Sex and Weight Loss: Is It Possible to Lose Weight by Sex?

Sex and Weight Loss

Both sex and weight loss, are hot topics that are discussed on the internet. Here are some of the staggering facts that will answer the question, “Why sex and weight loss are hot topics on the internet?”

  • The recent survey has found that the majority of the women in the United States are not happy with their sex life.
  • The report, published by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, reveals that over 2 out of 3 people in the United States are either overweight or obese.
  • A low sexual frequency can lead to a divorce, according to the report.

Now, I believe you are well aware of why these two topics are so hot on the internet. Every single person desires a great sex life; People want to lose extra pounds to pursue a healthy life.

Due to these reasons, people search for terms, such as Tantric sex, oral sex, fat loss products, and so on.

Here is the topic that we will discuss in this article. Is weight loss and sex connected? The answer to this question is yes. There is a connection between sex and weight loss.

Having an active sex life can help you lose weight and fight the problem of overweight.

Are Weight Loss and Sex Drive Connected?

The study has shown that the obese people are also usually found having a problem with a low sex drive. In order to have an active sex life, a person should have a desire to have sex.

Without a strong sex drive, it’s extremely hard to have an active sex life. However, the good news is that the loss as low as ten extra pounds can free up testosterone and could enhance the sex drive of a person.

The good news is that on the market now there are some of the best testosterone boosters that are available to help in boosting your sex drive.

You can also try diet pills, such as PhenQ to accelerate your weight loss process. I check out PhenQ review, and feedbacks of people are really good.

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How can sex make you lose weight?

There are plenty of positive impacts of sex in your body. Due to those impacts, having an active sex life can help you lose weight. Let’s check out how sex can help you lose weight.

Here are the five ways sex helps you lose excess fats in your body.

Quick loss of calories

You’re burning calorie with each and every activity that you perform throughout the day. But, it does not mean that burning a mere 70 calories an hour can help you lose weight.

For you to lose weight, you need to consume less than your maintenance calories. With just 25 minutes of sex, you can burn up to 120 calories.

Now, that’s a lot of calories we are talking about. You are burning calories while you’re making love and having fun with your partner.

Curbs cravings for fats and carbs

An active sex life helps in maintaining the level of cortisol in the body, which not only helps in dealing with anxiety, but it also helps in curbing the cravings for high-carb and high-fat diet.

By cutting foods, rich in carbs and fats, you’re minimizing the risk of fat storage in your midsection.

When you have sex with your partner, you are calming your blood pressure. You’re in serene, which means that there is a less chance of being possessed with a craving for Twinkies.

Helps you lose fat quickly

On the first point, we talked about how having sex can help you lose up to 120 calories in just 15 minutes. Now, here is one more fact.

Sexual intercourse accelerates your fat loss process by allowing you to get a sound sleep.

Your body’s ability to shed fats decreases when you’re skimming sleep. On the flip side, your body’s ability to shed fats increases with a good amount of sleep.

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Furthermore, a good night sleep after good sex can increase the level of oxytocin in the body.

Helps you keep your diet on track

An active sex life improves your body image. And, it boosts your self-esteem. Now, here is another fact. An improved body image increases your sexual frequency.

So, it basically means that you’re on a process of having more and more sex in the time to come.
If a person has an active sex life, he/she wants to maintain their body structure.

This purpose motivates them to focus on their diet and fitness plan. You will gradually experience it for yourself after you start having an active sex life.

Helps in making you slimmer and maintain it

If you have managed to lose some extra pounds, you must have experienced an increment in sexual pleasure. Losing a few extra pounds can increase the level of testosterone in the body, and it results in stronger erection in men.

Women can experience stronger orgasm, arousal, and better sexual satisfaction after a weight loss. A healthy weight and an exciting sex life help in boosting your mood and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Does oral sex burn fat?

Yes, oral sex also helps in burning fats, as it helps you lose calories.

What are the Ways Sex Changes after Extreme Weight?

Here are some of the ways sex changes after extreme weight loss:

Easier to reach Big O

According to the study, only 63% of the women have the orgasm during sexual intercourse. An extra weight can further decrease the chances of having an orgasm, as it can restrict the blood flow to the genitalia.

Losing extra pounds can spike the blood flow, lubricate vagina, and increase sensitivity, which leads to a better chance of having an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Moreover, you will find it easier to try out many sex positions, which increase excitement and increase the likelihood of achieving orgasm.

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Boosts self-esteem

You will experience a sharp spike in your self-esteem after an extreme weight loss. Some people avoid regular sexual intercourse due to low self-esteem because it is not a good feeling to reveal your fat body to your partner.

After an extreme weight loss, a person feels confident, revealing their body to their partner.

It helps them get out of their fear. Plus, there is a good chance of getting a positive compliment from the partner after an extreme weight loss, which again boosts the self-esteem.

More sensitive to touch

An overweight person finds it difficult to connect with their body because an excess body weight impacts touch. An excess fat can be in the way of the genitals, which could make masturbation difficult.

After an extreme weight loss, a person loses their excess unwanted fats. This makes the body toned, which improves the body more sensitive to touch.

A strong sensitivity helps in enhancing intimacy, which automatically leads to a better sexual pleasure. Plus, it can also reduce cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate.


There are plenty of health benefits of having an active sex life. Now, you know that active sex life can also solve one of the most significant health problems, and, i.e., overweight.

Here is an interesting fact. According to the study, the people who are sexually active earn more money than those people who are not sexually active.

So, we can now say that active sex life can improve the overall health of a person, enhance the appearance of a person, and increase the chances of a person earning more money.

The conclusion is: active sex life increases the likelihood of living a successful life.

What this means is that you should do whatever you can to enhance your sex life. If there are any problems you are encountering in your sex life, be quick to consult a doctor without any hesitation.

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