What Is Squirting?


If you were to describe squirting, you would probably put in words what you have seen in adult magazines or pornographic videos.

What you have pictured all this years to be female ejaculation is a gush of clear fluid from a woman’s vagina when she reaches orgasm (even though some of those you see in adult movies are enacted).

Men how see a lot of these adult films have come to believe that this gush of liquid is proof of pleasure and orgasm. But is that really what it is?

What exactly is the big gush?

The gush of clear liquid from the vulva during sex is known as squirting. Though it is more dramatic than the male ejaculation, it is what happens when some females ejaculate and it is very satisfying.

This orgasmic response is one that a lot of women shrive to achieve and a lot of men struggle to make their woman achieve.

However, not everyone can squirt and that’s OK. The desire of people to experience squirting has become more intense over the past two decades that special squirting classes for women who desire to learn are available both online and offline.

But what exactly are these people learning? If you pay a close attention to any of the squirting tutorial videos available on YouTube, you would notice significant pressure is put on the area of the G-spot which is above the erectile tissue as well as a few lessons on how to contract and release the pelvic floor muscles while you are bearing down.

There is an angle between the urethra and bladder and the idea behind the two actions earlier mentioned is to flatten out that angle and make it difficult for the lady to hold in urine.

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However, one important thing to know is that squirt is not urine.

IF it’s not pee, what is it?

There has been question about the true composition of the liquid that gushes out during squirting, while most people have concluded that it is pee because it comes from the bladder but that is far from accurate.

According to several researches documented in materials available across the web, it had been discovered that squirt is a collection of liquids, electrolytes and sugars that contain only a tiny trace of pee.

The amount of pee in squirt is about 5% and it just doesn’t make sense for sexual pleasure which is enjoyable to trigger the release of waste.

To prove that squirt is not pee, scientists have carried out a blue dye test with the two liquids and the pee changed colour while squirt remained the same.

There might be a few women who just feel like peeing during sex but that’s just gross and I wouldn’t want to believe that a living organism can force itself to release waste when the urge isn’t there.

Wait, if it is clear liquid, then that isn’t anything like the male ejaculation. That is true, male ejaculation is usually creamy white and thick most of the time.

Well, female ejaculation is similar is colour. Female ejaculate is a thick creamy fluid that is secreted from the gland found inside the erectile tissue.

When this creamy fluid is released during sex, it could get mixed up with the natural lubricating liquid and also whatever semen is released into the vagina so it is often difficult to identify it the same way it was when it was secreted.

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However, the liquid collected from the vagina can be tested carefully in the laboratory and you will discover that female ejaculation ( which is not squirt) has no trace of any of the components of urine.

That explains why some women have reached orgasm several times without squirting. Not every lady can squirt.

Is squirting really pleasurable?

For ladies who have had the experience of squirting, the answer is yes. However, squirting is not one of those pleasures that comes naturally to people with a vagina. It requires practice and that explains why there are lessons and workshops that teach ladies how to squirt.

According to Dr. Britton, “if there is very deep stimulation of the G-spot region, and the person is highly aroused, then it can create the effect of the release and the emanation of the fluid to the urethra,” and we know how pleasurable any form of vagina stimulation can be as well as how the g-spot area has some nerve endings so the gush should be something to be happy about.

To find out if you can squirt, try it at home with a curved sex toy. Once you become aroused, stick your fingers into your vagina and feel for a ribbed area on the top of the vaginal wall just a few inches from the vagina opening.

Once you find the spot rub on it in a back and forth motion and notice as the tissue gradually gets hard and easier to feel. Keep rubbing on it and enjoy the sensation till you feel like a combo of orgasm rush and the urge to pee and allow yourself go till you start squirting.

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The force of the rush depends on the strength of the pelvic floor muscle which will contract before or during orgasm. Sometimes, you squirt during orgasm, other times you squirt without orgasm so it can get a little confusing if you are trying to keep tracks of your orgasms.

There are several barriers to experiencing free flow of squirt. One is the thought of inadequacy because it has never happened and you become to frustrated to keep trying, another is the fear of getting the bed wet, not pair of people have the same kind of vagina so not ever one will ever have the pleasure of experiencing the rush.

But sadly, some women have made squirting a thing of superiority over their counterparts who can’t squirt because it is a quantifiable sexual experience.

Squirting shouldn’t be about trying to put on a show and joining the league of successful squirters. It should be more about enjoying the sex and establishing a connection with your partner that allows you to let yourself go in fill confidence.

Make sure that every sex in about pleasure and bonding for you so that when the squirt comes, you know it was worth it.

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