Some Valentine Sex Positions and Tips to Try

Valentine Sex

Yeah, Valentine’s Day may be the day everyone gets loved up, and that makes it easy to point out that you’re not with anybody. But, it’s also an excellent opportunity to access and truly appreciate what you do have.

To make it unique, distinct, romantic, super kinky, or maybe divine, use the holiday as an excuse to really concentrate on sex, like a slowed down conscious experience where you’re only really concentrated on how everything feels.

Whether it’s intercourse with your long-term lover, friends with benefits affair, a long-distance companion, a damn hand of your own, or some meaningless sexual encounter, think about what’s nice and enjoy what you’ve got, hard.

In this guide, we have covered all you can do to enjoy the best valentine’s day sex experience possible, whether you have a boo or you’re single.

Touch yourself a little

Who says valentine’s day sex has to be with someone? You can get the best fucks on your own with just a few bucks.

  • Phase 1: gently brush your vulva with a soothing oil or gel. (Rub the oil in for about 10 minutes if you use a lube with CBD so that it can quickly take impact, plus 10 minutes of rubbing that sweet lube in. It’s blissful.)
  • Phase 2: Womanizer clit vibe is quite important, but you probably never knew you wanted or even needed it. Now is the time to give that clit a good vibration after adding your lube.
  • Phase 3: Take a glass dildo or use a g-spot vibrator and slide it against your vaginal wall as much as you want.
  • Phase 4: Enjoy the experience as the greatest orgasm of your life awaits.
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What about simple and intense sex?

Face one another and wrap each other in your thighs. With penetration, you can do it (a double-headed dildo works too) or just rub lube hands on each other’s junk. Rock one another softly and look into the eyes of the other.

Say nothing, don’t even, just listen.

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom sex position

The Seated Wrap-Around, also known as the Lotus Blossom, allows you and your partner to hug each other, perfect for gazing into each other’s eyes romantically.

You can also go ahead and try this position without involving any penetration or even aiming for an intense orgasm. Making out is quite important and highly underrated. It serves as an incredible way to heighten connection and sexual arousal. So if you do end up moving the valentine sex toward orgasm, it’ll be even more pleasurable.

How to do it the lotus: When you are both sitting cross-legged, one party straddles the other party. When you face each other and hug, the top partner wraps his/her legs around the bottom partner. Via a sex toy or actual penis, the bottom partner joins the top partner vaginally.

Laptop sex position

Laptop sex position

If you are looking to have a unique valentine’s sex experience, here is a good one. A bit of versatility is involved in this one. The partner who penetrates with their penis or toy sits flat on the floor in a (sturdy!) chair with his or her feet, while the other partner sits facing them on their lap.

Place the backs of your knees on your partner’s shoulders and your calves and your feet on or above the back of your chair.

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To help retain your equilibrium, you may grab the neck of your partner; however, he or she should grip your lower back for support. A minor difference will be sitting on a countertop or table and leaning back on your hands if you need to feel more comfortable.

Chair sex for valentine

No need to tempt a ride to urgent care for X-rays if The Laptop feels beyond the boundaries of you or your partner’s coordination. Chair sex, even without mild acrobatics, is a nice way of experiencing new sensations.

How to do it: with his or her feet on the floor, one partner sits in the chair. The other partner straddles them, lowering themselves on the penis or toy (the straddler may put both hands on the shoulders of their partner to keep them secure while they get situated).

Then switch around to see what feels best by holding onto their shoulders, neck, chair, or nothing at all.

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