward dog position, lift one leg straight to the ceiling. You could rest it on any available chair if you feel distressed.
  3. Bridge pose: The bridge pose is done by lying on the back with feet hip-wide apart to give room for your partner to kneel between legs. Keep your head resting on the floor and raise your hips to form a straight line from hips to shoulder.
  4. Ananda balasana: This special pose is done by lying on the back and legs lifted towards the ceiling and knees bent out towards sides to grasp each foot’s mid toe with hands. Partner kneels or lunges near the hips. This yoga sex position is similar to the missionary and gives you the freedom to wrap your legs around your partner. Many people who practice this pose claim it’s very exciting and improves intimacy with their partners.
  5. Recycling bound angle pose: This is done by lying on your back with your legs bent and feet touching each other, creating a diamond shape with your legs.
  6. Cobra: This pose is done by lying face and palm down on the bed. Ensure that you straighten the arms and raise the upper body away from the bed. Spread legs a foot apart to give room for your partner to lie on top of you with his legs in between your legs.
  7. Savasana: Savasana yoga sex position is done by lying straight on your back with legs extended straight and palms facing up. Partner can just lie on top of you or take any position that suits you both.
  8. Standing straddle forward bend: You can achieve this yoga sex position with your feet wide apart for about two to three feet depending on how flexible you are. Your upper body is lowered forward to bring your chest near your legs as your partner stands behind you.
  9. Plow pose: It is achieved by lying on your back with your knees bent and pulled close to the chest. Straighten your legs so they are perpendicular to the bed, support the lower back with your hands, and pull the feet together. Your partner can kneel behind you or stand if you are at the edge of the bed.
  10. Balasana: To achieve this sex position, you will have to sit on your heels and lean your upper body forward. Next, rest your chest on your knees and your forehead is on the bed. Extend your arms straight for your partner to kneel or stand beside you as the case may be. I’m sure you know what to do from there.
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Having listed and explained the various yoga sex position, you might be wondering if it comes with any benefit. Well, of course, it does!

If you ask me, I will tell you categorically that yoga sex positions come with a variety of benefits, 

and I will like to take you through some of the benefits of yoga sex positions. 

Yoga it’s has a wide range of benefits, ranging from mental-emotional-sexual. So when used as sex positions, its benefits are beyond comprehending. 

Benefits of yoga sex positions

  • Yoga sex position allows for stimulation of the sensitive front vaginal wall. 
  • It helps you hit just the right angles thereby giving both parties the satisfaction they both desire. 
  • Yoga sex positions give you enhanced arousal.
  • Yoga sex exercises help you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Yoga sex practices help you to control your anger and frustration.
  • Yoga sex practice helps you to gain strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga sex techniques help you to achieve peace within yourself.
  • Yoga sex technique helps you to attain spiritual enlightenment.
  • The practice of yoga helps to improve intimacy with your partner.
  • Yoga sex position will help you feel more relaxed and close to your partner. 
  • It brings about comfort, connection, and passion between both partners.
  • Yoga sex position allows your partner to reach your front vaginal wall, thereby touching your G-spot.
  • Yoga sex position helps you to relax even while having sex.
  • Yoga sex positions are beneficial for women who have a low libido or lack sexual stamina.
  • They also help in improving your overall health and well being.
  • Yoga sex positioning is an excellent way to enhance your love life.
  • Yoga sex posture can be practiced by men as well.
  • Yoga sex postures are beneficial for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Yoga sex poses allow you to focus on your partner’s pleasure rather than your own.
  • Yoga sex pose is one of the most effective ways to increase self confidence.
  • Yoga sex positions helps you to release stress.
  • Yoga sex positions are helpful in relieving anxiety and depression.
  • Yoga sex exercises help you to get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.
  • Yoga sex exercise improves blood circulation and boosts immunity.
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The Takeaway

The best way to get the best out of sex is to do it with your body and mind in deep connection. That way, you and your partner are sure of achieving the utmost pleasure and satisfaction from the exercise.

Also, some sex styles being used in some porn clips are somewhat aggressive and could be a turn-off to your partner, but using these yoga sex styles can be fun-filled.

Make sure your partner is always looking forward to an amazing time with you. 

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