20 Sexually Enlightening Movies to Watch

Sexually Enlightening Movies

Because we are mostly moved by what we see than what we hear, many of us don’t mind including sexually enlightening movies on our arousal menu.

Some movies seek to explore every theme and concept of sex and sexuality. Many of these sexually enlightening movies are produced not only to arouse but to educate and entertain.

While some people may see this movie genre as provocative or offensive, many consider them as true classics.

We can only consider the names of film directors like Malle, Bunuel, Kubrick, and Bogdanovich, in order to understand how relevant this theme is to the filmmakers across many generations.

The list below is a collection of a comprehensive cross-section of sexually enlightening movies. If your interest shifts towards seeing them, then, by all means, share the view with your partner or have your sex toys nearby!

Table of Contents

1. Belle de Jour

Theme:  Prostitution and Unfulfilled sexuality

With her ferocious sex needs, Katherine Deneuve finds that her husband has grown tired and frustrated with her “vanilla” sex drive. In order to make up for her unquenched desires, she begins to manipulate her uncharted sordid side during his absence.

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2. The Graduate

Theme: Older woman

It not only features one of cinema’s most memorable lines- ”Why, Mrs. Robinson…are you trying to seduce me?”- “The Graduate” also delves into the old nature of a mature temptress and the youthful, disoriented boy toy. This See the early and genuinely unforgettable performance of Dustin Hoffman.

3. Boogie Nights

Theme: The pornography business

Boogie Nights is an American film by Paul Thomas Anderson written in 1997. It is centered in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley and revolves around a young dishwasher that works at a nightclub. He earns a spot as a pornography star that chronicles his growth in the Golden Age of Pornography of the 1970s and his decline in the 1980s.

4. Lolita

Theme: The younger woman

This movie features a man’s infatuation with a teen girl.

5. The Last Picture Show

Theme: Coming of age

Sex and sexuality are nowhere and no time in your life more important than in the years preceding adulthood. A community of young people in a small American town cater to their sexual interests and passions.

6. American Beauty

Theme: Obsession

A man who was trying to figure life out has his eyes on his daughter’s friend. Ultimately, this one-sided affection throws a series of dramatic blows when she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. American Beauty also touched on some aspects of homophobia and homosexuality.

7. Last Tango in Paris

Theme: Sexual cruelty and sexual anonymity

This sexually enlightening movie has two folks, at the first meeting, agreeing they would keep their identities hidden from each other. Potential viewers should know that Last Tango in Paris features a violent sex scene.

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8. Blue is the Warmest Color

Theme: Lesbian coming of age

This beautifully crafted movie addresses the sexual identity issue, as two girls from high school fall deeply in love with each other. It’s the closest thing that this decade witnessed to perfection.

9. Heavenly Creatures

Theme: Lesbian obsession

This film explores the darker side of a lesbian relationship, with a young Kate Winslet performing the neighbor’s seducer.

10. Fifty Shades of Gray

Theme: BDSM

This movie is all too recent and has won the attention of movie fans who know a thing or two about BDSM. Viewers can enjoy a bit of wealth and class displayed by Christian Gray as he initiated a young reporter into his world of wild sex.

11. Brokeback Mountain

Theme: Gay relationships

The growing bond between two rugged cowboys is genuinely heartwarming. It shows that homosexuality is not limited to urban settings.

12. The Crying Game

Theme: Confronting sexuality

This movie is seemingly a thriller that circles the IRA and an arranged attack on London. In the middle of the chaos, a young woman’s affection rests in the protagonist’s hands.

13. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Theme: The Swinging lifestyle

Based on the golden age of love expressed freely, this film examines the unique and emotional problems with great sensitivity. Problems triggered by a couple’s need to explore sexually.

14. The Seven Year Itch

Theme: Adultery

The Seven Year Itch features an impeccable performance by Marilyn Monroe. This captivating movie focuses on how deep sexual obsession can go.

15. Turn Me On, Dammit!

Theme: Female sexuality

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Viewers that have gotten tired of seeing the same story-line that gives too much power to men can try something different with this movie. This masterpiece projects dominance through sexuality.

16. Kids

Theme: STD

This movie portrays a captivating angle of how young people’s lives are affected by sexually transmitted diseases.

17. Sex and the city

Theme: Present-day female sexuality

While everyone may not be rocking this boat, this movie takes us on a ride on how sex and sexuality are in the city of New York.

18. My Own Private Idaho

Theme: Homosexual relationships

This an earlier work by Keanu Reeves. A pair of homosexual friends journey across the U.S. in pursuit of a family member.

19. Murmur of the Heart

Theme: Young male sexuality and the oedipal complex

The eccentric tale of a 14-year-old lad confronted by his sexuality. This movie packs a load of emotions and exciting dialogs.

20. Shadows

Theme: Interracial relationships

Produced in the glitz and vibrancy of the ’50s, Cassavetes’ solid masterpiece is a marvelous cinema piece that addresses sex, romance, and relationships between people from a different race.

For whatever reasons you may want to see any of these sexually enlightening movies, make sure you keep your mind open.

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