10 Shower Masturbation Tricks

Shower Masturbation

Masturbation has become widely accepted now than ever before. Give are the days when people thought one had to be possessed by a demon to masturbate.

If you are all about exploring your body and finding new ways to enjoy sex, you may find out tips for masturbating in the shower very useful.

You are encouraged to read more and try out your favorite tips when next you take a shower.

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1. Play with the water temperature

Have you ever heard of shower temperature play? It is one thing you definitely need to try in the shower. Run a warm shower as you gently press your frontside against the very cold bathroom wall while you touch yourself.

This may seem very simple to do, but the reward is so intense, you may get addicted. Let your clitoris enjoy and respond to the cold sensations of the wall as well as the steamy hot water in succession.

2. Get your grind on

Sit back comfortable against the side of the bathtub, and slather your hand in your favorite silicone lube such as Astroglide X Silicone Liquid.

Ensure that you use a little more than you would generally apply, as you do not need to worry about cleaning the mess. Press all five of your fingers along the length of your vagina lips, then pull up at least an inch or two before you slide back down.

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Next, go on to press against your hand using your hips, allowing your fingers to up the speed of grinding as you enjoy your heightened arousal.

3. Invest in a suction dildo

This is a useful shower toy that comes with a suction cup nicely fitted on the back of it that anyone can attach to the wall or the surface of the tub. The fun part is that you can easily adjust anything from the height, angle, rhythm, and even the depth to meet your needs.

You can find many pleasures products like this online and in sex toy shops.

Shower Masturbation

4. Try a waterproof vibrator

If you can thinking of taking toys into the shower, then you must consider investing your funds into waterproof toys. There are so many waterproof sex toys out in the market, especially in 2020.search for your preferred one and enjoy the pleasure.

5. Try the “thumbs up.”

You can slather your thumb in your favorite silicone lube and then twirl it inside of your vagina as the water streams down over your clit and nipples. The shallow penetration isn’t the same as using toys, but it may be exactly what you need to take your body over the top.

6. Read a sexy story

No, we agree that you can’t take your laptop in the bathroom with you for a shower, but you can decide to go old school using your erotica. Once you are in the mood, you can toss the book at a corner and enjoy yourself till you’ve had your fill.

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7. Do your Kegels

Some women find that by doing their Kegels (contracting the pelvic floor muscles) for one or two minute they get all riled up due to the increased circulation to the lady parts. If this works for you, then take advantage of it in the shower when it’s time for sex.

8. Take a seat

Just like during real sex, it can be helpful to change positions when you masturbate. While some women have found that standing is an exciting way to mix things up, you may be even luckier to orgasm from a more relaxed and seated position.

Try to take a seat on the base of the bath or even on the side of your tub. Besides, there’s no inappropriate way to masturbate!

9. Turn the lights down low

Do you know how lighting can set the mood for real sex? Well, the same is possible with masturbation. Set the mood so that you can enjoy a good time.

10. Try taking a bath

There is only one thing hotter than shower masturbation, and that’s a Bath masturbation. If you are the type of person who reallyyyyy must relax in order to get in the right mood for sex, a bath may just be what you need to get your O to the next level.

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