Sex Terms Beginning With Q

Sex Terms Beginning With Q

The best sex terms begining with Q are not too hard to find and, for some, even easier to master. Quarters, quims, quiffers, quimst, quiffers, qiuzers, quimquartz, quimper… we’re running out of words to describe the female genitals.

These words might seem odd, but they’re derived from the Old English words cweam, which means “cream”, and quean, which means “bitch”. That’s right, women’s vaginas are referred to as cream-filled bitches. Wait, what?

To begin with, Q is a letter of the alphabet and an appropriate letter for the topic of this blog. This is most true when you think of the word “quivering”, which has a sexual connotation.

Then you have the word “queen”. This can be used in the context of a sexual position or as a term of endearment. There are also many different Q words that have to do with sex, and here are some.

Sex terms beginning with the letter Q

  • Q.T. cutie
  • Quaalude of the ’90s, the
  • quack
  • Quad
  • quadroon
  • quaedam
  • quail
  • quail hunter
  • quail hunting
  • quail-pipe
  • quaint
  • qualifying in the testicular time trial
  • quandong
  • quarry
  • quean
  • quebrachine
  • queeb
  • queef
  • Queef
  • queen
  • queen bee
  • queen bees
  • queen for a day
  • Queen Mary
  • Queen of Hearts
  • queen of holes
  • Queen of Scotch
  • Queen of Sheba
  • Queen of Spades
  • queen on a broomstick
  • queen triad
  • queener
  • queenie
  • queenies
  • Queening Chair
  • queen’s Christmas
  • queen’s gilded cage
  • queen’s tanks
  • queen’s vernacular
  • queen-size(d)
  • queer
  • Queer
  • queer as a football bat
  • queer as a nine bob note
  • queer as a nine-dollar bill
  • queer as a square egg
  • queer as a three-dollar bill
  • queer bird
  • queer bitch
  • queer cove
  • queer fellow
  • queer fish
  • Queer Goggles
  • queer hanky code
  • queer mort
  • queer peepers
  • queer queen
  • queer street
  • queerie
  • Queerphobia
  • Queerplatonic Relationship (QPR)
  • queervert
  • quelch
  • questionable resort
  • Questioning
  • queynte
  • Qui dormit, non peccat
  • quick
  • quick in-and-out job, a
  • quick on the pickup
  • quick one
  • quick piece (of ass)
  • quick push
  • quick sex
  • quick trick
  • quickening peg
  • quickie
  • Quickie
  • quickie station
  • quicksand
  • Quicktime sex
  • quicunque vult
  • quid
  • quiet mouse
  • quiff
  • quiff hunter
  • quiffing
  • quiff-splitter
  • quim
  • quim bush
  • quim wig
  • quimming
  • quim-stake
  • quim-stick
  • quim-sticker
  • quim-sticking
  • quim-wedge
  • quim-wedging
  • quim-whiskers
  • Quirt
  • quit the single state
  • quiver
  • quoit
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Why should I know sex words starting with the letter Q?

This isn’t an exhaustive list of sex words beginning with the letter Q, but it is a wonderful way to start building up your sex vocabulary. Besides, it’s always a brilliant idea to use fancy words when you want to warm up the mood.

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