11 Types of Women’s Panties

Women's Panties

Women’s panties have long been recognized as an item of protective clothing for women’s sensitive body regions.

The majority of modern ladies from all over the world wear them. Also, mothers urge their daughters to wear panties for sanitary reasons.

Even though women’s panties are not visible to the public, they have their trend.

As a result, there are several patterns, styles, and types of women’s panties to select from and they include:

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1. French cut

French cut Women's Panties

Women’s panties with a french cut are commonly referred to as high cut or high brief underwear.

They sit at your waist as a traditional brief, but with leg openings that are higher up on your leg. You may show off more of your leg with french cut panties.

They look fantastic with high-waist trousers, joggers, and leggings. These women’s panties are also perfect for women with square-shaped bottoms.

French cuts are not the appropriate choice for you if you have a round or heart-shaped bottom. They may make you feel constricted and give you an elongated appearance.

Depending on your clothes, they may produce a panty line. They may also produce lumps and bulges beneath your clothing.

This underwear is popularly known as granny panties since it has an old-school vibe to it. They are comfortable underwear that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

French cut panties provide full coverage from the center to the lower stomach, hips, and bottom.

2. Cheeky

Cheeky Women's Panties

Cheeky panties are identical to bikini panties in that they will show off your bottom. Although they give more coverage than a thong, your bottom will show through.

They have a band around the hip that helps to prevent a panty line. These panties are well titled since they will flaunt around and thick butt cheeks.

This type of women’s panty has a flirty vibe to it, yet it can be worn beneath almost any outfit. This style may not be for you if you prefer not to let your butt cheeks falling out of your panties.

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They’re a nice addition to your collection and help to fill in the gaps in your underwear drawer.

3. Bikini

Bikini panties are comparable to briefs, except they’re a little shorter. They are shorter than briefs and feature a lower rise.

The leg opening has also been increased. Beach-goers and outdoor swimmers mostly wear this type of women’s panty.

Many women like bikinis because they don’t up like a thong. Even though they give less coverage than briefs, they provide adequate coverage for your lower half.

A bikini panty is also available to provide a better balance between a bikini and a brief panty. A bikini panty is a wonderful alternative to a thong since it may be worn under any type of clothes.

They’re great for wearing while relaxing at home, beneath jeans, or with dresses and skirts. Bikinis are one of the most adaptable underwear choices available.

They are perfect for someone with square-shaped hips. They also look great on women who have a heart-shaped or a-shaped bottom.

4. Thongs

Thongs Women's Panties

A thong is either adored or despised. Some ladies will not even try them on, while others will not wear anything else.

Thong panty features a strip of material in the back to prevent panty lines from showing through your clothes.

A small strip of cloth that fits along the hips is sometimes included in a thong. If there are no bumps around the edges of the thong, it will stay flat and no one will see the lines.

Thongs are excellent for when wearing tight clothing. A thong is frequently regarded to be a seductive underwear option.

If you do decide to wear them, make sure the crotch is cotton and the thong isn’t too tight so it doesn’t hurt your skin.

A thong may ride up on you at first, but the more you wear them and get used to how they feel, the more comfortable they become.

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They’re perfect when worn with tight clothing like a body-con dress, wrap-around dress, or leggings.

Thongs are perfect for women with pronounced square-shaped hips.

5. Boyshort


This women’s panties is a women’s version of the boxer brief for men. They have a more rectangular shape and give the most leg coverage of all the underwear options.

They are ideal for loose skirts, jeans, and loungewear. If your skirt or dress happens to fly up on a windy day, this underwear will give you the most protection and coverage.

You could even choose to wear these around the house by yourself.

Boyshorts may be a good option if you plan to do a significant amount of walking. They will not hurt your skin because the short’s material rubs on each other, and not on your skin.

They can absorb some sweat and also help avoid rashes.

Boyshorts are similar to men’s briefs because they give the most comfort and security of any type of women’s panties.

They’re also perfect for people who have square or heart-shaped bottoms. Ladies with v-shaped bottoms or sagging bottoms can also find comfort in wearing them.

6. Briefs

Briefs Women underwear

It’s no news that briefs existed before boyshorts. They used to be the ideal option for maximum coverage.

Many women prefer them because they provide adequate covering for ladies and are available in a variety of styles, including high waist and high leg.

7. Hipster

Hipster Women underwear

While the term “hipster” may imply someone who follows the newest fashion trends, it relates to where these panties sit, on the body.

This type of women’s panties sits just below the natural waistline directly on the hips. They generally have larger fabric panels and additional coverage for your hips.

These women’s panties are often referred to as hipster briefs. Since the leg holes are smaller, there is less room for the bottom of your butt cheek to bulge.

Low-rise jeans and other pant designs pair well with the hipster panty style.

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8. High rise

High rise Women underwear

High-rise underwear provides coverage that extends upward, ensuring that your entire stomach is covered.

These are a wonderful alternative if you don’t like the feeling of your underwear pressing into your tummy.

9. Mid-rise

Mid-rise Women underwear

While mid-rise panty is quite similar to high-rise, it also has a hipster vibe to it. They offer more coverage than a hipster but less than a high brief.

This type of women’s panties is designed to sit below the navel.

Many ladies consider mid-rise underwear to be a good compromise between the two. They are suitable for everyday use and go nicely with skirts and jeans.

Women with square-shaped bottoms will love these underpants.

10. G-string

G-string Women underwear
Image credit: Lulu Lingerie

Thong panties and g-string panties are quite similar. This design provides the least amount of coverage available in underwear.

They feature a modest rise in the front and a very thin thong in the rear. While they make some ladies quite uncomfortable, they are adored by others.

It’s important to obtain the right fit so they’re more comfortable. This might be a type of women’s panty that is better suited with lingerie and is worn for a short period.

11. Seamless

Seamless Women underwear

Seamless panties are designed to blend in with your clothing. They are not seamless panties if they can be seen.

This type of women’s panty is designed to be hidden behind your clothes, eliminating the need for a panty line.

They are available in a variety of styles, including bikini, hipster, boy shorts, and the classic brief.

Seamless underwear may be worn with any type of clothing, although it is recommended that you do so, especially with tighter clothes.

This is a universal design, so no matter what sort of bottom or body shape you have, they will fit you perfectly and no panty line will be visible.

Women’s panties don’t only come in different colors and styles, they are also designed in sizes. No matter your body size and preference, you can be sure to find your spec.

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