What Is Sitophilia?


Sitophilia is sexual gratification or arousal that arises with food. It simply shows the relationship that exists between food and sex.

It is the creator’s plan that there should be that link existing between food and sexual behavior of individuals.

A form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food


These two are natural instincts to man, and they do interact at different levels, though there may not be enough scientific evidence to prove this relationship.

There are certain foods that can induce such sexual desire after consuming them. Certain foods are described as aphrodisiacs because when you consume them, they will arouse those sexual interests in you.

For instance, many people believe that there is such a relationship that exists between consumption of such food like chocolate and oysters with sexual desires.

Many cultures across the world firmly believed in this, but there may not be scientific knowledge that can prove or even disprove that assumption.

Whether there is empirical evidence to support that assumption, the most interesting thing is that you understand that there is a deep relationship that exists between food consumption, and sexual arousal and that is what sitophilia is all about.

This is not the only form of sexual behavior associated with eating. There are at least two others such as vorarephilia and deederism.

Another way to define sitophilia is a situation where sexual desire arose because of the situation created by the food situation. This can involve different kinds of situations in which food is involved.

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This can arise when one eats a particular food from one part of your body to the other part of the body. May people watching porn movies will observe stars licking chocolate mousse starting the naked partner’s breast.

There could also be a situation where one consumes a meal of a partner’s naked body. This practice is common in Japan when they consume such food like nyotaimori.

In addition, there are instances where one can use or consume a particular food to enhance his or her sexual desire. For instance, it is common for porn stars to suck lime before they start their oral sex. This is to create more sensibility when they begin to lick the genital organ of each other.

Furthermore, certain foodstuff can be used to enhance the sexual act. There is the belief that the use of certain foodstuff could facilitate genital lubrication. Some people can use olive oil to enhance genital lubrication.

Another use of food in genital behavior flagellation especially in sadomasochistic activity. People can throw an orange to the part of the body such as buttock and in some cultures, it equates as sexual humiliation and it can serve as punishment.

Furthermore, some men or women can resort to food withdrawal or reduce and control the quantity of food served to their partners as a way of forcing the partner to submit to their sexual desire. Control of eating habit and regulate food intake can in some cultures serve as sex play.

In addition to that, some individuals could restrain the hand of their submissive partner as a form of sex play. It is can serve as a form of erotic humiliation for sexually charged partners.

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Furthermore, in some places, food can serve as a masturbatory aid. For instance, male partners could decide to hollow foodstuffs like pumpkin, and from that, they will be able to stimulate sexual intercourse.

It could be a case of women partners utilizing food shaped like phallic to serve as a penis substitute. Items such as cucumbers are often used for that purpose.

Some partners do actually consume bodily fluids like sperm and that is when it has been blended with other food. An example of it is mashed potato. This is done as part of masturbation.

In the same way, some of them can take bodily fluids and this is part of another drink. For instance, some of them can add ice cubes composed of semen to colada pina. This can be fantastic counteracts of the sweetness of pineapple and saltiness of semen.

Certain foods can also be used to enhance sexual intercourse. For instance, people can split plum and this can be placed on the penis and put into the vagina.

It is put there to help to erect the penis. Some food can be used for sexual stimulation such as grapes which can be inserted in the rectum. Another type of food that can be inserted in the sexual organ includes the ginger and this can be inserted in the rectum.

Ginger is useful because of the erotic and stimulation features. It can be inserted to the urethra opening as well as the vagina and so on.

Type of sitophilia

There are different kinds of sitophilia. One of them is botulinonia. This involves the use of sausages for sexual intercourse. Others have already been mentioned in the analysis above such as cucumbers, butternut squash as well as carved out melons, aubergines as well as cucumbers.

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Sitophilic movies were shown in different parts of the world and books about them were produced. The most popular of such movies include American Pie and the lead character is Jim Levenstein. This movie shows the actor masturbating to a pie.

There is also the other movie known as the 91/2 weeks where the actors feed themselves with different kinds of food were used. There is also another book written by Philip Roth called Portnoy’s Complaint.

The food that they masturbate upon was later served as a dinner for the family. Perhaps the weirdest of such acts is the sitophilic acts and the movie titled branded to kill in the year 1967.

In the movie, the major character Caro Hamada had what is called had what is known as food fetish where they have great sexual intercourse.

There is also certain food that can mess up their food sexual act. Sitophilia can become part of the food play and activity.

Food is part of existence and it is also part of sexual intercourse. There is a great relationship between food and sex. Food play has become part of sex play. Food has a significant role in eroticism.

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