Health Benefits of Eating Vaginal Discharge

Eating Vaginal Discharge

For many people, vaginal discharge is a sign that a woman is ready and willing to have sex. Vaginal fluid is a whitish fluid that comes from the vagina mostly for the purposes of lubrication.

For a man performing oral sex on a woman, the feeling is awesome for the subject. Oral sex is also awesome for people viewing the recorded tapes.

However, did you know that eating vaginal discharge could be health beneficial? Now you know.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of these benefits, therefore, giving you reasons why you should jump at the next available chance of performing oral sex.

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1. Eating vaginal discharge can prevent heart disease and cancer

According to research by the State University of New York students, they came up with the conclusion that eating vaginal fluid keeps you safe from heart diseases and some forms of cancer.

To elaborate further, hormones such as DHEA and Oxytocin are usually released during intercourse.

Also from research, these hormones play a huge role in preventing heart diseases and cancer. This means that by eating the vaginal fluid, you will be acquiring the hormones thereby keeping you safe from the named diseases.

2. Vaginal discharge plays a huge role in digestion

We all know that Probiotics are very effective when it comes to aiding indigestion.

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What you may not know is that vaginal discharge contains these Probiotics in large numbers therefore by eating them you will be putting yourself at a better place of having flowing digestion.

Doctors say that probiotics serve to balance the microorganisms around your gastrointestinal system.

3. Mood elevation

Feeling low? Try some vaginal fluid. Yes, you heard me right. According to continued researches, vaginal discharges have substances known as probiotics.

These substances are known to alleviate a person’s moods.

This means that apart from enjoying yourself during intercourse, you are actually freeing yourself from depression.

In addition, Medical Daily has also joined the bandwagon in supporting eating of vaginal discharge and they are greatly seconding the idea.

4. Improves the mental state and physical health of a person

Up until recently, I never thought that eating vaginal discharge has more benefits other than entertainment and pleasure.

What came as a shock to me is that the vaginal fluid has the ability to improve a person’s mental state and physical health.

According to studies, when a woman orgasms, she releases oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine all of which can be beneficial in reducing body pains.

Now you know that eating vaginal fluid is better than having a massage.

5. Is eating vaginal discharge healthy and safe?

With all other factors kept constant, having oral sex is health beneficial now that you can get all the above benefits just by eating vaginal fluid.

Also, oral sex is considered a low-risk way of contracting STDs meaning you do not have to worry about contracting diseases while in the process.

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How to get vaginal fluid?

Eating Vaginal Discharge

With the many benefits that it has, it is not all the time that your woman will secrete it. In that case, you must first get her in the mood for intercourse.

Give her peace of mind and ample time to organize herself. After that, caress her slowly while whispering in her ears. Show her some love and do not be in a hurry.

Once in the mood, go down her vagina and start licking the lips using your tongue. At this point, she should be showing signs of producing the fluid in large amounts.

If you have been shy of swallowing the fluid, now is the time to do so now that you know it is very health beneficial.

Just to cure your curiosity, vaginal discharge is alkaline in taste and has an odor that is not foul.

Ingesting the fluid has no known side effects and that should boost your confidence the next time you go down there.

When should you have oral sex?

There is no limit to the number of times that you should have sex. If anything, anytime that you are free and alone you are good to go. Vaginal discharge is like good food. There is no specific time for you to take it.


For many people, oral sex is mainly for entertainment and pleasure. However, there is more to it than that.

Scientists say that vaginal discharge possesses several benefits including preventing heart diseases, putting your body in its right physical state, curing depression, and improving the digestion system of a person amongst others.

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In that case, the next time you are tired, do not ask for a massage but rather ask for oral sex. It is beneficial for both you and her.

Moreover, there are no known side effects to eating vaginal discharge so you should go down on it with full force.

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