What Is Whiskey Dick?

Whiskey Dick

The phrase “Whiskey dick” paints a mental picture of one of those alcohol soaked nights where you find yourself with someone of the opposite sex in a tiny too small bed and you whisper ” I assure you this is the first time I’m experiencing this”.

I know it’s usually an awkward and embarrassing experience but it happens to just about every guy at one point or another in their life. While this situation is called the “Whiskey dick”, it is actually erectile dysfunction that is caused by alcohol.

A fellowship trained, board-certified physician, Dr. Paul Turek, explained the Whiskey dick scenario saying: “Alcohol is uninhibiting and relaxing, which increases the desire for sex and the motivation to pursue it, but acts as an anesthetic when time comes to perform.”

What that means is drinking will get you in the mood for sex but make it impossible for you to get it done. While you may have heard stories of people who had a whiskey dick or you have probably had one yourself, there are some facts that you need to keep in mind just incase the situation presents itself again.

A whiskey dick is what occurs when alcohol is doing its job

Alcohol is a strong depressant and it affects memory, coordination, and the entire nervous system. Alcohol is also a sedative and that’s why people are quick to reach for it in social situations and why it is a great tool if you want a first date to feel less stressful.

The flip side of the alcohol issue is that it is also a major reason why motor skills suffer and complex tasks become more difficult.

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The same way you may begin to feel shaky and off balance after having a few glasses of alcohol, is the exact way your penis is not immune to the effect of alcohol. This is the part where you believe the saying that the penis has a mind of its own.

You don’t have to bother as it’s not. big deal

If you went drinking with your partner and you ended up running a huge bar tab and when it was time for action hr couldn’t perform….You probably do not have to make a big deal out of it as it’s nothing to worry about since you know the cause.

The fact is that a whiskey dick is not necessarily a sign that your partner is not capable of functioning down there, it is only indicative of a hangover.

According to Dr. Turek, “The tipping point for alcohol’s various effects on the body occur at about the same dose intake, and for many that falls in the range of hangover induction.”

Which means if your partner is drinking plenty enough to get a whiskey dick, then he sure will feel the effect by the next day.

Turek added that if your partner is having a whiskey dick a lot then it is more of a sign of alcohol abuse than erectile dysfunction caused by any medical issue.

There is no way to predict the amount of drink that will or will not lead to a whiskey dick

When it cones to how a person reacts to alcohol, there are many factors that will be responsible. Some of those factors include metabolism, ethnicity, age, genetics, amongst many others.

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However, at the time of this publication there are no studies formally done to understand the effect of alcohol on erection.

Just like some ladies can have several glasses of beer and still be fine and some men can have a couple of bottles and remember how much the have in their wallet, there are some people who can’t go past one glass or bottle if they must retain their sanity and ability to function at that moment.

Once he has got a whiskey dick, that’s goodbye for the night

If a man becomes tipsy enough to have a whiskey dick, there is no point trying to get his “Winnie” to stand up and function because nothing you do can change the situation. You may just have to allow him sleep it off instead of burning all that energy trying to win an already lost battle.

The best way to understand alcohol and the Whiskey dick is to think of alcohol as a medication. Whenever you take a medication and you begin to notice its side effects, the best thing you may want to do is to sleep it off and allow the medication run its metabolic through your system so you can be stable again.

The timeline it’ll take for the metabolism to happen is different for every Individual but you must allow it happen if you want to be back to normal.

While it is termed a whiskey dick, any alcoholic beverage can cause problematic.

He could choose to drink a vodka, a few bottles of beer, some fireball shots, or some premixed margaritas. Regardless of what he chooses to drink, if he drinks enough of it there is no way he isn’t getting a whiskey dick.

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And as earlier stated, there is no specific amount of alcohol that works for every man, and the effect alcohol will have on you also depends on the situation

. The only way You can avoid a whiskey penis is to drink only a little or better still completely avoid drinking alcohol.

You shouldn’t take it personal

Sometimes you might want to blame yourself or try to see how you can be a supportive partner, the worse thing you can do is keep talking about it and making him feel bad as you try to help. Just wait the situation out instead of trying to help him get his penis up and working.

Twerking, giving him a blow job, rubbing his penis, or even having him watch porn just to remedy the case will only give the same result as trying to start a fire with a wet log.

Every man, regardless of how good he is in bed or how strong you think he is, can get a whiskey dick so do not feel it’s just your man.

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