7 Best Standing Sex Positions to Try

Standing Sex Positions

Sex is more appealing when you do it in various ways and in many different places altogether. The best way to achieve his is by random sex, and this can only be done when having standing sex.

Depending on when the craving strike is in a public bathroom, your corridor, or you want to spice your bedroom life standing sex positions come in very handy.

There are so many ways to go about this and still have the time of your life.

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1. Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer

This is very well performed when both of the partners are really flexible. It is achieved by standing on one foot and facing each other, and your companion locks the other leg around your waist while supporting your body.

The best way to get maximum penetration is when one partner raises the leg to reach the other partner’s shoulder, as this will generate a much deeper penetration and a lot of satisfaction.

This standing position is great because it allows for much more quality and face-to-face intimacy and is very appropriate in a very tight space where there is no room because your bodies are very close together.

2. Wheelbarrow


A very nice way to achieve a memorable experience is by this standing style. This is when your partner picks you up by the pelvis while you get on your hands and feet.

While at it, you should grip your partner’s waist with your thigh. When you want to give your arm a little break, you should rest on a table or the side of the bed.

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It is one of the greatest ways to have sex while at the same time giving your arm some workout. It is one of the ways that will make sure your G-spot is reached quite easily because of the deeper penetration.

3. Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

As the name suggests, this standing sex position surely delivers the result needed. The way to go about it is by, of course, both partners standing while one should be facing away hen bend over at your waist and let your partner have the pleasure of entering you from behind.

This is one of the best positions for your partner to bring the hand and stimulate your clitoris while working on you.

You can have some more fun by allowing your partner to tie your hands behind your back while doing his thing; this will give you no control over your body but a lot of pleasure.

4. Upstanding Citizen

Upstanding Citizen

This standing sex position is done by first both partners standing while facing each other at this point; one partner should straddle the other and wrap the legs around the body and let go allowing your partner to support you using their arms.

Try in different places depending on where you find fit to have fun, but beginners should try starting on the bed before becoming too adventurous.

It is another great standing sex position because the position of the partner’s pelvis will play a very big role in stimulating your clitoris while they are also inside you.

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What a superb way to create one of those hot movies scenes that you have been watching and fantasizing about.

Standing Sex Positions

5. Corkscrew


The corkscrew sex position can be done either on the bed or a bench by getting near the edge and resting on one side of your body at the same time pressing your thighs together while your partner stands behind you and straddling your body.

This will give them full access to enter you from behind which you will not want them to stop.

Because your legs are kept tight together, the whole experience is just amazing for both partners as it is not only very tight but a lot of pleasure.

6. Table Top

Table Top

Performed when you allow your partner to enter you while sitting or lying at the edge of any surface almost at the crotch height, be it in the table, bed, or counter.

The best way to achieve this is by bringing your legs down toward the partner’s chest in front of the shoulder, and they should let you control the thrusting.

This position is the best standing position, especially when both partners are of different heights, as it actually brings the two of you to almost the height for a proper face-to-face intimacy.

7. Standing Oral

Standing Oral

Standing oral can be achieved by both partners working together. One partner should be kneeling in front of the other while the other is standing at the same time performing oral from the same position.

This position can also be switched. It is one of the greatest ways to mix the standing sex position and is ideal for quickie sex.

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