Sex After Vasectomy: All You Should Know


Whenever the topic of vasectomy is raised women are excited. For decades the role of family planning has been left solely to the women especially because most methods of family planning are designed specifically for women.

However, with the entrance of vasectomy as a medium of birth control for men, women are beginning to feel a sense of relief as a vasectomy is many times safer than many female methods of birth control.

What to expect from sex after a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a small surgical procedure performed on the tubes (vas deferens) that passes sperm into your semen during ejaculation. Getting a vasectomy done means you will be unable to impregnate your partner.

Vasectomy has been revealed to have almost a 100 per cent success rate, and that makes it one of the effective method of birth control available.

For a short period after the procedure, you may have to abstain from any form of sexual activity, but there is no long-term effect on your sexual function that should make you worried.

As you read further, you will learn all there is to know about what you should expect from your sex life after a vasectomy.

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How soon can I have sex after a vasectomy?

Two incisions will be made during the vasectomy, and you need to allow them to heal after the vasectomy. There are also cases where you might have stitches in your scrotum.

In general, you are expected to wait till you don’t feel any form of swelling or pain around the surgery site before to go ahead to engage in sexual activities. This necessary wait may take a week or more after the procedure, depending on how fast you heal.

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If you have sex immediately after the surgery, you could reopen the incisions and allow bacteria to find their way in which could cause an infection. Never assume a condom is a way to convert the injury site because condoms do not reach as far as the area where the incisions are made.

Does sex after Vasectomy hurt?

After the vasectomy procedure, you may experience soreness since bruising around your scrotum, mild pain, swelling in your genital area and scrotum, and also blood clot in your scrotum. These symptoms mentioned can either last a few days or even a few weeks.

Because sexual activities involve plenty of movement and impact, the pain, swelling, or soreness you are experiencing may increase, and that will prolong your discomfort.

Once the incision heals and your symptoms subside, you should be able to have sex without irritating the surgery spot.

How long do I need to worry about conception?

Your doctor will inform you that it would take a while before you become sterile because sperm will still be present in your settlement semen a few months after the procedure. You must have about twenty or more ejaculations before your semen can be completely free of sperm.

Six to eight weeks after your vasectomy, the doctor will have to take a small sample of your semen for examination to determine the amount of sperm you have left in your semen. If your semen is free of sperm already, your doctor will inform you.

However, if your doctor says you so have sperm in your semen, then you and your partner will have to use protection during sex to prevent pregnancy for some more time.

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Condoms, medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera) shots, and female birth control pills can be used for protection till the effect of the vasectomy becomes permanent.

Will a vasectomy have an impact on my sex drive?

There is no known connection between the amount of sperm in a person’s semen and that person’s sex drive so a vasectomy shouldn’t affect your drive for sex in any way.

However, things like worrying about the expenses of having an unwanted baby, and the responsibility that comes with caring for that baby, as well as spending money on other methods of birth control can affect a person’s mental health.

You may notice that after the effect of your vasectomy kicks in, you will become more excited about engaging in sexual activities without worrying about using a condom or getting your wife pregnant.

Some research has even claimed that there is a high chance of your sex drive increasing after you have had a vasectomy.

Will I be able to have and maintain an erection after a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is not connected in any way with the hormones, premier structure, or bodily processes that are responsible for giving you an erection and helping you maintain it. If you had issues having and maintaining an erection before your vasectomy surgery, then do not expect that the operation will correct it.

However, if you could easily have and maintain an erection before you had a vasectomy done, then that will not change after the procedure. In other words, you have nothing to fear as everything will remain intact and functioning afterwards.

However, if you notice any kind of negative effect on your erection after your vasectomy procedure, please do not hesitate to report to your doctor. There is a chance that complication of the surgery or some other underlying condition might be responsible for the problem you are having with your erection.

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Will ejaculation feel different after a vasectomy?

Even though the supply of sperm to your semen will be interrupted permanently, there will be no noticeable change in the texture of your semen; it’s quality or its quantity.

Nevertheless, your first few ejaculations after the vasectomy procedure might be uncomfortable and this discomfort is expected to reduce and disappear completely over time. If after a few months you still notice that ejaculation is uncomfortable then you should let your doctor know soon enough.

Although it is quite uncommon, post-vasectomy pain syndrome may be as a result of the buildup of sperm in the vas deferens or nerve damage. After your doctor examines you saying finds out what the cause of your discomfort is, he or she can advise you on the necessary steps to take.

In conclusion, a vasectomy is completely safe, and the chances of having a complication are very low, but just like every other surgery, there is the possibility of a complication.

The procedure only takes a few minutes and can be done in your doctor’s office. However, though many people have claimed it is a painless procedure, the doctor will make sure to administer local anaesthesia to numb the area so you that you do not flinch during the process.

Please note that thought vasectomy is a birth control method, it is not a preventive measure against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. See your doctor is after two weeks of the procedure you experience any kind of Swelling, pain, or discomfort.

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