14 Must Try Sex Positions for Deeper Penetration

Clitoral Stimulation

In the emotional context, it can be mind-blowing to look into each other’s eyes and synchronize your breath for deep, passionate sex. But what if you’re trying to go deep, literally?

That can be hot as long as your partner is on board, too.

Here are the 11 best penetrating sexual positions for something deep when you’re both in the mood.

Table of Contents

1. Face-off

  • How to have it done: She sits in your lap, facing you, as you sit down.
  • Why It’s Working: She is more open to getting anything you have to give because her legs are spread wider here.
  • Perks: She is able to control the speed from here and just how far she wants you to go.

2. Cowgirl’s Helper

Cowgirl's Helper Sex Position
  • How to have it done: She’s on top, like a cowgirl, pushing away from you as you lay back. The twist here is that your hands are supporting you. You will support her weight by supporting her hips or thighs and will rise to meet her thrusts.
  • Why It’s Working: This gives her some excellent G-spot stimulation, and, depending on her thrusts, she can go as far as she wants.
  • Perks: Nice vision and she gets the ability to conquer.

3. Flatiron

Flatiron sex position
  • How to have it done: With her hips slightly raised (try to stick a pillow under them), she lies face down and her legs straight, slightly spread out.
  • Why It’s Working: The raised hips deliver a low entry barrier.
  • Perks: This one gives her great stimulation of the G-spot.
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4. Cowgirl

  • How to have it done: When you lay back, she’s on top. She’s pulling your chest down, and she’s slipping against your thighs.
  • Why It’s Working: She can spread her legs wider from here for a deeper entry.
  • Perks: This move offers stimulation of the G-spot and clitoral, meaning she’s twice as likely to get off.

5. Doggy

frisky doggy sex position
  • How to have it done: Kneel straight behind her as she’s on her knees and hands.
  • Why It’s Working: The angle of this location provides deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.
  • Perks: Your hands are free to stimulate or engage in a little nipple action to raise her clitoris.

6. Missionary

Missionary sex position
  • How to have it done: Lay on top of her as she lies on her back, face to face.
  • Why It’s Working: For a cause, it’s a classic that gives you both intense stimulation, coupled with intimacy.
  • Perks: There’s plenty of eye contact and face time to make it happen.

7. The Caboose

Caboose sex position
  • How to have it done: You’re still sitting. She’s back in your lap, facing you off.
  • Why It’s Working: Since this is obviously not your go-to place, it’s going to feel like an entirely new world. The novelty will make the penetration sound deeper than it really is.
  • Perks: For The 7 Sexiest Things You Can Do With Your Hands, Your Hands are yours.

8. The Spoon

Spoon sex position
  • How to have it done: Lie in the spooning role side-by-side, and from behind, join her.
  • Why It’s Working: You have more leverage and support, says Kerner, so that you can wedge yourself in a way that produces full depth.
  • Perks: This place has plenty of G-spot stimulation for her. Plus, when you’re both exhausted but still in the mood, it’s great.
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9. Seashell

Seashell sex position
  • How to have it done: With legs raised up and down, lie on your back. Get your ankles as far back as you can towards your head. He then enters into the role of a missionary.
  • Why It’s Working: The legs are widespread, lending more depth.
  • Perks: He’s riding high, so that’s going to give you some clitoral stimulation or you’re free to take it into your own hands from here.

10. Butter Churner

Butter Churner Sex position
  • How to have it done: In the plough place, she lies back, her ankles on either side of her head. You squat and dip her in and out of your cock.
  • Why It’s Working: This one is all about novelty. Every sensation feels heightened in this unusual, new place.
  • Perks: All the blood will begin to rush to her brain, contributing to the fresh sensations.

11. The Om

Om sex position
  • How to have it done: He sits cross-legged, so you lie down, facing him, on his lap. Then, wrap around his back with your thighs, draw each other closer, and rock back and forth.
  • Why It’s Working: This stance is all about opening yourself up, especially your legs and hips.
  • Perks: Here, in more ways than one you can get deep: Lock eyes with your partner as you climax for more intimacy.

More positions for deep penetration and orgasm

12. Child’s pose

She sits on her heels in this role and then leans forward. She stretches her hands forward while she sits on her haunches; her back remains straight all the while. This doggy style variant gives you complete access to her vagina.

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If she has a larger butt, you may need to spread her cheeks to allow for deep penetration.

13. Happy baby pose

Make her lift her bent legs into the air while she’s lying on her back. Her legs should be separated slightly past her shoulder-length, and she needs to grasp the soles of her feet with her hands for this pose to really work.

You can stimulate her clitoris with one hand, and you can hang on to her for protection with the other free hand. You can stimulate her clitoris with one hand, and you can hang on to her for protection with the other free hand.

14. Seated Wheelbarrow

Seated Wheelbarrow sex position

At the end of the mattress, you should be sitting upright. Then make your wife get into line in front of her with her hands placed firmly on the concrete.

Grab your wife by her legs, put her vagina over your penis, then start to penetrate. For your partner, this position could be slightly strenuous, but by keeping much of her weight, you can support her.

She should not be entirely on her hands to support herself, her hands should only be used to stabilize herself.

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