Here Are 10 Right Ways to Finger a Lady

Finger a Lady

Making a woman feel maximum pleasure during sex doesn’t necessarily mean running into her vagina like a truck with a failed break.

This is where a lot of guys get it wrong and end up putting in too much energy that would yield little or no result. Do you want to be a pleaser ?? You need to learn the basics.

How much do you know about a woman’s body and mood? If you know just a thing or two, there’s a lot more you should learn so that the next time you have a vagina to satisfy, you would be super confident about your abilities.

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1. Every vagina is different

The same way the faces of all the females you have had sex with are different so does their vaginas. No two women have the same pleasure spot, so you have to figure out what, where and how to touch your lady correctly.

You probably just went in straight with your fingers the last time, and your female partner wouldn’t stop screaming your name, it would be an error to assume that your new girlfriend would react the same way.

So, the bottom line is to take your time and gently try to understand her body by engaging in foreplay and asking critical questions in the most sexual way possible.

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2. Take care of your fingers

You do not intend sticking those long and sharp fingernails of yours into the lady’s vagina, do you? You shouldn’t do that.

The vagina might be able to push out a big baby and receive some tough banging during sex, but it still is s very delicate region and can easily be injured and infected.

Make sure your nails are correctly cut and rounded, your hands are neatly washed, and then you are ready for the kill.

3. Be patient

We know that you aim to make your lady reach orgasm, but you have to take it easy on yourself. Do not be anxious and have it at the back of your mind that for some ladies it is easy for you to take them to mars and back, for others; it takes longer.

Once you have decided to be patient, fingering becomes both enjoyable for you, and your partner because you know nothing good comes easy (I meant to say that).

4. Get some lube

Oh yes, you need to have a bottle of lubricant with you, so you go bruising people’s daughters and causing them to have a hard time peeing because of the sting from the injury.

Sometimes, you might skip the foreplay and want to go all in, but you do realize that it’s the foreplay that gets a lady naturally wet so when you skip foreplay you need to apply some lube.

For cases where the lady dries out after some minutes of fingering you need to help yourself with some lubrication if your aim is really to get her to the mind-blowing city of orgasm.

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Besides, if you decide to stick your penis into her vagina much later, the content of your little bottle might come in handy.

5. Have her show you how to

When you are sick, nobody explains the symptoms you experience to your doctor better than you. Same goes for finding the G spot.

The owner of the vagina knows where you need to touch and how you should touch it to satisfy her.

Some ladies masturbate, so it’s easy for them to teach you how they feel themselves until they come. Try to talk your woman into guiding your hand to the right spot.

6. Foreplay

The importance of foreplay can never be overemphasized. Without getting your woman adequately aroused nothing can be achieved. Play with her body. Kiss excellent points and tease her till she begins to show signs of wanting you.

A horny woman is your best friend if you’re going to enjoy fingering so make sure to get her to that point. If you like the sound of a moaning woman (everyone does), foreplay before fingering is the switch that turns on the music early.

7. Pay attention to how she reacts

When you stick your fingers in and move them around the vagina, make sure to pay attention to her bodily reactions. If you touch a spot and she moans louder focus on it and sees where it takes her.

When you do a technique she likes, her reaction ticks it, and it becomes more comfortable for you to reach your goal in a shorter time.

Sometimes guys do not pay enough attention, so they miss the signs and have the ladies running away from them after the first experience.

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If you do not focus, how will you know when you are getting it right or hurting your partner with your fingers?

8. The clitoris is your friend

A woman’s clitoris is the pleasure spot, and it’s easy to find. Because the clitoris houses thousands of nerve receptors, it is the perfect point to target at the beginning of your journey.

Gently rubbing on the clitoris will give a woman more pleasure than putting your entire fist inside her vagina.

When a lady’s clitoris is stimulated, her vagina gets lubricated faster, and she begins to anticipate penetration which is good news for your fingers.

9. Find the G spot

Did you know a lady could squirt from being fingered the right way? Well, now you know. And it is achievable if you take your time to surf the vagina till you find the G spot and stimulate it till you get the desired result.

The G spot is somewhere on the upper part of the vagina. As you navigate with your finger, watch out for a sponge-like feeling on the topside, once you find it, rub on it gently but consistently and see how the magic happens.

10. You have five fingers on each hand

You could have had any number of fingers from one to four, but you have five. Switch fingers. Do not bore yourself and your lady by sticking to the use of one finger throughout.

The thumb works excellent for touching the clitoris; the index is terrific for navigating the vagina and rubbing on the G-spot.

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