Top 20 Best Sex-filled Films to Stream on Netflix in 2022

Sex-filled Films to Stream on Netflix

We found the hottest movies on Netflix in 2022 for if you want some sweet, kinky onscreen lovin’ that isn’t pornography.

There are racy international flicks, sexy romantic comedies, erotic period bits, and everything in between (the sheets) — ideal for solo viewing or date night.

If you want your favorite sexy actor to enjoy sex, or want a hot and heavy romance, go to bed tonight with these raunchy movies.

Fair alert: bring the heat! Fair warning.

Table of Contents

1. Knock Knock

The romantic thriller Knock Knock tells of a happily married architect who has invaded his home with two very persistent and uninvited guests with his family outside the town for the weekend. He stores the thrilling trios of Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas.

2. Frank and Lola

In 2016,  a psychosexual thriller called Frank & Lola was released. The young and enigmatic woman will be a chef from Las Vegas. Someone will be in a new relationship before he knows it: love, sex, treason and vengeance.

3. Basic Instinct

When a sexy, enigmatic crime novelist (performed by Sharon Stone) becomes the accused of murder, she tries to seduce the investigator (played by Michael Douglas). In this one, you will not easily forget a certain leg-crossing scene.

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4. Rebecca

Based on the 1938 novel by Daphne du Maurier in the same name, Rebecca, the romantic thriller, tells the tale of a rich widow who begins to feel the threat of his late wife after moving to his home in England. The star in this one is Lily James and Armie Hammer, so you know it must be hot.

5. Carol

Located in New York City in the early 1950s, this drama follows the affair between a young shop girl and one old woman divorced from a romance novel titled The price of salt of Patricio Highsmith. What starts as a chance in a shop flourishes into a life-changing romance, and things in Carol get real hot quickly.

6. Y Tu Mamá También

Two adolescents even have to take an elderly woman on a road trip in Y Tu Mama—sexual trips follow.

7. Newness

If more films starring a sexy Nicholas Hoult are released yearly, the world will be a better place. The story of the two centuries attempts to find their way from Newness in Los Angeles.

8. Lust Stories

In the 2018 movie, Lust Stories from the point of view of four Indian women. Here passion, desire, sex and modern relations are all explored.

9. People You May Know

If a wife is pregnant with the best homosexual friend of her husband, what happens? People, You May Know just gets hot and sexy.

10. After

Romantic drama from 2019, After is about the life of Tessa Young, a college freshman. Since she has met an attractive man named Hardin, her love relationship twists and turns, and she never saw it coming.

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11. Between Worlds

While Nicolas Cage’s 2018 flick is basically a thriller, it doesn’t mean that it’s not steamy.    In Between Worlds features a woman who discovers that she has been possessed by another woman who has a few loose ends to tie up with the universe when a woman falls in a coma following an almost fatal accident.

12. Amar

In the Spanish film titled Amar, the strength of the first love is discovered by two young people struggling to face the adult world.

13. Duck Butter

Two young women (Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa) in Duck Butter meet in a club and bind themselves to dishonesty in their relationships. They recommend a romantic experiment for 24 hours, but it won’t go as it was scheduled. Watch to get the whole story.

14. Simon Killer

Simon Killer is a crazy film about a young man who chooses to move to Paris to have a brand new beginning. Soon he finds himself falling there for a sex worker, and stuff begins to warm up.

15. An Affair to Die For

An Affair to Die For is the romantic thriller you want to see, as it is sexy, steamy, and also totally awesome. When two cheating wives take a holiday together, their romantic weekend becomes a chilly, miserable vacation.

16. Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool 2003 thriller follows a British mystery writer who chooses to go on holiday home to her publisher. When his promiscuous daughter lives with them, things appear to be getting colder.

17. Indiscretion

Steamy crime drama titled Indiscretion stars, Mira Sorvino, as Verónica, the political wife who claims that she’s only enjoying a harmless weekend. However, she becomes the goal of a crazily intense obsession that is slowly infiltrating her existence.

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18. The Exception

Set in the Second World War environment, the exception was followed by a German soldier on a spy-gathering mission. He falls for a young Jewish housekeeper while he is on his assignment, and steamy scenes follow.

19. Heartbreakers

Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mother and daughter couple who run a profitable fraud scheme together are the rude, sexy Heartbreakers. Here, Mom marries a rich man, the daughter seduces him, leading to a generous divorce settlement. But the two are facing a dilemma as they love the same rich owner of the beach bar.

20. Burlesque

What about Cher and Christina Aguilera (who are playing a theatre-owner and a small-town girl with a big dream) team to return to their former glory a burlesque musical club? Certainly some really sexy dance numbers. Burlesque has some love scenes you don’t want to miss on the television, not to mention.

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