Rape: Origin and Prevalence


In the jungle, the lion is said to be king but when it comes to the entire animal kingdom man is supreme.

If indeed man is King, how do you explain the character of such a superior force that has proved to be more sophisticated than all other creatures by its ability to use its complex brain and establish a high level of social interaction but still is violent, selfish, and more greedy than any other creature?

A man from the onset has been a sexual being. It is no new tale that without sex there would be no existence of the human race.

The complexity of the sexual act itself is mysterious which is why it is difficult to understand why something that was created as a vehicle to drive the continuous existence of species turned out to be so pleasurable and high in demand that it leads to one of the most destructive crimes in the world, rape!

The existence of rape dates as far back as the days of Jacob in the bible. The Israelite patriarch’s daughter named Dinah who he had with his first wife Leah was violated by Shechem, the son of a Canaanite prince. That incident was the first recorded rape in biblical history.

Even in ancient Greek mythology rape is commonplace. The supreme Greek god Zeus was a perpetrator of this crime, and amongst his many rape involvements, two very notable cases are that of Ganymede and Europa.

The crime of Laius which has become a phrase used to refer to male rape cases originated from the rape of Chrysippus by Laius also is ancient Greek history.

In many other religions and the history of many great empires around the world, rape cases have been the cause of wars and other tremendous changes and have attracted severe punishments in some cases. That leaves us with the question, what actually is rape?

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What is rape?

The word rape originated from the Latin phrase “rapere” which means to grab and run off, but since the 14th century, the meaning has changed to become snatch and takeaway forcefully.

The reason why people do a lot of things mostly have no explanation. It’s almost like asking why people pick their nose or why some people become racist.

Character most times are unexplainable when it comes to rape you could say it an act of wickedness or just the urge for sex, but there are many other options available to acquiring sexual pleasure than forcefully getting it from an innocent victim.

Around the world, a lot of people get raped every year, and it would surprise you to know that this crude lifestyle is more prominent in developed countries than in underdeveloped countries around the world. Below are the top 10 countries in the world with the highest rape crime rate


Ethiopia is one of the African countries blessed with a lot of valuable resources, but sadly it has one of the highest crime rates in the continent. According to a report issued by the united nations up to 60% of women in Ethiopia as subjected to sexual assault.

Rape is one of the most significant problems Ethiopia faces, and it has even become infamous for its citizen’s practice of marrying women forcefully. This practice is popularly known as marriage by abduction and is at its highest in Ethiopia in comparison with its prevalence in other countries around the world.

In many parts of Ethiopia, it is not rare for a man to work in conjunction with his friends to plan to kidnap a woman or girl that he is sexually attracted to.

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When such a man has completed his plans on how to execute the kidnap he and his friends make use of a horse for ease of flight then the abductor proceeds to hide the abducted wife and rape her until she becomes pregnant.

Rape has become so commonplace to the extent that children as young as 11 years of age are kidnapped for marriage, and even the Ethiopian military has been accused of committing the crime of systematic rape against civilians.

Sri Lanka

the security forces in Sri Lanka as still raping and torturing crime suspects even till date even though the civil war ended some four years ago.

The multi-country study of men and violence carried out by the united nations came out with the findings that 14.5% of the sample of Sri Lanka men have engaged in sexual abuse at a point in their life. 4.9% of the sample men had been involved in rape activities in the last year, another 2.7% had raped another male, and sadly 1.6% had been involved in gang rapes.

The most disturbing part of the findings revealed that 96.5% of the men who have been involved in reap activities faced no legal consequences. 65% of the men have no guilty feeling or fear of a looming consequence after the action.

60 4.9% of Sri Lanka rapist have more than one time in their life, and 11.1% had raped 40 more women and girls revealing one of the possible reasons why the country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.


The total number of reported rape cases in Canada as of the present is 2,516,918, and this is allegedly only 6% of the rape cases in Canada. It is believed that everyone in three women in Canada has experienced rape and only a few of them are bold enough to report such incidents to the police.

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According to the Justice Institute of British Columbia, one out of every 17 adult females is raped, and 62% of these rape victims were injured physically, 9% were either beaten or disfigured.


As developed as France is rape was never a crime until the 1980s in fact laws that protect the rights of females are very recent in this European country.

According to reports by the French government, there are about 75 cases every year in the country, and only a few are reported. The total reported rape cases in France is estimated at  3,771,850 making it number 7 in the world.

The United state

The united states of America is recognised as the most developed country in the world. This is the world’s superpower but sadly is effortlessly made it to the number one spot on the race of rape.

Just like in many other countries around the world the male population makes up 99% of the river retreat as well 90% of the raid victims are females and only 10% and males.

More than a quarter of females of college age have experienced in Europe or completed rape incidence in their lifetime, and only 16% of all the rape cases have been reported.

These are just five out of the top 10 countries with the highest rape rates in the world in our next article we will be discussing the various types of rape and where to draw the line between sexual attraction, flirtation, and rape.

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