What is Vaginal Sex?

Vaginal Sex

Vaginal sex may seem like the most common type of sexual intercourse, but not everyone knows what it is. So, in this text, we seek to tell you all about vaginal sex and share tips on how to have the most orgasmic experience from this kind of sex.

Vaginal sex is any sexual act that involves the vaginal. It is not limited to penetration involving a penis as there are options such as oral sex, fingering, fisting, and so much more.

First things first, as with all other types of sex, it is very important that you and your sex partner feel relaxed and comfortable with each other and what you want to do. If you ever feel pressured to do anything, then it is certainly not advisable to go ahead with it.

Also, it is good to note that even though a good number of people enjoy it, not everyone likes to have vaginal or even include it to their sex life. Whether or not you are a fan of vaginal sex, it is fine.

Vaginal sex and pleasure for the vaginal owner

While it is not false that lots of women find vaginal sex very enjoyable, many do not orgasm through only vaginal sex. For many women, you may discover that there is a need for some kind of clitoral stimulation for them to reach orgasm.

This could be achieved either from rubbing the clitoris with a vibrator or even your fingers or sometimes through the ‘position’ you choose during sex.

Also, note that the clitoris is a lot larger than the part that is visible from the outside, so sometimes the feeling of pressure in the vagina can also stimulate a person’s clitoris as well. 

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If you have heard about the ‘G-spot’ then you possibly already know that it is inside the vagina and is one more area which can be pleasurable for some people when stimulated.

If you feel like vaginal sex is painful, then vaginal dryness may be one of the likely causes which is why some people use a lubricant to boost the natural fluids produced by the vagina and also to make sex more comfortable.

There are many types of lubricant available for you to choose from, and you can get them from some pharmacies, sexual health services and supermarkets in the same area where you would find condoms.

Some other causes of painful sex may include; not being properly aroused, allergies to latex condoms or spermicides, STIs, infections like thrush, and pelvic issues or other skin conditions. If you feel worried about anything, make sure that you speak to your nurse or doctor.

Vaginal sex and pleasure for him

Note that the penis is made up of nerves and tissue, and sexual sensation is often felt because of the signals sent by the nerves to the other parts of the body.

The penis has its head as the most sensitive area mainly because this holds the highest number of sensory nerves.

Nevertheless, this can vary from one person to another. Many people also report that their testicles are quite sensitive and they love to have them stimulated during sexual play.

The penis must first be erect before you can go ahead with vaginal sex, and this kind of arousal can be achieved via foreplay – cuddling, kissing and touching your partner.

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In vaginal sex, it is the movement that provides stimulation to a person’s penis. 

Also, a lot of men report that they reach orgasm faster through vaginal sex, although this will not happen always.

Tips on how to have great vaginal sex

Vaginal Sex

There is nothing difficult about having vaginal sex. However, it is important to only have sex when it is consensual.

Ensure that your partner is as interested as you are, then follow the steps below:

  • Set the mood: Sex works with mood, so the atmosphere must be conducive. Play some soft and sensual music, and introduce a little bit of red wine to the mix. Talk sexual, and be romantic if you both are in a romantic relationship.
  •  Foreplay is important: It is important to be well aroused before vaginal sex, to avoid bruising and discomfort. Because the vagina is self-lubricating, it is good to introduce some foreplay such as kissing, caressing sensitive parts of the body, and even stimulating the organs with your finger. With foreplay, there should be a lot of lubrication in no time, to make it easier for the penis to slide in.
  • Get lube: Not every woman still gets lubricated as much as is expected. There are several reasons for vaginal dryness, but using lube is a sure way to get all the wetness you need instantly.
  • Try the African silky kola syrup before sex: Nature has everything you need to make sex enjoyable, and the silky kola is one of those things. Get a bottle of silky kola and take a few licks before vaginal sex. What you can expect is a super slipper and enjoyable vaginal. Chances of having the best sex of your life while on a silky kola experience are quite high.
  • Don’t be too rough: Slow down, cowboy! Hitting like you are going to bore a hole isn’t close to a genius idea when it comes to having great vaginal sex. Take your time to explore her body and move at a pace that is comfortable for both of you.
  • Watch some porn: Ok, don’t judge me! It’s a good idea to learn a few things like new positions, and also get stimulated as you watch other people have sex. Watching porn together can be fun, but make sure you only opt for porn sites with great content.
  • Try oral sex: A lot of people enjoy oral sex better than other forms of sex. Also, eating pussy is healthy and a quick way to get her to climax.
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Have sex vaginal sex

Because there is almost no way sperm won’t come into contact with the vagina if you have sex without a condom, vaginal sex can easily lead to pregnancy.

There is also the risk of getting STIs if you have sex without a condom.

Ensure to always use a condom, and opt for the morning after pill if you feel like you may have some sperm inside the vagina. Above all, enjoy the experience!

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