Nigerian Couple’s Guide to Oral Sex

Oral Sex

How much do you know about oral sex? Here is a Nigerian couple’s guide to oral sex that you may find quite nifty.

There are tons of benefit to be enjoyed from oral sex when it is done right. These benefits go beyond the fun of it to building stronger and more intimate romantic relationships.

However, there are still a good number of people on the anti-oral sex end of the divide—the reasons for opposition range from hygiene to morals and stereotype.

Of course, there are science-backed reasons why oral sex is healthy, but our reason for creating this guide isn’t focused on these reasons alone. Stick with us as we explore all about oral sex and how Nigerian couples can benefit from this beautiful gift.

But first, a quick look at the meaning of oral sex.

What Is Oral Sex?

Oral sex means making use of your mouth, lips and tongue as tools to stimulate your partner’s sex organ either as foreplay or during sex. When a woman receives oral sex, it’s a fantastic way of making her aroused in nearly all parts of her body and even stimulate her senses.

Also, if a skilled partner does oral sex, it can be an extremely effective way of making her reach orgasm. Therefore, we can say the common term “practice makes perfect” holds water.

Many women who report having had difficulty reaching a climax find that oral sex can help them get there. Similarly, when a man gets oral sex, it is both stimulating and exciting. Also, with men dealing with erectile challenges, oral sex may help generate an erection.

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Different Types of Oral Sex for men and women:

Oral sex, when given to a lady by her partner (regardless of gender) is known as ‘cunnilingus”. Generally, the idea behind oral sex for females is to kiss, lick, and suck the entire vulva, and also focus on the area around the receiver’s clitoris.

Oral sex, when given to a man by his partner, is generally called fellatio. Though, this word covers only the type of oral caress where the penis actually gets into the partner’s mouth. Some couples prefer to practice both cunnilingus and fellatio in a sex position called 69.

In other words, each partner has their mouth in the other partner’s genitals.

Nigerian Men! Below’s The Right Way to Perform Oral Sex (Cunnilingus) On Your Ladies

Cunnilingus is one very intensely exciting activity for many women. It is also quite satisfying for the male folks who enjoy giving their partner mind-blowing pleasure.

However, for ‘newbies’ giving “head” can be a somewhat overwhelming experience. So, if either you or the receiver is learning about cunnilingus for the first time or none of you is used to such a thing, it’s a great idea to take things easy at the beginning.

Therefore, the giver should avoid making a swift lunge for his partner’s vulva. It is more rewarding to build up to it.

A gradual approach involves taking care to kiss and caress her tummy and thighs before you gradually progressing to her vulva.

Nifty tips include:

Take care to maintain a moist experience. Start by gently and slowly kissing the whole area of the vulva, and progress to kiss the clitoral region while purposely avoiding direct pressure on the receiver’s clitoris. Kiss just one side of the clitoris, or kiss just above it during the first few minutes.

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The most intense oral sex stimulation is generally delivered by rubbing the tip of your tongue against the clitoral area. If done right, this will help most women reach a climax.

Never make the mistake of blowing air into a person’s vagina as this may cause embolism and even lead to death!

Nigerian Ladies! Here’s how to give a mind-blowing blow job

Women who are skilled in giving men oral sex will also go in for tricky techniques such as kissing the penis softly and slowly licking it.

Also, some women may give good oral attention to the receiver’s testicles, but that can be painful if not done with care. Although, this is nothing as intensely arousing as actually licking and sucking on the penis – because there are a lot more nerve endings in the head and the penile shaft.

Having a penis go into your mouth can be a bit uncomfortable for an inexperienced lady. However, in a matter of time, a lot of females get used to it and may end up liking it.

While licking and sucking the head and penile shaft, you may gently caress the testicles. Nevertheless, the owner of the penis must take great care not to mistakingly ‘ram’ his organ hard into his sucker’s mouth.

This can lead to significant discomfort and also gagging. From the point of view of a man, the warmth, softness, and moisture of the mouth somewhat ‘mimics’ the qualities of a vagina.

In addition, the mouth of a partner has two attributes that can’t be found in a vagina.

  • There’s a tongue – the giver can use this to swirl around the receiver’s penis during fellatio.
  • The human mouth can create suction – this can be very useful in creating an erection and even maintaining one.
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On the downside, there is the danger of teeth in the mouth, and you have to take care not to dig your teeth into his penis mistakenly.

Some ladies have formed a protective habit of covering their incisors with their lips while sucking on a penis, but this is not so easy.

Oral sex is a wonderful form of sexual relations, but it requires mutual consent, just like every other sexual activity. Also, ensure that you are having safe sex as oral sex isn’t infection proof. Let us know your thoughts on how Nigerian couples can enjoy oral sex.


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