Top 15 Most Innovative Sex Toys

Innovative Sex Toys

There is a certain fear going round that producers are getting more innovative with sex toys and it may lead to a reduction in sexual interest between people.

While one may want to spot the sense in this assumption, it is also factual that sex toys make it easier for people to interact sexually even over long distances (thus promoting sexual interaction, yes?).

Whether all you’re doing is warming up to the introduction of toys to your sex life, or you are bored of the old one, and need more innovative sex toys, we have listed the 15 most innovative sex toys in 2020.  

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1. Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

Price: $49.95

Find on Satisfyer

Although it is true that Satisfyer had earlier released the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 and 2 in 2018, in 2019, they found another reason to WOW! Users with Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3.

Why we think it’s innovative: Who wouldn’t love a sex toy that can please almost all body parts? The head of this toy actually swivels, and that means it can please both the G-spot, clit, and even male parts like the balls, penis, perineums, and your nipples.

This makes the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 perfect for foreplay, and even the real deal. Talk about kill all birds with a single stone.

2. Be.One

Price: $69.99

Find on Fun Factory

Just like the very first toy on our list, Be.One is specially made to stimulate all body parts. Whether you and your partner choose to make this a tantalizing tool, or you want to go solo on this one, there’s so much pleasure to be enjoyed from the four speeds and two motors.

Why we think it is  innovative: Because the Be.One toy is designed to be tucked between two fingers, it can be considered a natural extension of the hand.

You can tell that it is a perfect choice for individuals who are not fans of vibrators the size of a forearm. The design and usage makes it come off as perfect for lovers.

3. Unbound Palma

 Price: $128

Find on Unbound

We love to believe that in a perfect world every piece of jewelry should double as a vibrator, and Unbound has brought sex lovers closer to that perfect mental picture of the world.

Why we think it is innovative: Although the world knows that it is nothing new to find jewelry that doubles as a sex toy, what makes the Palma stand out is the variety and intensity of vibrations.

It can be used and controlled easily by tilting your hand or simply tapping the ring. Let’s not forget that it is one jewelry piece that will have heads turns and even be the perfect conversation starter.

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4. Le Wand Deux

 Price: $125

Find on Le Wand

While we could not help but notice that there was a boatload of vibrators to pick from when the Le Wand Chrome Collection was released, the one that made heads turn the most was the Le Wand Deux.

Why we think it is innovative: The shape of Deux is not like anything else you can find on the market as you read. It comes with two ears that are designed to vibrate on both sides of the clitoris offering a crazy kind of sensation.

5. Emojibator Chickie

 Price: $89

Find on Emojibator

Although anybody would agree that the Emojibator brought to life some very cute little vibrators inspired by emojis, there’s no ignoring the fact that it came up with something that transcends cuteness with the highly innovative Emojibator Chickie.

Why we think it’s innovative: This one is not just another vibrator, and that means users get to enjoy a little something extra and that bonus is suction.

For people who prefer their clitoral stimulation to be less about vibration and more in line with suction, this makes a fantastic choice of toy. But, the vibration is still intact for those who want it.

6. Automatic Vibrating Pussy Pump

Price: $124.58

Find on Doc Johnson

If you are yet to try a pussy pump or you have no idea a pussy pump is, calm down; it isn’t complicated or scary. You’re not using s tool like a penis pump, so you can just chill and enjoy.

Why we think it is innovative: People who have clitorises will always  have varying opinions and thoughts on what feels too much, feels good, and what needs to stop. This toy features as many as 7 different modes of vibration, as well as a three-speed pumping feature that greatly boosts sensitivity for better and stronger orgasms.

There is an ergonomically designed see-through cup with a soft silicone rim. If you are not certain about what you feel about suction, here is the chance to figure that out.

7. We-Vibe Moxie

Price: $129

Find on Good Vibrations

Sure there have been tons of remote controlled sex toys that were nothing but a waste to users. This may be discouraging, but it leads to the talk of what you want from a sex toy.

Why we think it is innovative:  We-Vibe happened to be the first to give toy lovers a toy that could be enjoyed and controlled from a distance or just close by.

When they lunched this one, we were swept off our feet because there seem to be none like it. The Moxie can be attached to the under part of your underwear with its magnet and it stays in place. Interesting how no one else thought of this.

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8. Osé

 Price: $290

Find on Osé

There is a huge chance that you are yet to hear of Osé, so we are going to tell you everything about it. Osé was designed specifically, so that people who have a G-spot and clitoris could experience what we call a blended orgasm.

Why we think it is innovative: According to information available on Osé’s website, we can describe a blended orgasm as a combination of the clitoral and G-spot orgasm.

Osé is created to achieve this mind-blowing full-bodied climax via simultaneous biomimetic stimulation of the two pleasure points.  Should we guarantee that you will get all the feels? You have to find out yourself.

9. Dame Products Kip

 Price: $95

Find on Dame Products

If you are a sex toy maker, and you plan to create something that is focused on solo play, rather than couples pleasure, then you must bring something ergonomically correct to the table. I mean, people are sick of getting a cramp in their hand because they want pleasure.

Why we think this is innovative: It’s the shape of this product that makes it so innovative. It is a vibe with an easy-grip and while it is most reminiscent of the small lipstick vibes of the past, the folks at Dame want to take the shape a notch better.

They did this by making sure the toy’s angled silicone tip was not only soft, but comfortable, as it provides clitoral stimulation all round.

10. b-Vibe x Zoe Ligon’s Textured Plug Collection

Price: $200

Find on b-Vibe

Butt plugs are definitely nothing new, but with the new collection between Zoe Ligon and b-Vibe, there is no way this wouldn’t have made the list.

Why we think it is innovative: Although it is almost impossible to find a butt plug that not only fits but feels good, it is the quest for the perfect texture that makes things tricky.

This but plug collection offers three tasty kind of shapes from which you can choose: fruit loops, grapes, and ice cream respectively.

11. Womanizer DUO

Price: $219

Find on Womanizer

From the get go, Womanizer offered toy lovers something uncommon: Pleasure Air technology geared towards stimulating the clit with pressurized air, rather than doing so with the aid of vibrations.

That, in itself, is nothing short of an innovation. To give you a picture of how innovative this toy is, the Womanizer Deluxe has become a tool for treating woman who struggle to orgasm.

Why we know it is innovative: The original Womanizer’s innovation aside, the DUO pretty much acts as a two in one device pleasuring both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.

12. Pillo

Price: $95

Find on Dame

For any person who has ever used a regular bed pillow to elevate their hips or make the best angle for oral sex or intercourse, you do not need to be told how essential a pillow is. This explains why Pillo changed the sex pillow game upon its launch.

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Why it is innovative: Unlike a bunch of other pillows that are for sex only, Pillo is both aesthetically and practically pleasing. This means it’s the perfect bed pillow, throw pillow, and even laptop pillow.

13. CalExotics Red Hot Sizzle

Price: $55.99

Find on CalExotics

While you may know about clitoral stimulators that make suction and those that vibrate, those are only two out of many ways to stimulate a clitoris. I for one, am a flicking kind of motion person, and I certainly have peers in this league.

Why we think it is innovative: Although when you search the market, you will find a bunch of dildos that also do some flicking, Red Hot Sizzle is not a toy for jokes as it cuts right to the chase.

We leave in a world where many ladies need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, and this toy provides all the flicks you need to climax when its time to get off.

14. Manta

Price: $139.99

Find on Fun Factory

Perhaps this is a little too reminiscent of a nasty bug that you might want to avoid, but the main aim of  Manta is to do the exact opposite of what a scary bug would. It is a pleasure inducing sex toy for those with penises and their lovers.

Why we think it’s innovative: Whether you are a penis owner or go to bed with those who have penises, Manta comes off as perfect.

It is just the right tool to turns penises and even dildos into vibrators in a few steps. Enjoy the best of blowjobs with this one, and testify to the feeling your partner derives.

15. Unbound Bender

Price: $69

Find on Unbound

If you are thinking that the Unbound Bender is nothing new, then I guess you were not informed that it was re-released. With the new version, you are guaranteed of a charge that is 2x more intense than the original.

Why we think it is innovative: Honestly, you must agree that any sex toy that can easily please anyone, no matter their gender is way more than ordinary; it is innovative.

This is the kind of toy that bender is, and nobody can complain about it (Unless they can come up with something better). Being able to satisfy any user should be a goal every sex toy maker wants to achieve, and that has been achieved with this one.

These are only 15 of the most innovative sex toys, and we hope you find them helpful. If there are others you have tried and didn’t make this list, you are welcome to share them with us in the comments section.

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